me trying to make an outfit that fits my kibbe ID, essence, color season and occasion.

  1. I got lucky being FG and into punk and goth music & style. And avant-garde fashion too. I just have to stay away from the classic romantic/victorian/vampire stuff and go more contemporary.

  2. I'm very much into this aesthetic as well, if I were to choose I'd choose your combo! What a match 🖤

  3. My Kibbe ID (SN), my essence (RNI), and my quadrant in Rita's system (R+D) all go well together, but my color season (Dark Winter) makes it more challenging. When it comes to makeup, TiB's RNI makeup guide has been very useful in wearing DW colors in a way that works with my ID/essence/quadrant.

  4. As a light summer, soft classic with some mix of gamine, ethereal, and dramatic essence (I know, I need help) and a right-down in Rita’s system, it’s a battle out here

  5. SD and Deep Winter. I love how I can rock a deep red lipstick and sparkly smoky eye and it still doesn't look too much. Not my personal perfect (I long for the punk rock FG aesthetic) but perfect for someone whose creative vent is makeup.

  6. I'm a deep winter (or bright) myself and it doesn't align very well with the water color subtle palette that Rs are supposed to wear lmao

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