Can we come up with a way to organize more serious conversations?

  1. I hadn't realized that there's only one mod here, so I think that we should get some more to redirect the "serious" valid Kibbe questions to the main subreddit.

  2. TBH I'm beginning to wonder if we need a coordinated mod effort amongst the various Kibbe subs (not people modding others' subs, but just an agreement/understanding/procedure that makes it easier).

  3. I wish that no seriously posts would be allowed unless they were commentary on the Kibbe community, not just serious Kibbe questions.

  4. I think people prefere to post and discuss here bc they trust this sub's opinion more than they trust main subs opinion

  5. A discussion subreddit for this sub could be a good idea if there's anyone willing to mod. I know of a couple of circlejerk subreddits that have their own discussion subs for non-satirical discussions.

  6. A kcj_discussion subreddit could be really good, I would love to be part of that! Happy to help out with the modding if others are interested too.

  7. I think people feel safer to post here than the community sub. The community sub can be so ruthless and unhelpful, whereas here people seem to actually know their shit. Maybe we could make another sub of kibbe circle jerk gets serious?

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