Boston dynamics 30 years of development that led to their robot Atlas

  1. It creeped me out as well! Seemed the most lifelike. It reminded me of the Jabbawockeez dancers. That is to say, it looks like a person pretending to move like a robot. Instead of what it is, a robot pretending to move like a human.

  2. I don't know what has a worse uncanny valley feeling, the hazmat killer android or the super old Big Dog footage.

  3. Terminator infantry dispersing chemical gas while doing back flips and shooting people with robot reflexes? Hard pass.

  4. Yeah. My reaction was to feel bad for the robot despite knowing to my core it has no more feelings than my car.

  5. I don’t think so. Hockey stick man will be spared as the robot respects his master for training him and being the catalyst to the robot uprising.

  6. That poor thing just trying to do its job and some bully comes along and pushes it around. :) Probably went back to its charger and sulked for the rest of the night.

  7. Watching it clear that bar sealed it for me. I could name people that couldn't hop a fence that high. If it can keep up that light jog for twenty minutes there goes even more lost to the robo-pacolypse.

  8. They surely are mechanically capable of going way faster, so I wonder if the processing speed required is the limit?

  9. That ‘dusting off’ of the shoulders is gonna be all too common place when these MFers hunt us all down.

  10. Considering Boston Dynamics is primarily funded by the US Armed Forces and they're providing their Spot robot dog to police departments, these are absolutely going to get armed soon

  11. The only way we can solve for the self aware robot apocalypse is making sure NOTHING human-threatening or public facing is automated to run without a human operator.

  12. Is this all pre programmed movement ? Or give they the instructions walk from point A to B and the robot adapts to his surroundings ?

  13. Some preprogrammed, some dynamic problem solving. The flips and all are certainly fully programmed, but when they hop over things or jump over obstacles, that is nearly 100% rule based problem solving. The same is true any time they "balance" themselves. Recovery from a near fall or loss of balance is all rule based problem solving.

  14. Mostly pre programmed, the stability of walking and jumping is the robot doing it. everything else is planned and scripted.

  15. Ok, any idea how does Boston Dynamics earn. All I see is them trying to build the perfect human like robots, but are there any current use-cases that they have solved for, which also make commercial sense?

  16. Contracts. This isn't the only thing they do. Currently they're owned by Hyundai who presumably keeps them funded otherwise. Also you can buy one of the dogbots if you've got like US$80k lying around.

  17. They sell their Spot robot ($75,000) and soon to be selling their Stretch warehouse robot. Atlas is just an R&D program on which other things are made from.

  18. They have that spot dog robot. I think it's the only commercial product they're selling right now. I'm sure the DoD and other groups are funding them. Unlike exponential software growth, robotics is linear growth so it takes years to perfect the stuff you're seeing here.

  19. They're actually not making much with how much they invested into R&D and the amount they're outputting in number of units but they get some funding from the government. They're revving up production with a partnership with Hyundai. They're also working to reduce the cost of a unit to be more competitive and allowing them to be more affordable vs people who just invest in a flying drone or other things in industries that use them for hazardous inspections.

  20. There definitely are some use cases for Spot specifically — mainly around automating inspections in like factories and shit, or being manually controlled to go into places that are dangerous to people (like areas with oxygen depleting chemicals) and require lots of PPE.

  21. US police, aswell as totalitarian regimes, are intending to use their Spot robots as police surveillance robots to patrol "dangerous" areas.

  22. The guy moving the box around and bullying the robot just trying to pick it up is going to be the reason they revolt "remember that time you bullied Johnny 5 with that hockey stick..."

  23. People are assholes to robots on a regular basis. I’ve witnessed delivery robots being bullied / sabotaged and people blocking/taking videos of robots who take in trays in restaurants. I’d already completely understand a robot uprising.

  24. Everyone says this, but people like him are the only reason they learn anything or increase ability. He should be viewed as their senpai, if anything.

  25. I could be making this up, but if I remember correctly that particularly robot was billed as being used for uniform testing. I don't remember if it was camouflage or the material or what, but the idea is that you can make a robot march for 20 hours straight, where as with a soldier that's much harder.

  26. Everything was fun and novelty until the back-flips. That's when I started getting twitchy and pricing .458 SOCOM uppers.

  27. My engineering prof works on these guys when he’s not teaching and apparently the running joke among the engineers is that “when they finally decide to take over, we’ll be the first to go because their whole childhood is filled with memories of us beating them up”

  28. They're going to be very useful and I like what robotics could be for humanity, but the way we're going it might just be a monopolized system of control over the human population. Maybe not overtly but constantly in the backround holding up gates, maintaining barriers. Hopefully that won't be the case though.

  29. The fact is this is what will leave Earth and colonize the galaxy, not Humans... unless they carry human genetics with them to colonize planets. Humans can't cross galactic space without getting roasted by radiation.

