behold the insane magnificence that is Tucker Carlson’s “The End of Men” (yes, he’s tanning his balls)

  1. Just as an FYI, this is so embarrassingly bad that Tucker's fan club is putting in false "Fake News" reports to get it taken down, claiming some leftists made it up and put his name on it.

  2. Given that most of his audience is Meal Team Six members you’d think they’d love is (mis)representation of themselves.

  3. Clicked it and scrolled to the bottom. He’s selling a mug with his face on it. It looks so damn fake. Lol.

  4. Well. They make their own reality and have their propaganda channel and their echo chambers so they can’t see how idiotic and gay they look

  5. I was thinking the same. Tucker is sqeezed into that closet. Air must be getting stale by now. He should come out. It's okay...

  6. My rugby team has joked about this because apparently exposing your balls to sunlight ups your restoring by 200% but when I saw his dipping his balls in an actual UV tanning machine I laughed hard lmao

  7. Nothing screams manliness like frantically engaging in overly stereotypical masculine behavior out of fear of not seeming masculine otherwise.

  8. I also liked that this Evangelical-pandering dumbass used Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathrusta, which was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's "God is Dead," philosophy.

  9. This. I figured out a long time ago that the most masculine thing you can do is not care about how others perceive your masculinity.

  10. "You aint a man unless you drink your eggs. Don't you date add any of that sissy salt and pepper to it."

  11. Is Tucker Carlson a closeted gay man? Does he have a massive butt plug inserted during every broadcast? Does he have a tramp stamp that says "harder daddy"? I'm just asking questions!

  12. This makes it looks like the "movie" will just be an hour of homoeroticism, probably mixed in with some racist and fascist messaging with a side of white supremacy

  13. Just mentioning that in this insane showcase of the “ideal” man there was not a single non white guy, not necessarily even black, no Asian’s, Indians, Mexican, hell non of those guys even looked Mixed at the very least.

  14. Tuck keeps the interracial gay stuff in his private stash so that he can remain in the good graces of the white nationalists

  15. There is a level of heterosexuality that is gayer than same sex fucking. Like if you take videos like this to their conclusion pussy and feminity is gay and the straightest thing you can do is get two dicks hard and smash'em together.

  16. Love how he quotes the weak men create hard times thing when his generation is literally the weak men who created the hard times. Also the random cuts of dead fish in the water, assumed to be from pollution, are also a byproduct of the capitalism he endorses.

  17. So this is just gay porn right? Like totally nothing wrong with being gay, you do you, but this is probably the most homoerotic thing I've ever seen.

  18. Rubbing your buddy’s chest down with baby oil and then wrestling with your shirt off is totally straight AND good times!

  19. This looks like something Mac would have made in the earlier seasons of IASIP to prove how straight and manly he was

  20. This is the kind of thing people would say looks kind of homoerotic; but gay men will just think “Yeah, no this looks a bit rapey”

  21. Are we talking about the same Tucker Carlson that was complaining that the green M&M wasn't as fuckable as it used to be?

  22. As an extremely gay man, this looks really, really gay. I don't like it, it's confusing. There's glistening sweaty muscles, flexing and lights that make me think of the gay club...... But it says Tucker Carlson right on the label.

  23. Because a lot of super manly shit is created by people that don’t know what being manly is, so it ends up being a homoerotic caricature.

  24. That's a lot of softcore gay porn just to compensate for being a human shitpost through two armed conflicts and zero military service, it's harder to pander if he doesn't

  25. Let them tan their balls, hopefully it makes them infertile. Encourage all right wingers to take their balls, it's the manly thing to do!

  26. I think you're missing context because this clip was taken from the full trailer. I don't think "tanning your balls" is a conservative concept.

  27. you think TC is just gay? Cause this is some seriously homo erotic shit. Like, if you were going to make fun of someone by making a fake video that they supposedly made but it was actually just super gay, this would be it.

  28. This is the gayest thing that will ever be put on fox news. This is beyond satire. Thank you TC for being the dumbest waste of human garbage ever. No saturday night show could make this shit up :)

  29. This reminds me of the time I found out Ancient Greeks wrestled in the nude when I saw a statue of two naked dudes wrestling and one almost had finger up the other dudes dirt button.

  30. I grew up with very rugged men around me. Hunters, farmers, mechanics, you name it. I joined the infantry right out of high school, and was in combat before I turned 19 years old. (Invasion of Iraq) two tours later, I got out at 23. Went to college, traveled and experienced multiple cultures, learned a new language, got married, had a kid, started my own business. Point Being, I’ve been around some of the most “manly” of men. I think I always had a good representation of what a “man” was supposed to be. And what I’ve learned thus far (I’m 36 now) is that a man, is somebody who keeps his word, adapts to whatever environment he is in, can be reliable in a pinch, and simply just tells the truth and doesn’t shy away from responsibility. That’s really it. Has nothing to do with muscles, or chopping wood, or tanning his balls. Maybe knowing how to defend himself and those around him, but I’m American, so guns are a given right. But just the basics, and how to be safe. A man is simply someone who can be counted on to do the right thing when it needs to be done, and who simply is honest with himself and with the world. That’s it.

  31. One of the gay bros out there need to take one for the team and fuck this man proper so he can get his head out of his ass. (Must be hung like a horse so that melon has a chance of getting out)

  32. Not a single chest hair to be seen. This looks like an advert for a gay nature retreat, with a scrotum spa and manscaping service.

  33. You know on those overly produced porn clips they have like a montage at the beginning. This is literally one of those for gay porn.

  34. Why is it that ultra-conservative, out of shape guys (who probably can’t even change a lightbulb), always try to align themselves with this hyper-masculine version of what it is to ‘be a man’? 90% of these sappy sandbags are not even in the same league as these guys, not even the testi-tanner. They also don’t help themselves by acting like whining babies every hour of the day.

  35. This is so homoerotic. This reminds me of the muscle magazines in the fifties that were for “bodybuilding inspiration” but were queer coded.

  36. And they're worried about turning kids gay?! The party of projection has got to be a joke, this world is a joke no way they put this out.

  37. I mean I’m sure I have seen something that was more overtly homo erotic than this but I don’t remember where or when.

  38. I'm supposed to take advice on being masculine from fucking Bowtie? Why is it always the least manly dudes in the world that always get pissed about "men not being men", like Tucker or Ben Shapiro (Mr. I-Can't-Get-My-Wife-Wet)? From someone who is a proud nerd myself, grow the fuck up you fucking nerds!

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