Change my mind, Coin drop machine's don't belong in a kids arcade. It's gambling for kids.

  1. I can't watch it, the amount of players that don't understand the timing of the drop is infuriating. The host gets involved sometimes and says things like "Oh, your timing was a little off there!" while he's fucking dying inside.

  2. Microtransactions in games are worse, especially if kids are buying random packs with a low chance of getting what they want.

  3. You can google the serial number of blind bags to see whats inside. Ive done it with ryans world and imaginext blind bags

  4. True but other depression era scams that chug change should probably be adult only aswell..... anyone pay attention to the mobile games your siblings or young ones play ?

  5. Coin drops (unweighted ones) still have some level of skill involved. You have to wait for the plunger to drop at the right moment, or find a machine with the right amount of coins already set to drop.

  6. There's a claw machine in the Circle K outside Gorey that's three quid and it lets you keep playing until you get something.

  7. surely it's better for them to learn about this early with 2 quid rather than later and with more stakes?

  8. I don't think kids learn much from this tbf it's not like it's really their money they're losing its bad to normalising playing games for money at a young age imo. Games are for fun not for money

  9. Old buddy of mine absolute degen nowadays. Gambler, kicked out of numerous homes. Friendless. Jobless. Alcoholic. Guess where it started for him…

  10. It's not like a parent giving their six-year old kid €2 in 20c coins has the kid lying in his bed at night thinking "I need all those fucking coins. I NEED those coins". The gambling problem in this country doesn't stem from a childhood addiction ffs. It is a shit "game" though.

  11. In fairness, habits acquired during childhood can lead to addiction in some people. Doesn't mean the solution is to ban anything and everything anyone might become addicted to, and not everyone is susceptible (hell, I grew up playing the shite out of those things every time I was in an arcade and I never developed any gambling habit as an adult), but it is something to be aware of with your own kids, at least.

  12. I remember being a kid and seeing these machines, sometimes you won a few quid to then go play other games, but you know what's up after losing a quid

  13. I made a killing on these as a child on holidays in Courttown. Haven't gambled since. My little shorts were weighed down by coppers and sweets

  14. I would kind of agree with you except that these things taught me a lesson about myself that has prevented me from gambling into my thirties.

  15. Probably best to learn about gambling and suffer a loss at young age. At an age when all you have is about €20 to your name.

  16. I remember when I was younger and at a birthday party, I won some money out of one of these machines. What did dumbass 7 year old me do? Put it right back in.

  17. A lot of people need to learn the difference between "this toy/activity isn't great for my child, and I should active parent and stop them from playing with it" and "a blanket ban needs to be put on this toy/activity".

  18. I didn't downvote, but you just said what OP said, but less. Your comment hardly adds to the conversation.

  19. I was OBSESSED with these in mosney, my brother was playing at the community games, I was blowing my money on these

  20. All of those chance-based ticket-paying arcade games are gambling. Really, though, the only way to ban them would be to ban all prize-winning or prize redemption in arcades completely, and that would probably put arcades in general out of business; kids aren't going to the arcade just to play old-school video games.

  21. Every Toy aimed at my 5 year old is a “surprise” or “mystery” - she thinks opening the toy see the surprise rather than actually playing - have a ban on any surprise toys - eg LOL Surprise

  22. You will see on you tube videos of the guys who collect the coins from these - there are 'hidden' corners that the right and left hand coins fall in to - it's definetly a mugs game - I see that the coins in your picture are mostly British and I think that those games are not in child areas in Ireland but am open to correction.

  23. The one time my Mom spent an hour or so with me on a coin drop game. It is a fond memory… we felt like we were sooooooo close but we’re able to laugh at ourselves when we of course didn’t win anything.

  24. When I was young I once tried to use one in Spain (can't remember where exactly), and older woman came rushing out, "no no no no". As a kid I thought, "awww I just wanted to play". As an adult I kinda get it, I mean it is straight up gambling.

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