Weekly 'What should I buy?' Thread

  1. I have an M1 iPad 11 pro but I’m looking at the possibility of an older mini as an e-reader. I have a kindle paper white but I am having a hard time finding some titles on Kindle that are available on Apple Books. The 11 inch pro gets heavy fairly quickly hence the interest in a mini. Not ready to buy a newer one so interested in opinions on a mini 3 or 4 as an e-reader for a year or two. Then I’d probably upgrade to a new mini. Discounted the 5 as the price is just a bit more than I want to spend now. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

  2. Looking for an iPad mainly for University study (Art history, so we are talking mainly texts and normal media contents) possibly easy to carry, reliable, surely would like to get a keyboard for it so I’m open for suggestions on the keyboard as well. I don’t really understand the differences between the “normal” ipad, the air and the pro model, is it worth to get the pro? (Probably not in my case, but I’d be curious to know why it’s “pro”) I also have to mention I’d probably buy a restored one and one or two generations older, budget is not too high, and I did this buying an iphone xs more than two years ago I’m still using with absolutely no plan on upgrading right now.

  3. Have been wanting to get into an iPad, was thinking of the mini 6, mainly for content consumption and gaming, thoughts?

  4. If you are looking at new it is one heck of a decision! I started out about 4 months ago thinking I was just going to go ahead and get an M1 Air. Once I started researching the configurations and prices (for at least a couple of weeks) I ended up biting the bullet and going for an 11 inch Pro mostly for the promotion and screen. I did give the mini a lot of thought but I use it at work and the size is better for my use. I have to admit I still like the mini and will probably get one in the next year or two.

  5. ipad 9th gen should be the latest one. I reckon you should just get one with usb C if you could afford it, since getting a USB C cable should be manageable and worth more in the long run.

  6. Is it worth it to buy a "like new" iPad Pro 12.9 256GB for just 10% less than the brand new price? I saw a like-new iPad for 1099 euros but a brand-new one costs 1227 euros.

  7. Looking to buy gift for spouse who will use the iPad for watching tv shows while traveling, general web browsing, and possibly for the Cricut app.

  8. The iPad Air 4 is the best deal right now, if you don't want a home button. It has the same processor and RAM as the iPad 10th gen, and can often be found for less money refurbished or slightly used (I got my fiancée one with a tiny scratch on the back, 98% battery life, and it cost $400 USD with an Apple Pencil thrown in)

  9. I'm debating between the 10th Gen iPad ($559 CAD), Apple Refurbished iPad Air 4th Gen ($589 CAD), and iPad Air 5th Gen ($599 CAD Open Box/$649 CAD New).

  10. The iPad Air 5th gen doubled the RAM and improved the processor which should give it a longer usable lifespan as well as longer iPadOS support. This means you'll be able to use it for longer. To me, that's worth the price difference.

  11. Hello, I have an iPad 8th and I use it a lot for work (I’m a teacher). I’d want to upgrade in order to increase my productivity, but I’m a little confused after the recent prices here in Europe. I don’t think i’ll buy the ipad 10th because I think it’s a joke (here in italy the starting price is 589€ for 64gb). I can’t decide between iPad Air (because of the cost) and the iPad mini (it would be so easy to carry with me at school, but I’m afraid the screen is too small). Would you help me to decide? Thanks

  12. I’m torn between an m1 iPad Pro 12.9 or an m2 MacBook Air - Uses - work : I’m an exec chef running several restaurants, I currently use a very old MacBook - basic word, excel and email answering aswell as emails and web browsing for work. I always have a note book and I’ll take note in meetings which is why the iPad appeals. 12.9 due to the amazing screen

  13. Personally, I'd go for the MacBook Air. I find typing notes to be much more efficient and clean than writing (unless you like to draw). Given that you already use a MacBook and use Word, Excel and E-mail on it, unless you buy a keyboard for your iPad you will find typing your e-mails to be rather difficult compared to a laptop. Also, the M2 should be a more powerful and future proof processor than the M1 (if you factor in the costs of the keyboard too, it might be more expensive than your M2 MacBook Air).

  14. You can use software like Word and Excel on the iPad and take notes with the Apple Pencil, so you may be fine with it.

  15. New I-pad 10th generation or pay $100 more for a refurbished 2018 I-pad Pro 12 inch model. Not using for anything professional. Surfing net, checking email, some game playing, etc.

