SM should make webtoon(s) based on their groups' debut concept and Kwangya

  1. Hey thinker! Great post up there. Make sure your post title is clear. One and two word titles are not allowed. Use paragraphs to make it easier to read.

  2. I always thought that was the whole point that SM wants to create like a Marvel universe to tap into other markets, although SM never revealed such plans but it seemed like the natural progression since they invested so much into this lore.

  3. They did a comic book with pages included in the album for power by exo but it was quite self-contained to exo themselves and their concept. They could do something similar though.

  4. Yeah, I mentioned it. It was interesting even though short. Personally I would love something big and with actual plot though. Exo alone have materials for a really long webtoon

  5. Another example of SM not giving EXO as much as they could. They had this talented artist create this short cool comics, SM who had/have deal with Marvel and instead of developing the idea as so many fans were begging them online, they never even bothered to give it some closure and just let it fizzle away. They could have created like 4 times a year instalments within the EXO universe and obviously make money off of exols, but no. Everything after The War went to hell.

  6. That would be awesome, but I guess they will stick with the SMCU video series(?). Still I want to understand the verse it looks interesting

  7. I never thought of that. I enjoy reading webtoons and that sounds like a good idea and also there was an episode with aespa where naevis (?) looked like she was 2d like lot of webtoons are although some of them have 3d animations in them. They should also do some special experience webtoon. There was a webtoon where it had a scare jump in a school it was so good.

  8. I think they are going to do webtoons and so much more. If I remember correctly, back in SM Congress 2020, LSM had said that they're planning on expanding the SMCU through CAWMAN (trust me, that's the exact word), which is essentially, cartoon, animations, Webtoon, motion graphics, avatar and novels. Disregarding the fact that nothing has come out, I'd really like a Webtoon, or even if not, just publish that book they gave to their idols.

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