Has anyone seen EXO KAI’s first set of teaser images for his comeback “Peaches”? The images (especially KAI himself of course) look like magnificent pieces of art!

  1. Hey thinker! Great post up there. Make sure your post title is clear. One and two word titles are not allowed. Use paragraphs to make it easier to read.

  2. Seeing all of the teaser images makes you feel like you're in an art gallery checking all these art pieces, KAI is indeed an art. I love the aesthetic vibes of this album!

  3. Kai is such a perfectionist I love it. If his next solo is as good as his first one both musically and visually, there's high chance he will become my favourite male soloist. I enjoy his work so much.

  4. It's like pure art...i m a fan so i am bound to like whatever he gave me...but i was really mesmerized by that slow motion pic...it's really REALLY beautiful...i can't really express what i felt by watching that pic...i am not an artist but i felt so many emotions just by watching that pic...i can't wait for the album...everyday he is making it difficult for me to wait.

  5. Kai has always been such a work of art with his poses and styling, this teaser image just suits his style and I absolutely love it!

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