Is it just me or do black people who happen to enjoy anime get shit on by like every corner of the internet?

  1. Yeah neckbeards are usually a bit more stupidly subtle. Like saying anime doesn’t have many black characters. Some strangely refuse to admit katara and sokka weren’t white lol

  2. Weird how you can’t find the username or profile anywhere on Twitter. It’s like Adrian White @carter185lbs never even existed…

  3. taking selfies is a feminine thing in their mind so they have to do it in the privacy of their car from a low angle while looking away cause they’re terrified people will see. And presumably the shades and such is to try to cling to some manliness whilst they (in their mind) totally emasculate themselves by taking a fucking picture lmao

  4. It allows them to fit most of their personality into a tiny circle: White, male, conservative, truck owner. They're probably genuinely upset they couldn't fit their AR-15 in frame.

  5. The caps are there to hide the receding hairlines. The shades are for not having to look people in the eye because they're chicken shit

  6. Well at least he's just straight up openly racist instead trying to come up with insane excuses to justifiy his racsim such as "mermaids couldn't possibly have dark skin because there is no sun underwater"

  7. Yeah, I'm not sure why some people are getting bent out of shape over the mermaid thing. (Other than just plain racist, ofc)

  8. Yes there is no sun underwater so mermaids should not have eyes too, just like those weird fish in the deep sea

  9. “I don’t care about X they are just badly written or they’re just so unlikable” seem to be the dog whistles of choice on Reddit right now.

  10. I feel like some people who watch anime especially if the group in the 2000s did get the treatment, but it’s really alarming that now people literally watch shows about forming friendships and respecting other people and then act like this in the real world

  11. Would a white woman cosplaying this character tweak him? I bet she wouldn’t. Yet she’s not the “right” race, either.

  12. Very interesting that it's okay for white women to play Asian characters (I assume it's an Asian character, like the Ghost in the Shell casting debacle), but when a POC does it, all the white folks lose their goddamn marbles. What's their excuse now? This setting doesn't have Black people? It doesn't look very Middle Ages to me! And even if it were, places like Spain and Northern Africa existed. It's never about accuracy or historical fidelity with these gremlins. It's just about seeing a white face on screen opposed to a brown one, and they'll come up with a million stupid reasons to make it seem like a legitimate protest.

  13. Not that this changes anything but the character is half fantasy (?) German and half fantasy (?) Japanese.

  14. Bro literally sounds like my former classmate who is openly racist on twitter and blames immigrants on the current state of our country or claims brazilians to destroy our culture or some alt right zealot crap like that

  15. ................. Not only by the internet, the majority of anime producers are also racists and that is why black people in anime often look like taken out from an american ad from 1940, most weebs get very defensive about this and are unable to recognize this an issue

  16. Is it just me or do black people who happen to enjoy anime get shit on by like every corner of the internet.

  17. It’s funny because black kids were always the ones to make fun of us who watched anime. They even referred to another black friend of mine as an oreo because he watched anime.

  18. Not only by the internet, the majority of anime producers are also racists and that is why black people in anime often look like taken out from an american ad from 1940, most weebs get very defensive about this and are unable to recognize this an issue

  19. Alot weebs will also defend this behavior as "its just their culture bro! Stop hating on Japanese people." Which of course has nothing to do with culture and they just don't like seeing black people in their favorite medium.

  20. She’s literally gorgeous, and the cosplay is awesome, people just reallllly don’t like Black people. I don’t get, I think I’m pretty cool

  21. Sometimes before a person speaks you can tell a lot about their character. For example, this wankstain of a human being seems to be wearing a maga hat. That's one of the accessories of a complete cuntbag. So it's really not a surprise to discover that he's a horrible racist with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  22. Oh you know you're dealing with some of the worst humanity has to offer when the profile Pic is a selfie taken in a car with a red baseball hat and big ass sunglasses

  23. Because black people are always the running joke for some reason. There is criticism in every art form we take part in lol you just gotta keep pushing, the haters will be miserable!

  24. I took a digital art class form a top tier artist who works for marvel. His work insanely stunning and he was such an excellent teacher, black artists have a lot to contribute and don’t get enough recognition

  25. Dude. They really do. Don't get me wrong, PoCs have safe places where anime enthusiasts and weebs can gather and feel loved. But holy crap, there is a hugely disproportionate amount of hate towards black cosplayers than any other race out there.