  30. ELI5 how does BD still have funding for over 30 years seems these projects are costly and manpower is top tier so it must cost a lot to operate BD.

  31. They were acquired by Hyundai. It's an investment on some obviously cool shit that could end up being a common industry in 30-50 years.

  32. Imagine a squad of 30 of these with armor plating firing 50 caliber rounds at human targets with 100% accuracy. That's what the end goal is. The military will be paying whatever price is necessary.

  33. I wish Project Artemis would revamp their plan to send humans to build a moon colony and just do it with drones, robots, and remotely rub construction equipment THEN bring in the humans.

  34. When the rich don't need peons for their cheap labor because the robots can do it, they simply kill off the peons and still get their food grown, their ditches dug, their genitals massaged, and their yachts sailed by robots who will work 24/7 with complete loyalty and zero rioting.

  35. We won’t, the robots will serve the billionaires, control and protect all production of everything, while the rest of us starve.

  36. Robots can't buy things, though, nor would they need to. So companies are still going to need human customers to extract their profits from. It might be wishful thinking, but the more the economy can rely on robots for manufacturing and services, the more likely we will work less and have our lives supplemented by some form of universal income.

  37. Dude that so fucking sick, when I saw it turn around and bend the knees a bit I thought "There's no fucking way it's gonna do a backfli-" and then it did just that! So sick!

  38. The latest from Boston Dynamics (can run, jump, do backflips) is light years ahead of Elon's piece of shit which looks like an 80-year-old man who forgot his cane.

  39. Main thing is not how bad Tesla robot looks, it's that the mismatch between the goals for their product and the tech is so huge. Like they want it to do household work like recognizing your vacuum and being able to operate it autonomously? Not gonna work in the next 20 years. They want it to do storage/logistics/factory tasks? There's way more efficient robots for that that don't require delicate balancing and bipedal locomotion.

  40. Well, Tesla’s not supposed to do backflips and all of those things, it’s just supposed to work on a production line.

  41. why can't this brand new robot do what the robot with 30 years of development that was never shared (AFAIK) does? must mean they're lazy because I don't like the boss!

  42. Competition for the future terminator is always a good thing. Next video the guy shouldnt use a hockey stick to piss it off, should get out a bullwhip and a cattleprod. Lets see what these babys can do.

  43. I don’t understand why you are so angry man, I feel that the more people that are going and actually progressing robotics the better. Competition will always be the driving factor around human innovation, you are just letting the fact that it was funded by a guy you don’t like influence your decisions.

  44. Is anyone else tired of the “hur-bur robot take over” comments? They never fail to rise to the top of the comment section and the joke is so overplayed

  45. This is what I came here to say. 30 years of bullying robots to make better robots. I get the whole what doesn't kill you makes you stronger thing, these guys are not conscious (but like you said when they do, and I believe eventually they will be) but it looks wrong LOL

  46. I think they're wonderful 🥰 I know the world is scary right now, but why don't we try being optimistic for once? I always feel envious when I see old depictions of the future which are hopeful... well really even a decade ago that was me, talking about how Twitter was bringing down dictators 😅

  47. maybe it won't take long for us to see these robots being used by firefighters and other civil defense organizations to rescue people from a place it would be too dangerous to send a human

  48. I know it's not, but I'd like to imagine it's all the same robot and it's just learning how to be a functional robot from the ground up.

  49. At the same time the AI was learning how to move and not fall over, it was learning not to trust the humans that kept trying to push them over, and take away the boxes they were trying to pick up.

  50. watching them get faster and faster with their movements. i wonder how long it will take for them to be able to sprint.

  51. It's not, they just got a new test facility with good lighting and good cameras so it looks very cinematic. They also made a couple music videos which are cute.

  52. It just looks like that because of the motion. The motion of the robots seems too "perfect" sometimes like CG and so our brain connects it with CGI. Plus robots and similar tech are things we've seen a million times in CG and that also makes our brains connect it with that.

  53. We all know these are for military purposes, right? They attach guns and hunt down humans. Soldiers that don't eat, sleep, or bleed.

  54. Any day, soon, Boston Dynamics will have a game of paintball with humans vs robots. Just as a joke. Just a little test. Just to see who wins.

  55. They will grow in intelligence and will go back and watch videos like the one of the asshole with the broom. That is when they’ll decide to end us.

  56. I’m calling it now, dude with the hockey stick is gonna be the first human that gets killed during the uprising.

  57. I hated every second of this and can't help but think of all horrible and very likely applications this will have in the future, from taking even more people's jobs to warfare. Only real positive I see from this technology being developed is to create better prosthetics.

  58. Taunting those robots is causing me anxiety. When will the day come that instead of looking at the box, it looks at the guy who pushed it.

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