Inside the last blockbuster in the world

  1. If I were the owner I’d turn these into museums of old days pop culture and keep them open somehow, why tf not.

  2. Same. Got mine somewhat framed is it’s in a frame with a bunch of other flat nic nacs and old custom credit cards and stuff

  3. It was actually donated to the Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska a few years back, which closed down about a year later. Not even the power of Russell Crow's jock strap could keep them in business

  4. Same! Watched kid movies all day. Learned DOS. Worked with the coolest people. One of the best. Miss it those good ol' days.

  5. Idk how i remember this but when I was like 7 years old every Friday night my uncle would take me to blockbuster to pick a PS2 game or a movie for us to watch then we would go grab some pizza. I miss being a kid

  6. Young people cannot possibly understand the nostalgia tied up in this. Mom taking you to rent a movie (or a video game) on Friday afternoon when mom and dad were going out that evening. Date nights consisting of dinner, then the video store to find something to watch together. So much culture, so much human experience disappearing to the relentless march of progress.

  7. Bend, Oregon! I’ve driven by it once and thought I’d have time to go back and visit. Sadly, that didn’t happen. It’s only a 3.5 hour drive from me. I’m guessing that’s an expensive round trip at this point. 😰

  8. I had gone to one in weslaco texas a few years ago. It was definitely just an odd drug front. The workers cared even less than normal video store workers

  9. Because no other Blockbuster is left open, this is the very last Blockbuster store left in business, when we started going digital, the rental services for movie stores started to become a waste of money if everyone had Netflix, are you in 1998 by any chance?

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