Ukrainian Ambassador displays a tweet from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and reminds Russian diplomats they can secure mental help assistance from the NHS by dialing 111

  1. It's like if Bin Laden tweeted that 9/11 was done to prevent any Americans dying in a building collapse due to potential faulty construction.

  2. The thing is: the Russian counterpart took this job and is still doing it. Do we feel bad for Ribbentrop?

  3. Lavrov is a snarky assed bitch, himself. I'm sure he usually would cry his way back to count his fat stacks... until his stacks of rubles became nearly worthless.

  4. Ukraine has certainly figured out how to keep the world's attention on them. I think their sense of humour is both a coping mechanism and a tactic.

  5. I’ve wished forever that this is how the US politicians acted. When Rand Paul says some stupid crazy shit just bring in psych ward brochures and ask him to his face if he wants a sippy cup.

  6. His savagery at the UN reminds me and awful lot of the old 1950s era cold war blue jackets manual for the US Navy. It had entire sections dedicated to (in the event of being captured by communist forces) ways of literally trolling communists. It's like this man has hired some of the writers for John Stewart's old show, and a couple from comedy central's celebrity roast.

  7. It may be war, but I'm pretty sure Ukraine still has momma jokes off limits. In fact they called the Russian mommas to come get their sons out of the POW camps.

  8. So many legends being created from that part of the world right now, and I hope to tap into this man's savagery should I ever need to!

  9. I love it because everyone else there constantly says “we condemn Russias actions in the strongest terms possible”. Mother fucker, say what you mean to say! Tell the world how pissed you are! Strongest terms possible my ass!

  10. For the benefit of anyone whose first language is not English - above comment is a compliment (figured it might get lost in translation to Ukraine/Russian/other).

  11. Slavs in general, man. My grandma is 98 years old and can still fire them off the cuff like this. Most Slavic languages use a lot of nuance that just doesn’t translate, I can assure you that the zingers delivered in Ukrainian or Russian are even better than we realize.

  12. I love this guy, it’s hard to have any fucks to give when you know his country is killing your countrymen without provocation or justification and with extreme prejudice and then fucking trying to lie about it to the Russian public and the fucking world!

  13. I can't imagine what this guy is thinking. Sitting there in the lush surroundings of the UN, while his homeland is being devesstated by a madman. There is only one thing to do in this instance, and it is to GIVE ZERO FUCKS,

  14. For how frivolous does everything else seem when your country, friends, and family are fighting and dying? How stupid does meaningless pleasantries and being "civil" seem when that is happening to your country?

  15. One of the biggest things I have taken from this entire conflict is that Ukranians have an incredible sarcastic sense of humor and a top-tier drag queen's talent at dragging people.

  16. This guy is a damn legend. Who would have thunk Ukraine was so strong willed and witty. Never thought much about Ukraine as I live in Canada but I have mad respect for them.

  17. I wait for the history books in 100 years where students have to learn the memes that where presentet by the ambessor

  18. It's so weird that Russia started the war when it's representative for the UN Security Council was its monthly president.

  19. Since Putin is calling the war 'Special Military Operations' should sanctions be called 'Special Economic Operations' in return?

  20. Man every time I see him that’s all I think about. I hadn’t looked hard enough to see if anyone else thought the same until but man if it’s not a spitting image.

  21. I love this dude. His face and the general attitude is the perfect representation for the contempt and disappointment the world feels towards the actions of Russia. He is literally made for this role in this situation.

  22. Wow, not only did they call out Russian embassy’s bullcrap, and critically damaging nonetheless, but also laid the possible the sickest burn of 2022. I have many mental health issues and I’m not even mad bro. If that mic could drop, he probably would, and i would clap.

  23. I honestly can’t believe how incredibly Ukrainians are presenting themselves from civilians to soldiers to politicians. They have the attention of the entire world and aren’t wasting it.

  24. It’s like these guys have grown so accustomed to brainwashing, censoring, and controlling media in their country that they think people are no longer capable of calling out their bullshit

  25. This man's absolute savagery has been overshadowed a bit by Zelensky's massive brass balls, I hope he goes down as a legend as well.

  26. Was this guy hired for his capacity to completely insult the opposition in a way that they won't be able to respond? I mean god damn I've lost track of how many times he has insulted or humiliated Russian leaders or diplomats.

  27. Years from now, we will learn that this guy is also the person writing all of the the tweets for Wendy's Diner.

  28. "Fucks to give" is clearly something Ukraine does not have stockpiled. I'd love it, if the reality of the situation wasn't so bleak and heartbreaking.

  29. How the fuck has Twitter not banned these propaganda accounts yet?! I got a 12-hour ban for telling the UK embassy I wanted a flight to Moscow so I could slap putin to the floor.

  30. I love this fucker. He's the impersonation of "lit". He has singlehandedly delivered more one liners in UNs security council in 2 weeks, than any other UN ambassador in a lifetime.

  31. He's gonna show up with boxes of bandaids, a Costco pack of tissues, a tiny violin.... "The air drop operations of diapers over Moscow will begin at dawn. Hold on to your 'vot der'mo' handle."

  32. The Russian representative threw some shade back by asking why he has so much knowledge in seeking mental help support. It was honestly sort of comical to see coming from both.

  33. And here I am being banned from Twitter for asking the mgk account who is running it after mgk committed suicide when he released his Eminem diss...

  34. This guy has absolutely become my favorite "sick burn" blunt as heck political figure. I feel like a dog doing treat tippy taps when I see him trending.. .

  35. This dude is fucking fed up. I bet he would jump over the desk and beat the old fuck the representative of Russia.

  36. The Russian propaganda is astonishing in its shamefullness. A bunch of lies from start to finish. Everything they ascribe to the Ukranians is what they are doing. Putin is nazi warmonger. I guess that's why the GOP has a hard on for putin.

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