  16. The screen size is the same from iPad Air 4/5 and iPad 10th Gen. But I think most people would say the 12" 2018 iPad Pro is not worth its value right now unless you get it real cheap. If you end up choosing 10th Gen iPad, then I would suggest getting a Refurbished iPad Air 4th gen (same price on Apple Website). Or if you can get a deal on the 5, it seems that's the better choice.

  17. The Air I think is on sale right now on Amazon for ~520 USD. Is there is anything keeping you from choosing that over the 2018 pro?

  18. With the new M2 iPad just released, if we wanted to buy the M1 iPad where should we look? I see we can't purchase it online from Apple...so would Target, Walmart, or Amazon be our best bet at getting a deal?

  19. I think we both missed out because I want the same. Seems like there was a pretty good sale at a lot of retailers a couple weeks ago. Now I’m mostly seeing used and the occasional new one for like $50 off

  20. Looking to upgrade my iPad mini 5th Gen to something with bigger screen. Mainly use procreate on it for digital art and they had canvas size limitations based on how big your iPad screen is. If I decide to ditch procreate and switch to clip studio paint mini 5th Gen is not compatible and the ui is way more cluttered than procreate which means I need to switch to something with bigger screen size anyways.

  21. The iPad Air 4 is going to be just fine for this. Even the 9th gen iPad with a stylus (Apple Pencil or a knockoff) will suffice, although the speakers are worse than the iPad Air.

  22. https://www.amazon.in/Kanget-Charging-Portable-OTG-Compatible/dp/B0B867BHSQ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=DVMFMTEBD90D&keywords=lightning%2Badapter%2Bkanget&qid=1666369225&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIxLjQ4IiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=lightning%2Badapter%2Bkange%2Caps%2C225&sr=8-1&th=1

  23. I had a thought in my mind regarding my computer use.I have a work provided macbook which I use for work in the office and to work from home. For personal use, I have a phone at the moment but I'm looking to get something with a bigger screen purely for media consumption except for 3 very specific things.I need to be able to secure a job in case I want to change or get laid off:

  24. Im looking for alternatives to the Apple Magic keyboard for my 5th gen Air, its honestly more money than I feel like paying for a keyboard folio. I use my ipad to take notes at work, journal and school study.

  25. ESR makes a rebound case which is very similar to the Magic Keyboard, although the trackpad isn’t as nice and it uses Bluetooth.

  26. I really wanted a tablet for a while and I don't know what model should I go for. Ideal is to go for the cheapest one 9th gen but I don't know if it can satisfy all my needs:

  27. iPad Air 4 vs. 5 for a gift for a teen that likes to draw and expressed interest in tablet? Was thinking an Air because of the better/larger screen than iPad and iPad mini plus 2nd gen pencil support. From a specs perspective the Air 4 looks on par or better than the newest entry level iPad. But mentally I’ve having a hard time buying a two year old electronic. The 5 is $50+ more expensive but I’m not crazy about spending more on an already expensive tablet. So Reddit what do you think? Is Air 4 got plenty of life and usefulness for someone who is going to use for watching TikTok, watching Netflix, having FaceTime calls, and drawing on Procreate? Or do I go cheap and go with iPad 9th gen and 1st gen pencil?

  28. If the cost difference is only $50, go with the iPad Air 5, assuming you’re comfortable spending that on this person (nice gift btw). The big reason is that from the iPad Air 4 to the 5 it got a massive spec bump which will make the usable life span of the device longer.

  29. I am looking into an iPad as a college student, would the iPad air suit me fine? Also, do iPads go on sale for black friday?

  30. I have never owned an Ipad but would like one for drawing and gaming. I am thinking between an Ipad Air or Ipad 9th gen. I would like the Air to have the 2nd gen pencil + USB C but it is much more expensive. If I go with the Ipad 9th gen it would be much cheaper but it would be the 1st gen pencil and the lightning cable which I have none cause I don't own Apple products. Thank you for anyone who answers this.

  31. Looking to replace my 5th generation from 2017 with something that'll last 5-6 years like my current iPad. Main use will be just note-taking with logitech crayon or apple pencil (or third party alternatives if they work). Options are (CAD):

  32. So I just pulled the trigger on a M1 12.9" IPad Pro. I'm looking for case suggestions. I'm looking for something that is light, looks good, and offers some protection from drops. Also being able to use the case as a stand is a requirement. I don't need a keyboard or track pad. Thanks!

  33. Clear case is so nice tbh. Idk about the pro 12 inch but on my reg ipad it was very light weight and protective yet I could place it agsinst anything as a stand

  34. It’s my birthday soon and was wondering whether I should upgrade my current iPad 8th gen to either an refurbished iPad Air 64gb or refurbished iPad Pro 128gb?

