Does anyone else consider just living life alone?

  1. I’m happily partnered, but spend a great deal of time alone with my pets. I’ve often said that if this doesn’t work out it’ll be me and the floofs in the country, possibly property communal sharing

  2. I've lived alone for over 25 years and I love it. 2020 was a bit isolating, but I made it through. I go out and see people when I want to socialize and come home to solitude to recharge.

  3. I can relate. As introverted as I am the lockdowns were too isolating. I live by myself and work from home, which is great. But then I only went to the grocery store as infrequently and late as possible, and volunteered once a week. Did talk on the phone to a few friends but it's not the same as meeting in person. I guess I found my limit

  4. I've come to terms to accept this possible future and just be happy with it. That's why I'm in no rush to get married or anything like that

  5. How did u do that? For contact I am 17 asking for advice cuz I feel I will forever be alone cuz I have been lonely for 3 years now

  6. I currently live with my boyfriend but I really miss when I lived alone. I was SO happy before. Sometimes I think I'm just meant to be by myself. It's when I feel like I'm at my best.

  7. Yup, because when you're hella introverted, and aromantic and asexual it makes any relationships almost impossible

  8. Omg I so relate. It can unbelievably socially isolating when you're introverted and asexual/aromantic. None of my friends or family even know I'm asexual/aromantic. I wouldn't even know how to begin explaining it to them.

  9. This is me, alone with my pets. However I have been in a relationship for 8 years now but we have chosen to live separately because we both need our own space. It’s glorious and makes the time we do spend together more appreciated. I look back on the times I did live with someone and it was awful for my mental health having someone else constantly around and having to be mindful of them. Never again!!!

  10. I did a first-retirement back in my thirties and basically did more or less this (along with reading a lot). It was AMAZING. Just being able to switch off the alarm clock forever, being able to book business-hours appointments at places without scheduling clashes, being able to go shopping when crowds were thinnest. Being able to go to the beach or park or museum or to the movies whenever I felt like it. Taking a two-hour wander around the area in the middle of the day if the fancy struck.

  11. I'm just really confused about what's best for me. I used to like the isolation. But something is changing, probably with age. And my mental health is not keeping up. I can't have pets at the moment though.

  12. I tried it and wish I could have made it work. I was too.. lazy? The dishes never got done, nor did the laundry or the cleaning. I ate cereal every other meal.

  13. Yes. I married into a huge, close family after growing up basically as a kind of only (divorced parents and did not grow up under the same roof with my siblings).

  14. Read this and it brought a smile to my face, you are a sweet person. And dating sites do suck, it’s true.

  15. Living life alone is the meaning of "heaven" for us introverts. As a person who still live with a kinda big family, it is my goal to move out of my family's house and start living on my own (but ofc I gotta deal with problems such as paying bills and stuffs, I'm not mentally ready for that 💀)

  16. It looks so difficult atm but hang in there.... It's your life & you will get the chance to live it however you like :)

  17. That’s exactly what I want. Would be amazing to have a place to myself. Hope to start renting a place soon then eventually buy one of those tiny houses.

  18. I live alone and I love it. No pets either. It’s like my sanctuary; a place to recharge. I have lived with my roommates, my parents… but nothing compares. I do think about what it would be like to live with a partner… if I would even like it! Haha.

  19. i LOVE my time belonging to me & me only & getting to CHOOSE when i interact with/invest time with people i love because it makes that time more special.

  20. Consider? Doing it. I am not saying I will not consider living with someone else down the road, but I think my preferred arrangement is he has his place, I have mine. We just visit alot.

  21. Whether I want to be alone or not, I know for a fact I will end up being alone. I have no friends and never did and don't think I will in the future either. It's also highly unlikely I will have a boyfriend/husband.

  22. Yes, absolutely so. I used to have this false sense that having a domestic partner, GF or wife would make my life easier. Maybe it would someday if the *right lady* comes along. I'll be open-minded to that prospect because you never know who comes along at what time at what place...but until then, I'm putting my priorities and my health first- not out of selfishness or inability to connect with anybody in particular, but if I can't care for myself, there IS no bright future. Oh how I miss my cat, he never judged me whenever I'd come home from school or work. He wanted to just sit on my lap and be petted and that's it.

  23. Honestly it sounds pretty nice for me the peace and quiet will be wonderful i can wake up in the morning and not have to force myself to say morning and socialise to anyone and i can just relax and feed my cat and dog and have a nice coffee

  24. I'm not into pets. I have a few house plants but even that feels excessive. I have a boyfriend, who is awesome. No kids, no pets though. I have so much more freedom than most other people.

