Are there introverts who like partying/meeting many people for fun several times a week?

  1. I’m definitely an introvert and I’m a married mom now. But when I was in my mid twenties I was at bars and parties five days a week for years! I honestly don’t know how I did it. I still rolled up with a small group. Actually even in high school it was parties every single weekend. But it was the same group of 20 people, one was my brother and one was my boyfriend.

  2. I guess most of us can relate to that. The "problem" for me is I don't like alcohol that much so I'm never really drunk enough to let loose completely. But it certainly gets a bit easier yeah.

  3. Is lying. Maybe your friend doean't even know he's lying. No introvert likes parties. That automatically makes you an extrovert by default.

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