YSK the HSE are doing free home sti tests for people 17+

  1. They're absolute brilliant but I made a massive mess one time trying to extract blood from my fingertip. Might just go to the clinic next time!

  2. Same, couldnt for the life of me get enough to fill the vial yet I had blood all over the place. Wish they made the rim of the vial wider so you could get more of you finger in

  3. One thing I’ve not seen clearly advertised is a sexual health clinic, are they around? If they are, are they free? Can you rock up there and look at all the other dirty feckers in the waiting room wondering what they caught?

  4. St James is free but it's first come first serve (no.pun intended) You have to get there super early and you're basically there with anyone and everyone in between. To get it done quickly, you can go to the doc but its very expensive here.

  5. Women tend to go to family planning clinics anyway for reproductive/gynae reasons, and they do all the STI screening stuff as well. As far as I know, men are also welcome to get tests there but I've yet to see a man in my local one. And all the staff are female.

  6. Used to be anyway. I remember going to one on a Sunday morning. 2 other people in there, no eye contact. You could feel the shame.

  7. What did Longford, Waterford, Westmeath and Wexford ever do to anyone? Or are they still trying to figure out what electricity is in those parts of the world?!

  8. They must be! I'm baffled it's there, I'd have expected it to be like the Arran Islands or something. But nope, the middle of the country.

  9. Yeah it's why I wanted to share it. Honestly spoken to so many of my friends about how easy jt was. And with the cost of living how it is, saving any amount of money is worth it

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