  35. how do we feel about the new iPads that are being released? looking for something for my husband that he can just use for entertainment purposes (no document use or anything)

  36. The iPad 10 is a disappointment for the price, the iPad mini is decent for the price, the iPad Air 5 is decent for the price (but performance is overkill), the iPad Pro is decent for the price (but again, performance is overkill).

  37. Split screen is much better on a bigger surface. I use my iPad for note taking, studying, & gen. media pretty much and I upgraded from a 10.5” screen. My friends made fun of me at first…and now they’re upgrading because they realize it’s much better note taking with a bigger screen. It definitely makes more sense for bigger screen and more space then compromising those for the sake of saying you have an M2. For our purposes the M2 will make no difference than the M1 when they haven’t even put the M1 chip to use yet…

  38. Hi.. in the same boat. For me, since I own a M1 Max pro mac I’m thinking of buying one without M series chip and get 64gb variant. What do you suggest?

  39. For your use case, the iPad 10 should be fine, but it's a bad device for the cost. But I guess there is no benefit in getting the Air 4 since the performance will be the same, and the Air 5 is overkill, so I can't really suggest any other device.

  40. Hello folks. I am currently in the Apple Eco-System with my iPhone 12 and Airpods 3. I am looking to upgrade my current Tablet. I currently own a Fire HD 8 I got for free and an iPad 6 which is good but a little too big for my tastes. I was thinking of the newer Apple iPad. Its about 8.5 inches and has been upgraded according the Tech Specs on the Apple site. Does Apple plan on a new iPad Mini or is this the newer miniesque devices.

  41. Hi to everyone, this will be my first time owning an iPad, and I will mainly use it for school since I’m a student, but also for watching YouTube, Netflix etc. and really light gaming. Right now there is a sale in my country, and I’m torn between the new base iPad and the 2020 iPad Air. The price difference is only 10€ and I’m leaning towards the Air, but the base one is newer. Is there anything that the base model doesn’t have? For example, is Stage Manager going to be in that one? And is the laminated display without reflections much better?

  42. Definitely get the Air. The base version may be newer but since they have the same SoC they will get the same number of OS updates and will mostly perform the same.

  43. Honestly just get the 2020 iPad Air. The new base iPad is just horrible value. Regret telling people to wait… Stage Manager is only limited to the iPad Pros or M1 iPads (dumb move). But do you need it?

  44. My last iPad (the first iPad Air) just took its last breath, I want to get a new iPad but I’m honestly lost on which one should I get, I need one for gaming, school and bit of video editing, also need years of software support, help me choose right please

  45. iPad Air 5 or iPad Pro 2020/2021. They will most likely have the better ram for your video editing. I recommend 256GB for Air 5 or the iPad Pro 128GB as 64GB for the Air 5 is pretty small for your gaming and video editing needs.

  46. Can someone tell me the comparison between the iPad Air 4 and 5 along with the 2018 pro for longevity? And performance?

  47. Hello all, this will be my first time owning an iPad. I was gifted a 2nd generation apple pencil so it seems I have to go beyond base model. I was planning to get the M1 iPad after the announcement stupidly thinking that the price will drop but nah, even the iPad Air 5 has a significant price increase. If price is not an issue, would you still recommend me to get the M2? Or is my usage enough and just go for iPad Air 5? Of course money is still meant to be saved. The price difference between a used M1 and M2 in my country will be around $160. I will be using the iPad for the following:

  48. If this is your first ever ipad, gets the m2. As you have said you want a device that lasts you a very long time so just get the newest one possible, no need to cheap out only 160$ then regret later down the road.

  49. If I understand correctly, both the Pro and Air (Gen 4) support the 2nd Gen Pencil? Which keyboard is usually recommended? I'm between both models. Should I buy Gen 4 to save money? For context, I'm a student. I use my tablet for reading, taking notes and editing docs on MS word. I would also use it for viewing movies when traveling.

  50. Hi y'all,I'm a physics phd student looking to get an iPad. I've done some digging but figured I would post what I'd specifically use it for and get a more specific answer to whether or not the extra screen size would do me some good. I'd use it for:

  51. 11" is sufficient but 13" will feel a lot bigger. If you aren't used to the 13" then I don't think you'll really feel that 11" is "small", though.

  52. iPad Mini 6 is light and great for consumption as well! Feels like this is the best value iPad for you. But if the screen is too small you can go for a larger sized iPad. It only comes in 64GB and 256GB.

