MAMAMOO - The 12th Mini Album: MIC ON (Track List)

  1. I really wish it would have just been promoted as a single from the start, especially since all three tracks were contenders for the title spot that some fans got to vote on. I don’t like to jump on the rbw hate train, but this is really just cruel. You’d think after over a year of waiting they’d at least put a bit more effort in. My only bright side I’m holding onto is that maybe this means we’ll get a quick comeback

  2. I'm usually on rbw side but this ain't it. Tbh I would be okay with 3 songs if they would put extra effort in title track but they hired Zany again and MV looks tiktok quality already from the teasers, so I have 0 expectations. Only thing they planned are promotions but what's the use of it you failed to work on your product first.....

  3. this is legitimately just a single album… even yg add an extra track to hit the 4 song mark for their minis. i was honestly shocked when i saw this tracklist

  4. 3 songs on a mini album is not right; this alone is a single album already. Anyway, Solar and Moonbyul had participated in writing the songs “1,2,3 Eoi!,” and “ILLELLA” (Moonbyul only with Cosmic Girl or Jooyi who's a former member of BP RaNia), of course with RBW producers, Kim Do-hoon, Kim Min-gi and Yong Bae.

  5. Long as a World Tour announcement comes after this releases I don't care how short the track list is for it.

  6. 3 songs for a mini album?😐there's single albums with more tracks than this, kinda disappointed with rbw but nothing you can do

  7. Ngl I was scrolling left expecting another slide 🤡 I was expecting atleast 5-6 tracks. Is an album with just 3 considered a mini album? I'm happy that were getting MMM after so long but ...

  8. I’ve been so excited for this comeback, but only getting 3 songs is making me a bit sad… :( im still excited to see ot4 again but i really wish they would have just called this a single album instead of a mini… T_T

  9. Hm…if small groups like Dreamnote can release single albums with 4 songs, I feel like a group as big as Mamamoo should be able to put more than 3 songs on a mini album.

  10. I find it hard to believe that a group where all members are capable or writing and producing, one of which is even the most credited female idol, doesn’t have some kind of back catalogue to pull from to pad out the track list! Baffling really

  11. Don't mind my language but RBW is really taking the piss for this album. 3 tracks for arguably one of the best vocal girlgroups in KPOP?? For comparison, White Wind had 7 tracks, including an outro. I hope this is just like part 1 of the track list or something.

  12. I feel like I'm in the minority accepting this. I mean, it's just a little disappointing, but when I look at how utterly booked and busy they've been individually, I can see why there was less time to put this together. Solar and Moonbyul are so busy that I wonder just how many hours in a day they have. Could they have thrown backburner songs on here? Yes, but does it fit with what they wanna do? Possibly no. Who knows, maybe they have big plans after this. They've still been doing festival performances lately as a group, too.

  13. This is so disappointing. Potentially one of the last releases we get from them and only 3 tracks? I'm really sad :/

  14. Blackpink might take forever to release something, but at least both of their mini albums have 4 original songs 😭

  15. They had such a long hiatus and only release 3 songs? Purple Kiss has comeback after comeback and their minis include 6 songs + intro. This seems like a joke.

  16. This is another level of disappointing RBW and they definitely know what a single album is. Hwasa's Guilty Pleasure Single album had the exact same number of songs. For them to keep along with it and call it a mini wow - no wonder they showed the tracklist so late. I feel deceived

  17. Is it me or RBW has been really disappointing these last few years? These past few Mamamoo comebacks haven't exactly been interesting and I heard their solos don't get promoted that well. Purple Kiss have had a couple of comebacks, but I don't think that they really had a big hit yet. You can maybe argue Zombie, but that's it. I always find a b-side in their albums that would be a better title track imo.

  18. Only 3 songs.... well that's dissappointing, and all have cosmic girl as composer.... that's even more of a disappointment... Please don't let it be another mumumuch or where are we now.

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