  25. Me… I am 29yo female and living like this… I enjoy it. I have a dog, planning to move into bigger home in a few years and adding another dog and cat or two. I am also planning to have rats again.

  26. My parents would watch those shows of people who went and lived in Alaska just to make fun of them. No one else in sight, just a warm meal, a roaring fireplace, and like 10 feet of snow.

  27. I lost my cat yesterday and the trauma has made me decide to not have pets anymore. I can't go through that pain again. So I guess it's gonna be me, myself and I.

  28. I'm up for becoming a crazy cat guy. Just with other people's cats around the neighborhood. The wandering weirdo who has all the cats run up to him for petting.

  29. Why downvote this, surviving off a single income is freaking hard. I can't afford to rent an apartment without roommates even while working full time.

  30. No. I'm pretty damn introverted, as is my partner, but life is meant to be lived with a buddy. Everything's more fun when you have a buddy. Especially a buddy who has their own space and time and respects your alone space and alone time requirements

  31. Consider it? I am INFP and ALWAYS considered it but actually started living the dream 2-3 years ago. I say 2-3 because I had to transition. I kept getting into relationships for some reason. But yea I did it and the quality of my life is fantastic compared to before. And yea I have pets, a cat and a small dog. I also have friends I hang out with and I go out dance regularly. Life is good that way.

  32. Well once you have kids you can’t unhave them. But yes, no romantic relationship. And maybe no pets for me even though I want them, I have an apartment.

  33. When I was younger, my family thought I'd just live by myself. I'm realizing that I probably wouldn't be happy in the long term. But I have a hard time socializing and dating sadly.

  34. I live with my partner and he's an ambivert. As long as he understands my need to recharge, I'll live with him for the foreseeable future.

  35. i am getting used to it. i don't seem to be getting any better with dating, so at some point i'll dedicate that time towards something else.

  36. I would love to live alone but the of cost of getting your own place where I live makes it impossible for me. I live alone with a roommate, which can be difficult.

  37. I am in the process of divorcing my husband. I'm in my own place. I have been enjoying life a lot more on my own. I'm grateful to be living in a low cost of living area. I am close to someone else and a relationship looks to be on the cards. I'm just not sure what the future holds and absolutely don't want to rush into anything. I've never felt more at peace (the moving in stress aside, lol).

  38. I love being alone. I'm married, so I can't be alone all the time. But I do have lots of time to myself. I'm thankful for that.

  39. I plan to retire in about two years. No friends, no family except one grown child who has moved out of state. It's going to be just me and my dog and I'm not looking forward to it.

  40. I honestly would agree except kids are so awesome they’re like another you that thinks everything you do is awesome and want to do it too. so no it’s not worth it for me because I love my kid and want more. Now I’m single and have one kid and have the problem of wanting to live alone for the rest of my life but I also want a second kid… that’s a problem.

  41. I thought about it after my husband died, wondering if I'd ever live with someone again. I live alone (with pets) now. I actually hate it.

  42. Doing it. It’s harder financially and is forcing me to become more money focused in my career (something I’ve never really cared about).

  43. This might be my future regardless of whether I want it or not... So at this point I've already considered the possibility and decided that it might not be so bad xd

  44. In theory? Absolutely. I have a little mental escape strategy at the back of my mind where I move to a secluded cottage on a mountainside, accompanied only by a pack of samoyed dogs. I do feel happiest when I'm alone and without the influence of others. However, in the long run I think I'd still like to get married, possibly have kids, the whole thing. I might always change my mind though. It's way too early to tell.

  45. i’ve always seen myself living alone but i don’t know if it’d be possible for me with mental illness, especially with my case of bipolar. when i’m alone for a long time i’m unable to ground myself which makes my manic hallucinations feel all the more real and my depressive episodes all the more debilitating. maybe i’d just have to boost up my therapy visits to multiple times a week, but man my bank account is already crying by the thought of having to pay full rent when i’m disabled and can’t work nearly as much as i’d like to though :( i feel like i have to live with someone else in order to financially survive, but i don’t want to have to put up with all of their family and friends coming over lol. i wish people had as small of a social circle as mine - just my boss, my therapist, my brother and mom. then it’d be so much less torturous living with other people.

  46. I live alone and I really like it. I can’t have pets in the apartment I’m in though. The goal is to get a home in the country where it is really quiet and get a dog and maybe some chickens and plant a big garden and have a workshop to tinker in.

  47. No pets but wouldn't mind a spouse, pets are an annoyance. I prefer other people's pets. Definitely no kids.

  48. Without a partner? Sometimes, I've definitely considered. But I imagine myself with a cat and maybe a dog too. Distant future, I definitely see myself with kids. I really want my own kids to love and educate them about the world. There's so much I'd love to show them.

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