If you are preaching about boycotting groups with minors, then you shouldn’t be interacting with or supporting similar groups.

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  2. Same for me, if I see a group has minors in it they just go off my radar. I have no interest in them and therefore won’t interact with stuff about them.

  3. It’s completely fair, but I will admit there is a tiny bit of nuance. If a minor member is pushed to the back until their skills develop and they get older, that is one thing. Or if they debut at 17. But if a 13 year old is front and center doing sexual moves, there’s no excuse.

  4. If we really want to take the moral high ground here we should boycott every group who has members that started training and debuted as minors lol.

  5. Yes! Like maybe more regulations about how many hours a day and week a minor can work or what hours they can work in. Then have their be actual consequences for companies if they break the law. Or better environments for idols and their parents to report mistreatment/illegal actions and not face retaliation or legal action themselves.

  6. The only group that I can think of without that is Blackpink and Reddit will probably rather spend their entire life wearing JYP plastic pants over stanning Blackpink

  7. That's exactly what I do. I don't listen to, purchase, or otherwise support any group that debuted as minors.

  8. Many kpop fans prefer to virtue signal and/or engage in discourse, rather practicing what they preach. But also to be fair, I don't think most kpop fans are participating or care about this age discourse — on SNS yeah, IRL nah.

  9. I think everything is not black or white. So whilst I may support a group which has one 17 year old at debut, I wouldn’t support a group like NewJeans who are pretty much all minors, and young ones at that.

  10. The truth is only Korean laws can fix this issue. What everyone should think is that Kpop fans in Korea are mostly teens and pre-teens, so most companies would debut minors as they are marketable to this age group.

  11. It's okay if that is your opinion but kpop is global, if the group doesn't sit right with you then that just means you are not the target market. Kpop is about finding your niche, so I don't understand why some people think as if stanning a group with minors is a sin.

  12. youre severely lacking nuance. a group where every single one is a minor is completely different to a group where the youngest is 17/18 and everyone else is 19/20/21.

  13. We can bark and boycott all we want but in reality, only korean fans that will be heard. As long as they still consuming groups thats debuting minors (as it have been in the past generations) then companies will keep doing it.

  14. Firstly, I am against debuting minors and I do not currently follow any groups with members who are minors. I'm guessing by the post logic that I am now allowed to comment on minors being debuted.

  15. When you realize that people say online things they wouldn’t do in person all these morality posts and normative prescriptions and panic rants will begin to feel very disingenuous.

  16. The way newjeans fans cannot accept criticism against the group is insane (and most of the criticism isn’t even directed towards the group members, it’s towards their company/management!)

  17. Fr, and now you’re in the wrong for saying that Cookie wasn’t an appropriate song for them now smh. It’s crazy that we can’t say “I don’t think companies should make songs with suggestive themes for minors.” or it’s “WELL- WELL YOU STAN ___ AND ONE MEMBER IS 16!” Like… okay? Everybody is just disturbed that Cookie wasn’t appropriate and that Min Heejin’s scandals are very uncomfortable when you know that she’s handling a group filled with teens. They take criticism against the company as criticism against the members themselves and it’s ridiculous.

  18. It's a thing with kpop fans. They pushback legitimate criticism and then the people criticizing get discouraged and when a new person discovers said issue they wonder why is no one talking about it and the cycle continues.

  19. I do agree that some fans cannot accept criticism towards the group's management/company but this topic has been brought up a million times and it's just like beating a dead horse at this point. And some criticism just don't make sense coming from people who also have no problem supporting other group's with minor idols.

  20. But this issue is quite clear though? If you are against debut of minors in kpop, don't support a group with minors. Or you don't agree?

  21. I don’t understand yall. No one’s going to be able to point blank stop listening to any group with minors in it or that debuted with minors originally. But there’s also a bit of difference if they were given age appropriate content vs a song with sexual lyrics, imagery, or choreo. Your focus seems to be on villainizing consumers who want this to change rather than focusing on the actual conversation at hand. The VICTIMS are the children who debuted into this industry with non age appropriate content.

  22. This is very true, I personally have no difficulty supporting minors debuting (I too was also a very ambitious kid wanting to go deeper into performing) but the biggest reason why there was so much blowup over Newjeans was cause of Cookie and MHJ's past. Classy have great material that showcases their talents and doesn't sexualize them, and nct dream at debut also had a very childish concept and sound (and might I even add, had a concept that felt younger than the members actually were)

  23. i mean people can pick and choose what groups to support though. it’s a personal choice. i understand the stance but if someone’s a hypocrite then ok that’s them. as long as the marketing and content is age appropriate i think it’s fine.

  24. ofc anyone can be a hypocrite on their own time but to tell another person they can’t do one thing meanwhile doing the same exact thing? that’s the problem op is trying to bring attention to

  25. Yes I agree. There are obviously a huge amount of issues with minors in any entertainment industry. This is not relegated to kpop. It also is a longstanding issue. My ult is BoA. She was 11 when she debuted. 11! So many groups have at least one or two minors when they debut. Does it make if okay? No, probably not. There are a lot of issues with exploitation and abuse. But again, if you're an international fan (especially US) that is literally happening in your own backyard.

