Isnot sm treating EXO Chen's comeback too well

  1. Surprisingly i would say they are promoting him alright. I expected 0 content at all like D.O's release but he has been on it's live, studio FLO also doing comeback stages actively.

  2. My guess is: contract renewal. EXO might have signed a new, better contract for their group and solo activities.

  3. I’m hoping that SM has finally remembered just how vital EXO is to the company, because the amount of content we’ve gotten from Chen is more than I’ve seen from any of the members in what feels like years. It’s the least SM can do, especially considering how awful their response to harassment towards Chen/ his family has been, but I’ll take it.

  4. After Suho has come back, there's been good promotions. Peaches was decent and D.O. was busy, I guess but Suho, Xiumin and Chen have been out and about.

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