  53. I made a post on this but I guess it got blocked b/c of rule 3 and is supposed to be here. Anyways...

  54. If you're in the US, Amazon has 9th gen 64gb for $269 new. I don't think you'd find a used one for under that since it was $329 and has only been out a year.

  55. I have an iPad Air 4th generation and i'm actually super happy with it except i was dumb and choose the 64gb version, quickly hitting it's limits.

  56. iPad Pro 2018 no brainer. Far superior display with better colour accuracy and 120Hz. 4 speakers for stereo sound. FaceID. USB-C. Pencil 2 support if you feel like it. "Stage Manager" if that's any good.

  57. I have an iPad 7th Generation. Generally works well, but I notice it is sometimes slow/laggy and the battery is quite shite (takes forever to charge, drains quicker than it should). I typically use my iPad for learning (drums, piano) and watching movies. I don't use the device a ton, but I like it for traveling and the purposes I outlined earlier.

  58. I’ve got a 10.5” iPad Pro I hit the week they launched along with the first gen pencil. The iPad has been annoying because of the widespread screen blotches issue that Apple won’t do anything about plus the battery is showing it’s age.

  59. How big of a difference is a laminated vs non laminated screen if I’m just either reading ebooks / comics or watching terrible quality sports streams?

  60. I am looking into getting an iPad for casual use and some work use. I am looking into these three options and plan on checking them out in person before buying.

  61. 9th gen is a great value. I’d skip on the airs though. Maybe look into the m1 2021 11” pro. It’s not worth much more and with the upgrades you should look into it

  62. Well, for your use case there is no big difference between the Pro and the Air besides the 120Hz screen. It depends on whether you want a 120Hz screen or are fine with 60Hz.

  63. I was thinking of buying an iPad mini, but considering the price increase.... I wonder if an iPad 10th would be better...

  64. What do you want to do with the iPad? The iPad 9 should be enough as long as you are not playing graphics-intensive games or drawing any complex art.

  65. How long do you need the iPad to last? Because there is the refurbished iPad 8 at 128GB for $350 and it should last about 4-5 years (if you are okay with a slightly laggy drawing experience down the line).

  66. Is the iPad Air 5th gen (2022) more future-proof than the upcoming iPad 10th gen (2022)? I’m wondering if the M1 chip will age better in the next 5+ years as a grad student and hopefully future med student. With the sale going on at Amazon, the Air would only cost $70 more

  67. Should I get an ipad 9th gen or the new 10th gen ipad or the iPad? I'll only be getting the 256Gb version since I plan to use it for reading pdf and textbooks since I'm gonna be needing a lot of books. Also some note taking and occasional gaming but I mostly only play puzzle games not graphic intensive games. I don't really draw or do any editing and I dont care about the camera since I use my phone for that.

  68. Hi Guys, I would like to buy an iPad to use for sixth form and hopefully University Work. I would like it to be affordable and would appreciate recommendations on models and what accessories to buy with it. Thank you!!!

  69. The 9th gen should be enough for your use case for about 4 or 5 years maybe (6 to 8 years without video editing). It is powerful enough, and the Apple Pencil 1 is as capable as the Apple Pencil 2 (the only difference is the wireless charging feature on the 2nd gen).

  70. best ipad for a 4yr old? my niece is very smart and intuitive so a ipad with no home button will be okay. i’m thinking between the ipad mini for size or the newly released 10th gen ipad. money isn’t an issue, i’m just looking at which is the best size and user experience for a small human. thanks! i wanna get her one for christmas

  71. Depends on what screen sizes she normally uses. If she already uses normal-size iPads comfortably, that should be ideal. If she doesn't have a preference, I'd suggest the larger device since it will have better battery life. But if she uses smaller iPads, then that's what she'll probably prefer.

  72. Hi all, we are thinking of getting an iPad for Christmas. He’s on it all the time, mainly gaming! We were thinking of the iPad 9th gen, but after seeing the release of the 10th gen yesterday, is it worth the extra £120? He will not be using a pencil. At £499… that’s really the maximum budget so no Air is within that budget. Thank you

  73. Keep in mind that the new 10th gen iPad has a slightly larger screen: 10.9” to 10.2” in the 9th gen. A larger screen might be more comfortable for games.

  74. Definitely pick the iPad 9. Unless you are doing graphics-intensive games like Genshin Impact or drawing complex art on Procreate or similar apps, there is little benefit in getting the 10th gen.

