Are we all that predictable ? 😂

  1. The census really came back bite me in the ass this time. I spent all weekend trying to think of something witty to put in the time capsule. Went out to my post box last night expecting the form would be there. It wasn't. Instead there was a message from the census enumerator saying they'd called and I wasn't home. So I didn't have a form. Wanting to be a good-ish citizen, I texted my mother and said "Pretend I'm staying with you tonight and include me on your form." Twenty minute later she rings me with about a hundred questions "What are your religious beliefs? Are you Catholic? You haven't gone to mass in years.... Are you an athiest? Are you a smoker? How much money do you make a year?" The worst part is 100 years from now my descendants will think I'm a 35 year old man who lives with his mother.

  2. I put down "your da sells avon" not sure if anyone's gonna get that reference in 100 years but I guess we'll find out (or not)

  3. Clearly you haven't seen my census form. I pity the poor bastard at the CSO who has to try to decipher it.

  4. I love the time capsule part. Actually was a bit emotional for some reason although I was half pissed.

  5. As someone else replied, if you put down jedi its counted as other religious and used to justify the religious hold on education and health among other things.

  6. Because Jedi isn't a religion. Not even in the Star Wars world. Jedi are members of an order who can use The Force. Putting down Jedi would be the same as putting down priest or monk.

  7. Next you’ll be telling people not to put down Pastafarian or Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. If I’m not mistaken, and I could well be mistaken, people have the freedom to practice whatever religion they want according to our constitution, I stand to be corrected as it’s a long time now since I last looked at our constitution.

  8. Question: I didn't know this had to be filled exactly yesterday, so I did mine the day I got it, and put in that date on the form too, at the end of March. Is that grand, or will they complain somehow?

  9. The fact that it's 2022 and it's either an in person interview or a survey filled out by hand is shocking. Must be an absolute mare to process all that data effectively.

  10. In Scotland ours was digital. We got a link to go to, put in a code and fill it out. If it's not done, they come round the houses knocking.

  11. To be honest I'm okay with the process being paper. I work in IT and I have no confidence in preventing data loss for 100 years.

  12. I'd say pretty good considering forms haven't been collected yet, never mind collated. And you can fuck off with that conspiritard shite talk while you're at it.

  13. It's part of a question about disabilities. Would you mock someone with palsy for not being able to fill in the form? Or a blind person for not being able to read it? Why do you think being deaf is a legitimate target for mockery?

  14. Its on a few sites, reach out to the ceo to ask a form to cover yourself. Its a stupid system imo that relies on an enumerator to get every house, as they often miss.

  15. Governments have been requiring census data from citizens since before 15,000BC. You don't wanna be part of a society, go live in the wilderness.

  16. I am an ex census enumerator - please fill it in. I had a few cases where (presumably) illegal immigrants thought I was some kind of boogie man out to get them. No matter how many times I told them it was confidential, nor the plethora of languages I gave them the info in - they would not return the forms or respond to me.

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