Got this bad boy today. Sharp as a razor straight out of the box. Gonna take the coating off the blade and change the handle to make it non-tactical.

  1. I'm not usually a modder but the Beckers beg for it. Once you strip the coating and replace the handles they are so pretty.

  2. Pretty much just getting rid of the black handle and blade coating. I realise its practical but it makes it look like its meant for combat rather than camping.

  3. I took one of these and turned it into a spear using a Cold Steel training staff as a shaft. Worked beautifully.

  4. Nice! I have one that I put G10 scales on and got a kydex sheath for. Feels way better in hand than the slick plastic ones it comes with.

  5. If you sand it, sand in straight lines. Circles will make an ugly finish. But i would throw it in white vinegar for a day first to see if that removes the finish at all. It works on blueing.

  6. I just don’t like/need the tactical look, and the black coating doesn’t allow for striking a ferro rod. Also, I’m guilty of putting the knife down around the campsite once I’ve finished with it and black knife at night is impossible to see.

  7. I’m currently working on fixing the edge on mine. Got some big dents. Got the micarta handle and a kydex sheath. One of the best knives in its class.

  8. I don’t get the point of Becker’s anymore maybe the bk9 but you can get so many better knives for the same price or slightly cheaper. obviously better stuff for a higher price. Esee had the right idea with s35vn modernizing it would be awesome to see them do something like lc200n,magnacut,k390,s90v etc

  9. All the reviews I've seen/read so far rave about it. And even if it's not the BEST, I'm only going to be using it for the occasional camping trip and around the house/yard, hardly warrants having the absolute latest, premium technology.

  10. I honestly don't like the black on black tactical look. I'm taking her camping and around the house, not on a clandestine black-op to an undisclosed location via HALO drop. Though, that would be cool.

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