Alligator death roll

  1. There's a video of an alligator clean spin ripping another alligators hand off during a feeding and it happens so fast you miss it.

  2. I mean, the animal is as stupid as it gets, if it has food, a little primordial light in its head turns green and they will not give a shit about anything else until they get hungry again.

  3. I was completely ready to see this girl go for a ride. Instead they’re all clapping like the hibachi chef just did the onion volcano.

  4. Everyone who works with animals right now reading that is saying "If the worst thing I get on me is diluted blood today, it's a good day." It's not even a rotting corpse, it's fresh.

  5. I grew up around gators in a biology lab not unlike this. When I was younger I tried kissing on of the babies on the top of its head as I held it. The thing snapped around and ripped my lip open.

  6. Isn’t the death roll to break the necks of their prey so that it paralyzes and drowns, if it’s not killed in the process, allowing them to easily place the now-carcass under a fallen log or ledge to keep it submerged?

  7. We have alligators in a pond outside my office. One day i saw one catch huge fish and he ate it whole. Just lifted his head up and gulped the whole thing down.

  8. Physically unchanged for a hundred million years, because it's the perfect killing machine. A half ton of cold-blooded fury, the bite force of 20,000 Newtons, and stomach acid so strong it can dissolve bones and hoofs.

  9. Just wearing causal sandals acting like her ass can't slip on that wet surface and get dragged into that baby pool while playing tug of war with killer predator? Fuckkk thattt. Cool video though!

  10. I know it looks brutal, but it makes me kinda happy to hear everyone cheering for the gator once he started rolling. He’s just doing his gator thing, he’s not doing anything wrong! I praise my frogs whenever they catch whatever I’m feeding them. Do they need to be cheered on? Probably not. But I love them and want them to know it!! When a captive animal does natural behaviors, it’s definitely something to celebrate because it means they’re doing what they’re supposed to!

  11. my impression is this a animal rehabilitation center and they are trying to get the gator to react properly with a kill in order to prep it for release into the wild

  12. I heard someone in the background say "we got a feeder". I think this is a rehabilitation center and they're raising this alligator to release but they need to make sure it can hunt for itself.

  13. This is hilarious. My cats like to bite my feet when I try to sleep and the mental image of them doing the death roll with my foot is cracking me up 😭 but it’s also pretty true 😅

  14. Keep rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' (uh) Keep rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' (what?) L-I-M-P Bizkit is right here

  15. If you look up scales and tails on YouTube, there’s a video of this lady almost getting death rolled by that same alligator. She’s the trainer. Happened in my hometown. Crazy shit, she was okay tho

  16. Oh I just left a comment saying that I saw elsewhere that they can be trained to not attack the trainer, I guess that’s not every gator lol

  17. Pretty sure this is a rehabilitation center. She’s probably just happy the gator is learning how to gate.

  18. Holy fuck. The man who jumped on top of that thing to stop it ripping her arm off was just a visitor too. The parent of one or all of those kids. Probably all of them since he's a serious bloke. The lady stayed calm like she had prepared for that eventuality for years. Still seemed mental to basically stick her hand in it's mouth and trust it like that. She looked after her rescuer before seeing to her own injury at least, told him exactly how to safely dismount and get out of there.

  19. Is this the same girl that got jacked by an alligator death roll and a dad jumped in and wrestled it until she could get free?

  20. I feel like there should be a better safety mechanism in place for people being inside an enclosed area with a croc like that. I could imagine the person being strapped into a safety harness and a second person on standby that would press a button that would quickly lift the individual up into the air. Even if the croc bit down, the death roll wouldn't affect you in the air because you would spin with it freely and there would be no chance to be dragged into the water to drown. I just feel like all it would take for a mistake to happen here is an unexpected slip and a crocodile that sees an opportunity.

  21. I'm pretty sure that's the same girl that got death rolled a couple times on accident during a show when the gator bit her

  22. This seems like a horribly unsafe way to demonstrate this. She should be wearing a harness or something to keep the Alligator from pulling her in. I mean that literally happened to a handler on video a few years ago and luckily the people watching were able to pull her out. But still. Just a simple piece of safety equipment.

  23. Mary had a little lamb It tried to be a tik tok content creator But Mary wasn't having that And fed it to an alligator

  24. Probably because they spent a lot of time outdoors and give a fuck about life and have a calling they're fulfilling. That usually gives them a fairly constant smile and air of genuine health, fitness and ease. Plus animals are less complex than humans so the zoo girls are generally having a better and more relaxed happy time in the clips where we see them than if they were, say, trying to endure a boring first date or whatever.

  25. People saying this is a rehab/ feeding area- it is not. Scales and Tails is a tiny god awful garage in UT where dozens of reptiles are kept in conditions just as bad as this looks.

  26. I thought the same thing at first, but maybe it’s an isolated area for rehabilitation or feeding. It definitely looks like a legit facility, although I could be wrong. I need more info before I say more lol.

  27. From the things everyone in the video is saying, and their applause, this very much seems like rehabilitation. They were testing to see if the gator was capable of doing a death roll, which is a crucial survival skill.

  28. It's likely just the feeding pool, and this is probably a rehabilitation center, not a zoo. Keeping the feeding location separate from where the gator is usually kept, and in a smaller pool, makes clean up much easier and prevents the animal from living in contaminated water.

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