can someone help me identify the albums that i just ordered from a randomized sealed album store

  1. Considering the bottom album isn’t one of those, maybe Day6 was the only one they had out of those groups and it just happened to be stacked on other albums when they took the pic?

  2. GUYSSS !!!!!! i just received the albums and you guessed it right omg !!! the albums that i received were (1) The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing Can Tear Us Apart, (2) B1A4 Who Am I, (3) CRAVITY 1ST ALBUM PART 1 [The Awakening: Written In The Stars] VER. TAKE, and they gave me 2 free albums which is SHINee The Misconceptions of Us and signed album of B1A4 Let's Fly !!! WOAAHH LEZGOO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

  3. you guys are really unbelievable that you guessed it right especially the who am i album like 🤯 how did you guessed it right with just a smallest hint shown in the imgage hsjsjdhdhdhs btw im currently listening to who am i album hjsks so good

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