I ordered an item from Ebay last October and have not received it, will I actually get it?

  1. I ordered an item from a clothing company in the US and it took ~9 months for me to get it. The problem 2as that it got to SA in 5 days but the post office workers are either illiterate, dumb, lazy or all 3 at once.

  2. The tracking number said it was here but last traceable in JHB in November. This was the sixth month so to be safe I claimed via PayPal return policy.

  3. There are multiple points at which things can get stuck. If you've waited longer than a year just about (not joking), then it's possible that it's sitting at your local post office. Go to them and ask to look through the book of uncollected parcels (yes, really, it's a handwritten book). So many of my neighbours' parcels were just lying there because no one at the post office could be bothered to send a notification slip.

  4. I wish I could upvote this more. When I searched their book, it had notes saying "notification #1, #2, #3" sent to recipient. Utter BS. The laziness and ineptitude is staggering.

  5. With Ebay it really depends on the shipping option. Global shipping program arrives in under two weeks and delivered by Aramax. Standard shipping or UPS or US Mail. (cheaper options) are literally not trackable once the parcel arrives in SA. The wait can be 3-6 months if lucky.

  6. I've ordered a few things via the eBay but never expensive stuff like phones. Sometimes it's cheap but certainly not worth the hassle of waiting at the Post Office.

  7. Request a refund from eBay, I did this after waiting 4/5 months and not receiving two preworkouts I had ordered. Got the preworkouts like 4 months after I had the money back in my account.

  8. I'm very sorry to hear about your EBAY experience. I think you should claim your refund. 6 months it's a very long period. I ordered 2 items from Japan in October of last year and received them like 6 weeks later and the seller was communicatimg with me via email checking if I have received my stuff until the post office called to say I should come and collect them.

  9. Our post office is useless. Had a package clear customs and only got a letter from my post office 4 months later saying it’s there. Second time that I ordered, package ended up at a post office a bit further away.

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