  26. Isn’t it sad that people need to have a “good cosplay” to be “allowed” to cosplay? Like they can’t just wear something from their favorite anime/games if they don’t look like they character, without getting piles of hate online

  27. At first I thought this was a person lampooning racists because they came off like such a caricature, but nope. It's a real person with their real opinions.

  28. I don't know about every corner but I know that all my favorite anime related channels on YouTube are black people. People just shitty to black people everywhere, nothing about anime specifically

  29. And in the same breath he'll probably say it's okay for white people to cosplay Asian characters in anime. Not only blatantly racist but also a hypocrite. This is just an excuse to vent his racism, nothing more.

  30. anytime anyone cosplays someone whose not of their race, people get pissed, and those people who get pissed are always the dumbest of our society.

  31. Just to state the obvious this guy is a pos racist, having said that ironically Mikasa actually is a slave...

  32. Uh, that girl is beautiful, and those morbidly obese, unwashed, smelling-of-a-cheese-factory, basement-dwellers should be so lucky if she even looked at them.

  33. Is this fake? The account doesn't exist. Usually it would say the account was deleted or suspended no? Might just be someone doing a stunt for advertisement.

  34. I just can’t wrap my mind around how any of their cosplays ruin the anime. Like this cosplayer looks amazing as Mikasa!!

  35. What’s funny is I literally saw this post pop up on my Twitter feed and saw nothing wrong with this cosplay, but at the same time though about people that would get mad because a certain cosplayer is not the same color as the character they portrayed. I saw this coming a mile away

  36. I—but she looks so good tho! Can’t people just let people cosplay it’s all for fun ;-;. Hold on I need to find this tweet it was spotted today…

  37. If you're black and participate in anything that's not basketball rapping and certain football positions. expect swift and consistent racism Don't listen to rock , don't watch anime, don't get caught reading a book, oh and most importantly don't play any video game that's online unless it's 2k

  38. Apparently Attack on Titan has a big neo-Nazi following for some reason so this kinda makes sense to see someone like him reacting to someone like her about this show in particular

  39. attack on titan has a big neo-nazi following because it’s based on the holocaust. in season 4, this is super apparent — racism, genocide, etc.

  40. And these kind of people get oppressed when their race is called out for slaving, torturing and colonizing other races and ethnicities. Like lol they use the racist card whenever someone criticize them for having white privileges.

  41. This particular instance isn't as common, because he's just a full on racist, and doesn't seem like he's attemtping to troll even remotely. He's just full throttle.

  42. I would bet he’s a bot of some sort, but at the very least the likelihood he’s not the guy in the photo. Might even be the person he responded to trying to get attention lol.

  43. I'm so like confused by the language. Like I am just instantly transported back to Of Mice and Men. I'm being tutted at by a racist extra from Hamilton.

  44. Is it just me or do black people who happen to enjoy anime get shit on by like every corner of the internet?

  45. No sadly twitter is filled with these types of people i sadly experienced it firsthand the only solution is blocking these blokes or stay away from twitter in general

  46. Who cares if he's trolling? If you call someone a black dirty n-word, you're just a shitty person. Doesn't matter if you meant it or not.

  47. You're getting downvotes because she has quite a few pictures on Twitter and it's very easy to see nothing about this is black face. The young lady has mild vitiligo in parts of her face.

  48. Seems like a fake account or something, find it hard to believe someone like this dude would be into anime and to the point that they would get mad over this.

  49. What a scumbag. Cosplaying and putting yourself out there is hard enough without this kind of bullshit. I hope that guy's life is miserable until the day he dies

  50. This is pretty sad. I know weebs who are some of the most accepting, tollerant and self-loathing people around, at the same time I know some weebs who are literal scum of the earth. There seems to be no in-between. By far the worst thing about anime are the insufferable fans. And then you get clowns like this. As if watching anime wasn't socially ostracizing enough, you get people like this who make matters even worse.

  51. Okay, forget the racist twat, does the girl in the post have a skin condition? Because the lightness around her eyes is giving me a lowkey vibe that she doing blackface.

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