President Macron of France changed the colour of the French flag in July 2020, no one noticed

  1. As far as I understand nobody noticed/cared because both flags are acceptable and used interchangeably by different organisations in France.

  2. A dark navy blue was originally used; a lighter blue version was introduced in 1976 by President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing to match the flag of the European Economic Community (which evolved into the European Union).[8] Both versions were used from then; town halls, public buildings and barracks usually fly the darker version of the flag, but the light version is sometimes used even on official State buildings.[9][1] In 2020 President Emmanuel Macron reverted, without any statement, to the darker hue for the presidential Élysée Palace, as a symbol of the French Revolution; there was no order for other institutions to use a specific version. There were comments both in favour of and against the change, but it was not seen as an anti-EU action.[8]

  3. Right. It's basically the same flag with the same colors. If you don't even notice the change then does it even matter? If you have an old flag you don't even have to replace it.

  4. it’s one of those things you didn’t mention because nah, why would it be more dark? no one else has said anything

  5. The lighter blue version was introduced in 1976 by President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing to match the flag of the European Economic Community (which evolved into the European Union).

  6. French here, he switched back to original one. The vivid blue version was adopted to match the color of the European one

  7. The "new-old" flag is the same as the one used at the begining of the 5th republic, which is a bit darker than the original one. There are in reality 3 different versions

  8. Personally, I usually don’t care about stuff like this, but the darker blue is nicer looking, seems a bit more serious then that lighter blue that looks like it wears shorts in the winter.

  9. I honestly thought the bottom was the old one before I looked at the comments. If I had to recreate a French flag without reference I definitely wouldn't have picked such a bright blue.

  10. It's the color of the flower of lys, not just blue as in blue. It's the symbol of royalty. It's about keeping the country's identity, not making the flag nicer to look at...

  11. They should tone down the red a bit too and maybe make the white more off. It adds so much character.

  12. I really wish that Sweden would go back to the flag before 1906. The blue and yellow looked significantly better. To me, it just looks kind of plastic-looking right now.

  13. I mean he actually just switched it back to the pre-1976 shade of blue. The blue used from 1976 to 2020 was chosen to match the blue of the European Union flag, as a show of solidarity. If there's a story it's why France would choose to make a relatively pointless and symbolic decision like this at a time when the long term viability of the EU is being questioned by many member nations.

  14. The pre-76 shade is presumably indigo, which for centuries was the only readily available, light-fast blue suitable for flags. Historically it was obtained from several plants, primarily

  15. The story I keep reading is that it was for the shitty TV sets of the time, which had trouble showing colour in the dark blue.

  16. Same. I hate how saturated and bold flag colors usually are. They burn my eyes and look like a child colored them with their crayola markers. I need pastels, I need darkness, I need desaturation—just give me something else!

  17. people noticed, it's just it didn't blow up and that the rest of the world doesn't care (as they should), french internet cared. It's a controversy now, weaponized for the next election, the first vote ever in the history of france under state of emergency.

  18. The fact that a fucking shade of blue can be weaponized is so sad. People really are sheeple in the sense that their attention can be grabbed by the most stupid shit while real issues remain.

  19. Actually loads of people noticed. This title is completely incorrect. He changed it to be the same as the Navy Blue colour that the French Navy still used AFTER they went to a lighter blue many years ago. To say no one noticed is completely wrong. Many many people loved her changed. Others didn’t like it and saw it as an “anti-EU” move. Others even said it clashed with the EU flag. They’ve only this week “officially” acknowledged it.

  20. Oh no, this will be disastrous for Spanish speakers! We refer to that vibrant blue as "azul francia", like that's the actual color's name here, but now? Everything will be in shambles! Paint and textile shop owners will run in circles confused! Children won't be able to interpret their old coloring books! It'll be chaos, I tell you!

  21. My wife changed her hair colour the other week and I didn’t notice until she mentioned it. She was super pissed at me for a whole weekend.

  22. The light blue was NOT chosen to be the same as the European flag. The European flag wasn't even adopted at the time of the change for the light blue.

  23. This feels like an odd change. Doesn’t it cost a lot of money for everything to be changed, I’m thinking of all the locations this will be used especially in government buildings or legal documents etc. For such a small change.I’m not a french tax payer but couldn’t that money have been used to better effect?

  24. When existing flags (and other items depicting the flag) get phased out due to damage, old age, etc., they will be replaced with the new design.

  25. Could you fucking imagine the shit show if Trump or Biden changed the shade of blue on the U.S. flag? It would trigger accusations of disrespecting the flag, how un-American/unpatriotic they are, etc. It would be a media feeding frenzy, further dividing the country.

  26. more precisely he changed it back to the original, the lighter one is only 30 years old, the darker version is the same as the one created by the "Révolutionnaire" in 1793

  27. He didn't change it to something new, he reverted to the original colors from the mid 1900s and prior. Not that it matters much anyway.

  28. I mean, not really. Both shades of blue have used been quite frequently. He just switched it out on his house without people noticing. Neither shade is officially “correct”.

  29. Just to make sure: there’s significant difference in the blue, the slightest, nearly unnoticeable difference in white, and no change in red? I’m partially colorblind so I’d love a second thought.

  30. I actually like the dark blue better. It fits better. It complements white and red more. Plus, I can't explain how, but it just feels so much more French to me.

  31. I'm French and had no idea. As much as I dislike Macron I do prefer the new version, in comparison the first version feels too saturated.

  32. Oh thank God it’s not just me it was a different color. I’m like there’s so many different shades to the French flag at different times and like now I know.

  33. I know the change is subtle, but for those of you who missed it, the eggshell white, was changed to more of a pale nimbus white.

  34. Because he never changed it. The exact shade of blue used is specified nowhere in French legislation, he just changed which variant is used in the Élysée (presidential residence)

  35. I fucking did, I FUCKING DID. Nobody believed me I stg I fucking told everyone I knew and everyone said that it just has to be the color of the photo taken NO

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