Notice the INCREDIBLY STARK difference between people with different features wearing flouncy, frilly, decorated things (Hint: One set looks absolutely harmonious and the other set looks...uncanny, stupid even...Do you see it? ME TOO! Really glad I have now tRaInEd mY eYeS to recognize nuance.

  1. It's so astounding how Selena Gomez, who I swore was a Flamboyant Natural six months ago, looks so harmonious and dainty in that dress!!

  2. Everyone in the kibbe sub is so judgmental and overdramatic. Yang IDs may not look their best in ruffles and sparkly clothing but it’s such an exaggeration to say that these carefully styled celebrities with their teams of fashion stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists look terrible in their clothing. Do they seriously expect the yang IDs to dress like cruella de vil all the time?

  3. Everyone knows yang types can’t look good in anything pretty!!1! And if you’re offended by that sentiment, you’re actually problematic for assuming looking pretty is even a good thing❤️

  4. everytime i go on the main sub they're talking about how bad someone looks in an outfit of a different id and they always look completely normal to me lol maybe not great or amazing but not bad either

  5. Yeah and you are already familiar with Kibbe and have trained your eye a bit. Imagine how small the difference is to someone, who has never heard of Kibbe or yin/yang styling (which is probably 99% of people).

  6. That Selena vs. Kendall post sent me… it’s interesting to explore how similar styling looks different on different I.D.s but I honestly thought they both looked really nice…

  7. Yeah, there was talk on how some singer looked "uncanny" in Lolita/anime fashion and I was pretty much just like... That's what is supposed to look like. There is literally nothing strange about how she looks in those clothes that would be magically fixed if you put a Romantic or Gamine in then.

  8. It was about Madison Beer. Btw, my thoughts exactly. A softer, smaller type wouldn’t look any better in those outfits, if anything, they would probably look worse…

  9. I didn't realize this was the jerk at first and I was flipping through the pictures, very confused as to wtf I was looking for 💀

  10. Unpopular opinion but that dress doesn't even look that great on selena. It looks good, but people made comments like it was made for her and like kendall looks like crap. Imo they both looked nice, I actually think kendall's makeup fits better with dress.

  11. I thought I was the only one that felt that "romantic" styling actually didn't look great on her. I like the more soft natural stuff on her, and I'm never gonna accept her as theatrical romantic 😂😂

  12. I get your point, and I actually agree, in part because you can't pretend that there weren't people from every ID in every historical era. It's not like everyone was an R, then the 20th century hit and everyone was a G, then the 1950s arrived and all women were SCs, then they women their bras and came out FNs, etc. People did not just go nude if they didn't match the dominant style of the day!

  13. I really don’t like Selena in that dress but I fear I’d be shot down in the streets for voicing that opinion anywhere outside this sub 😅 love her hair tho.

  14. Ooohhh honey buns, its that "EnLiGhTeNeD SuBjEcTiViTy" that you just don't have yet, sweaty....maybe someday you'll get there and see that all the yang ladies look ungainly and downright silly 🤭🤭 in dainty yin details. Instead of using your own eyesight and thinking on your own, why not try and contort your little untrained brain into seeing WHY these yang-typed ladies don't suit anything rounded, ruffled, airy, and feminine? Maybe then you'll see what The Master does! If only all these trained professional hollywood costume designers would read metamorphosis, then they'd also see the error of their ways in dressing these Large Ladies in pretty things! Soo embarrassing for them

  15. Most of the yang IDs still look great IMO. They don't look any more yin for wearing yin clothing but who's to say that they should? The few that don't look so great seem to be bad shots/angles of them. I particularly find the candid shot of Amy Adams slightly hunched over whilst chatting to her co-star on set ( probably unaware she is being photographed) compared to a screenshot of Selena Gomez who is hyperaware of her angles and is working for the camera in her music video to not be a fair comparison at all.

  16. Lol, the picture of Amy Adams is not a candid shot and she isn't slouching, her head is just slightly tilted forward. It's a movie still from Enchanted (a scene in a diner) and she's very aware of the camera and is acting. This is an

  17. Unpopular opinion: I think all of these outfits look awful on everyone because I hate this style of clothing 🤷🏽‍♀️ there's just so much going on in all of these outfits.

  18. kendall looked GREAT in that dress idc. ofc selena looked amazing too, but i don’t think people look bad if they wear clothes “meant” for a different ID. i think you can look good in anything you wear; however, i think with kibbe, you can study your style and body more to make you look/feel your best.

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