US Special Operations Forces engage in exercises in downtown Tampa

  1. That one dude in the turret of the rear hummer - racking his weapon again and again to get it to fire. You can hear him yelling “sonofabitchmotherfucker,godamm” without having the sound on

  2. This was a demonstration at a defense tech conference called SOFIC, which stands for Special Operation Forces Industry Conference. It featured special ops forces from 11 different countries.

  3. I know they're blanks but i still wouldn't stand in front of their guns. I was in the military, and i wouldn't trust them in this regard. Mistakes happen. ESPECIALLY in the military.

  4. I can confirm that it did indeed scare the shit out of me. My pregnant wife on the other hand it literally scared the piss out of her. (Tampa resident myself)

  5. that would be normal in the north of rio de janeiro, brazil. only, unfortunately, it isn’t the army doing circus stuff.

  6. Man... I grew up around a lot of hunters and ex-military. Gun safety was drilled into my fucking head from a really young age. And rule fucking one was "don't point your gun at anything you don't want to kill." Watching the barrel of that first Humvee's weapon trace a path across the crowd irritates me... and I'm conditioned to expect to hear somebody start bellowing angrily when I see that happen.

  7. Yeah this made me cringe, didn’t feel right at all. Actually firing (assuming blanks) is crazy as hell.

  8. This is a demonstration that happens most every year. It’s a display to show capabilities to the public. A spicy parade in a sense.

  9. Context: "As part of the 2022 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), held at the Tampa Convention Center, U.S. and international special operations forces participated in a rescue demonstration. The exercise included Black Hawk and Little Bird Helicopters, fast attack boats, Army rangers, and more."

  10. Those are electric guns incapable of firing anything, made to look and act like the real thing. The sounds aren’t coming from the gun itself it is gun audio being played through speakers.

  11. Prepping for urban combat. Why all these comments about show of force and all that?? If this is recent it would make sense that alot of this would be seen considering. Would you prefer sending out soldiers unprepared? You gotta train in a setting similar to where you might be sent. Ex. All the desert training for the middle east conflicts etc.

  12. Every fascist government indulges in public displays of military force. Look for more of this sort of thing as democracy wanes.

  13. Not picture is the 5 poor privates who had to walk behind this idiotic convoy having to pick up the blank casings

  14. International SOF exercise practicing a hostage scenario. It was well publicized beforehand, roads blocked off, and tons of safety measures in place. This helps improve international partnerships while giving SOF a more realistic situation that they may end up doing for real later on

  15. Only in America would brainwashed ass citizens gather on the street, see this and go “Fuck yea!!!”

  16. Totally j see stand your point and I don’t want to give any credence to those people, but to actually give a real answer to what I know what a rhetorical question:

  17. The only reason why this is interesting, is why such a "show of force".. or "flexing muscles" is appreciated by so many people.

  18. Fucking stupid display of an overfunded military. Hope you all enjoyed that shitshow, it cost you a healthcare system (that is currently one of , if not the worst in the developed world) a free education system and many other services that you and your family would certainly benefit from far more than a dumb fucking military.

  19. MacDill AFB is in Tampa. The US Central Command, US Special Operations Command, Marine Forces Central Command, and Special Operations Command Central are headquartered there.

  20. Gonna need it. I have not seen any country including my own ( who is very high on the shitlist of gunviolence and mass shootings ) outperform the USA.

  21. If only it happened after the 2020 election, we wouldn't be in this atrocious situation! Our country has been hijacked by communist!

  22. Remember that time we invaded a country under false pretext and drove through their cities at high speed ramming cars and shooting wildly? Here's a reenactment. Merica!

  23. Welcome to 'murica. We love big guns and army guys. I just want to know where the big fucking flag was in all of this? Surely someone forgot it. Probably some commie bastard who hates 'murica...

  24. What possible reason is there to even USE blanks for this “exercise”?! (Apart from making all their pee pees get chubby)

  25. It’s not an exercise, it’s a “demonstration” or as I like to call it a choreographed play. Don’t they look so cute in there little army men outfits and their toy guns.

  26. I mean, IDGAF if they are special operators. You dont have your muzzle pointed like that no matter what especially while charging it.

  27. Btw what is the guy in the chopper saying? Not sure if it's the pilot or a angry combat instructor. All I know is who ever is in the water is struggling lmao

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