So chicken can fly!!

  1. Yes, chicken can fly, just not very well. There is a correlation between birds with spurs and flying ability.

  2. Also don’t people who raise them cut off certain feathers or some part of their wings to make them incapable of flying?

  3. Amazing! I've kept rescued ex-laying hens for over 16 years, but I've lost count of the ones who have attempted to fly over our tiny pond... and ended up in it. Oh, the drama!

  4. yes but their wing feathers are often cut to prevent them from fleeing, and they are overfed to make them fatter once they are killed (in gas chambers btw)

  5. chicken's that are farmed on a large scale are too fat to fly properly. This chicken looks wild or close to wild so that's why it can fly like a normal bird

  6. We raised chickens when I was a kid. Never saw one fly though. Amazed the first time I saw a flock of big turkeys take off and fly way up into the trees.

  7. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. The longest recorded time a chicken has been observed flying continuously is 13 seconds. The furthest recorded flight of a chicken covered 301.5 feet

  8. Yes lmao. Wild ones are not excellent flyer and are mainly ground predators. Domestic chicken got both a fatter belly, and fatter wings making it almost impossible to call it flight at that point.

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