Did SNL copy jake and amir's comedy style in their "guy who just bought a boat" series? Notably the abbreviation of random words + sexual slant rhymes.

  1. I mean Streeter started working at SNL in 2014 and was promoted to lead writing supervisor 2 years later. This video came out 2 years ago, I don’t doubt some inspiration from Jake and Amir has leaked through into some SNL skits

  2. This only superficially resembles a J&A sketch. J&A is way more absurdist, this segment just tries to stuff as many sexual puns into a few minutes as possible. Even the scroll videos are not this tightly written because J&A usually isn't trying to tell literal jokes. Two completely different styles IMO.

  3. Yikes. Absolutely ganked, way too on the nose. I kinda smiled a couple times at the beginning but it was like a top ten scroll that I couldn’t really follow.

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