  26. The amount of girl group stans dissing New Jeans and being performative about minors debuting in a group, who also happen to stan groups with minors themselves, still blows my mind. The blatant hypocrisy, are some of yall blind??? Like, yes, it's a valid, genuine complain, minors really shouldn't be debuting so early, especially with songs like Cookie, but when girl group stans use this genuine criticism as an excuse to diss New Jeans instead of Min Heejin, when they themselves stan groups with minors in it, is so hilarious, it's nothing but virtue-signaling and trying to pin the blame on this one group for apparently 'enabling the debut of minors' when the root of the problem has existed since the beginning of K-Pop.

  27. I don't like groups with all minors. In the groups I like, minors are usually the maknae. What I hate is the fact that so many people have a problems with minors debuting, but won't support groups with older members. I hear female idols getting called hags once they turn 25 and then those same people will turn around and wonder why they're debuting minors.

  28. I recently read a comment from here where someone asked a Korean kpop fan if it’s possible to audition to a company at 25. Well the answer was the chances are slim to none. Especially big 3 companies. Yikes.

  29. 100% agree but people here on reddit struggle practicing what they preach and I've noticed, they simply like to hop on trends, put themselves on a moral pedestal and then it's mostly performative "concern" just like how everybody and their mothers forgot Garam was a minor when destroying her image online.

  30. What is the point of this OP when it has already been established that kpop fans don't really care about the issue. They just wanted attention and to virtue signal. It is why boycotts don't work for any reason. Kpop is entertainment and most people aren't that invested. They care more about fan wars than actual issues.

  31. I’ve come across people who say they will avoid groups with minors and it’s easy for them because they’re fans of groups from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations.

  32. But what if they have good music tho ???, like for example I like EPEX music despite the some of members are still underaged.

  33. I mean....yeah. I'm against groups with minors in them (especially when the group is majority minors, but all of them really). It goes without saying I don't follow any groups with minors lmao. Who is out there picking and choosing which minors are acceptable if they're against minor groups?

  34. its funny that newjeans seems to continue to be the forefront of this topic even tho their concept is pretty age appropriate. if you remove cookie, everything else fits their age range.

  35. Personnally I feel that classy got it worse since they have two 2008 liners and two 2007 liners , people were harsh on them

  36. It’s not just cookie though, their entire concept and inspiration is a problem. They essentially have a Lolita concept, of course they seem to be their age .. that’s kinda the point.

  37. they're a hybe group so they'll get the most attention regardless and min heejin getting exposed for being a creep made it worse

  38. The concern for New Jeans reminded me of non K-Pop related incidents, in which preteens or kids in their early teens start college or university. There are always comments from “concerned adults” about “children not being children” and how it is inappropriate for 12… 13… 15 year-olds to be college students.

  39. Yeah, and they got about an average amount of attention for being very young before they released cookie 😅 it’s almost like that song is a huge part of the controversy

  40. I mean you can’t just say ignore the a whole song, but even if you could I feel like that argument would only be valid if they had like over 10 songs. I don’t keep up with them at all but I’m pretty sure they only have 4 songs so 25% of their discography is weird and sexual

  41. Well, yeah. Most of the people I've seen making these complaints don't stream any of those groups, or if they do, they don't realise how young they are. Example: I had no idea that EXID Jeonghwa was a minor at debut, I believed she was an adult.

  42. I mean I agree with you in the sense that a lot of people in kpop are hypocrites or act morally righteous with ulterior motives and in a perfect world there would be no minors debuting in kpop but thats not gonna happen cause of the target audiences in kpop. But besides that in my opinion you are way to simplifying this trying to make all the situations/groups look the same even though in my eyes there are differences.

  43. I think this goes beyond debuting minors, but the whole kpop industry is rooted in getting kids to become trainees at a young age. Even if they debut at age 18.. they probably spend a lot of their teenager years in hardship.

  44. I don’t understand how having older members in the group with minors is somehow going to protect them. Just take a look at now disbanded Nine Muses how the leader Sera couldn’t even stop the management putting the younger girls in garters. I just don’t understand this argument. You either support groups with minors or you don’t. You don’t get to pick and choose which groups.

  45. I honestly think it’s about the amount of minors for a lot of people. Like I can Stan a group like lesserafim with one minor and 4 adults but with groups like new jeans where (I think) all but one or two are minors it feels somehow different

  46. I agree that if someone boycotts a group for the only, specific reason that it has minors in it and then don't boycott another, sure might be hypocritical. But I also disagree with how categoric this post sounds. There are definitely degrees to this issue, and more nuance than your post seems to imply.

  47. i LOVE newjeans' sound and their album but my god i cant get past their ages, no idea how to grapple with that

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