  75. I was going to get the iPad 10th generation but strongly doubt I will now. 5G, landscape camera and USBC would be nice. But not a fan of the price increase without the storage increase and I have a 128 GB 6th generation. Will reassess next year.

  76. I've been a fan of the $329 base models. I have a 6th gen 32gb model that I've had for more than 4 years and am deciding to upgrade to a 9th gen 64gb model that I hope will last me at least another 4 years. It was on sale for $269 on Amazon. I'm not a fan of the $449 price point of the ipad 10.

  77. So we still have to sync media through iTunes. I thought it was history. Anyway, thanks for thr headsup. I will research a bit more about what you said.

  78. Everything you would do on the Air you can do just as well with the 9th gen. As for software updates nobody really knows how many iPadOS updates the M series chips will get over the A series.

  79. Planning to get an ipad for my father this holiday. Is the 9th gen ipad still the best one to get? Will mainly be used for media consumption, social media browsing, and light gaming.

  80. If you're in the US the 9th gen ipad is currently on sale on Amazon for $269. I'm getting it. I currently have the 6th gen ipad and it is perfectly fine for the use cases you mentioned, so the 9th gen will be great at it. No reason to go for the higher end models unless there's something specific he needs.

  81. I’m going to buy myself the new M2 11” iPad Pro for Christmas, and give my current 2017 iPad Pro 10.5” to my kid as a hand-me-down. However, I’ll need to get a rugged case for it. The problem is that not many kids use old iPad Pros, and most of the hardy cases I see are for basic iPads.

  82. Refurb iPad Air 4th gen. If you plan to use the Pencil then having 2nd gen Pencil + laminated display is a much nicer experience. If you don’t, the laminated display still looks nicer (and makes the Air slightly thinner and lighter), and you’ve saved £60.

  83. I would jump on the 11” Pro M1. Now that the European prices for the Air M1 and Pro M2 are higher, I wouldn’t expect them to last long at the price.

  84. I'm going with the m1 pro, expecting prices to drop next week once the new models start hitting shelves. M1 definitely has more than enough performance overhead for anything you can do on ipadOs and the 120hz is very noticable over the air's 60. (lcd screens have slower pixel refresh speeds than oleds so the frame rate difference is way more noticeable on ipads than on phones imo)

  85. If you paid full price for it then I would exchange for M2. If you got it on sale, I wouldn’t say it’s worth returning and paying extra for M2.

  86. Oooofff Guys really help me on this one should I get iPad Mini 6 maxed out specs rn or iPad Pro series either the 2021 or the current ones? I’m planning on gaming and does not want to choose or pay for the ultimate price! Storage and device colors plays a big role here…

  87. I am looking to see what is the best value iPad for kids who need it for gaming (roblox, other basic games) and video/media consumption. They both have iPad 5th Gen but they are only 16gb and it has become annoying to deal with, need to upgrade to 64gb+.

  88. The 6th gen is 4-5 years old now and so I'd imagine it would last 2-3 years before it stops getting full support. It only has 2gb of ram compared to the 3gb of the 7+gens. So I imagine the ram would become the limiting factor vs. hard drive space.

  89. Hello, I am a computer science undergraduate and I just bought a 2-1 Win laptop with a pen which has high end specs(Ryzen 9, 32gb RAM, 3050ti) but I am not happy with the apps for note taking, I was thinking of getting the M2 iPad for lecture and notes but I wont have a laptop to do my programming so I am unsure either to keep the 2-1 laptop or get the iPad? Any help?

  90. Regular iPad 9 or 10 is cheaper and you can use the Apple Pencil 1 for note taking. Will save you some money and you won’t have to give up your pc

  91. If you’re looking to buy an iPad base model soon, consider the iPad Air 4th generation. It has better Apple Pencil compatibility, a better display, the same design, and likely costs less. Plus the processor and ram are the same as the 10th gen model.

  92. iPad Air 4th Gen refurbished. It’s better than the iPad 10th gen minus the front facing camera. Plus it costs less

  93. Get the 11 inch version as you said not bigger than your MB also you said not pay to much maybe get the 2021 variant hope this helps

  94. Definitely not worth going for M2 if you can get the M1 for that much cheaper. If you’re ready to buy you should grab one ASAP at that price difference.

  95. For future proofing, i would go with the m2 at 1 TB to get the 16gb ram. People seem to forget that although the M1 works well enough now, you never know how demanding future software can get, and if you are spending 2000 euros already, 10% makes no real difference.

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