A hollow ground kris I made let me know what you think

  1. Yeah a 48inch belt grinder with a 2 inch wheel. Haha actually this one is witchcraft the other dagger I made is wizardry

  2. It’s never been my style of blade, I can’t see the utility of it other than intimidation. But that my friend is a work of art nonetheless. To produce a hollow grind on that blade design takes some skill, and I really like the design of the hilt and handle.

  3. I agree! I really love daggers and I’m pretty sure that a Kriss falls into the dagger category but in my opinion they’re not really practical even for what a dagger is intended for. But as an “object de arte” they can be a thing of beauty. If you were going to display it this particular blade would definitely be an eye catcher!

  4. I believe it's use was to open a bigger puncture wound when it still had its daily need. Thankyou for your kind words

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