Groups you think will be dismantled soon

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  2. gwsn. it’s been like a year and a half since their last comeback. they also haven’t really been releasing content in the meantime. the last video posted on their youtube channel was 3 months ago and their last insta update was 09/05. it’s really not looking good for them and i’m super bummed about it :/

  3. Not a group, so no “disbandment” but I definitely believe Chungha is not resigning with MNHE next year. With BVNDIT disbandment and her recently being more vocal about mismanagement, it seems she’ll move on to another company as soon as as her contract ends. I give it Part2 of Bare&Rare, if it even gets released, as the last music project with them.

  4. yeah, honestly I wasn't surprised about BVNDIT (bummed as hell though) but there's no way Chungha will resign in my opinion. it doesn't even seem like they have any plans for her and it's really just stupid

  5. Maybe artists are prone to being really in their feels and vent online but then things get patched up, but damn, watch the video of her speaking her mind about her company and it's easy AF to imagine her leaving.

  6. Omega X tbh. As sad as it is, I don't really see much of an avenue for them to continue under that name, nor do I think they will be able to personally claim their discography 😕. At this point, they just need to get away from Spire with as little debt as they can manage

  7. They all are songwriters and some of them even produce/arrange songs, so I'm less concerned about them having music to continue. Financial support is going to be their biggest obstacle imo.

  8. It reminds me of Why Don't We (American boyband). They were in a legal battle to get free from their management company, where their abusive and controlling manager was from.

  9. Honestly as much as it hurts for them to lose their dream through no fault of their own this is maybe the best outcome for them to get away from these abusers. I hope they can also press charges.

  10. i think we can all agree we hope they leave the agency, even if they have to disband and can’t perform old songs that is nothing compared to their health. i do also hope that if they want to continue a career in the industry that other companies will welcome the members with open arms

  11. It's not always they end, N.Flying (a k-rock group) went through something similar and managed to get around it. Just super difficult.

  12. Maybe Momoland? Their contract is up in 2023. They've lost three members already and their popularity just hasn't been the same since Bboom Bboom and BAAM. They also haven't released much and the company seems to want to try and push them internationally but their English songs haven't done that well either.

  13. It makes me sad but I agree, probably momoland. I can’t see them staying with their company. I actually like yummy yummy love tho.

  14. dreamnote :( i really hope they don't disband but they barely put our anything (they're so active on sns though) so it doesn't really look good

  15. Yeah I saw them post their 4th anniversary post lately and realized they only ever had 3 mini albums out this entire time, it's not a good look :(((( kinda sad they didn't capitalize off Youi when she was going semi viral on twitter (for a complete nugu) for covering someone's choreo (I forgot who)

  16. They are still "active" as a group, like they still post on SNS often, do stuff on youtube, and perform sometimes. They just consistently don't release music, and iMe has no clue what they should do with them.

  17. Since no one is mentioning them it’s Cherry Bullet they haven’t had a comeback in eight months FNC didn’t properly ride the grp999 wave correctly and properly promoted them it sucks because the members are all talented but there still posting on there SNS but I’m hoping they leave FNC and go to another company that can promote them better

  18. also debuting a japanese group before debuting CB in japan when they even have japanese members. also pushing then to a different sub-label. i love them the most out of gen4 gg but it doesn’t look great.

  19. I’m not sure Weeekly will disband and I’d be heartbroken if they did but I have no idea what the company thinks it’s doing.

  20. I still cant understand why ist ent is making them fall so fast because with them winning the 2020 roty and the afterschool hype, you would belive that they'd be in the race alongside ive and newjeans but is just silence....

  21. Seunghoon from noir was recently discharged from the military so noirs hiatus has been enlistment related, I’m really hoping they don’t disband

  22. I'm afraid VIXX might be dismantled soon. All of the members are doing their own thing now and 4 out of 6 are out of Jellyfish (good for them). I get that they're still on military rotation, but even so, I just can't imagine a comeback happening without Hongbin.

  23. Tbh I feel like they had enough time between the things coming back and Ravi's enlistment to release a single if they wanted to. It seems like they are gonna do the "we are technically still together" but never release any music thing that a lot of older groups are doing now

  24. Fear the day it becomes official but purplebeck. The company has no money and they haven’t had a comeback in over 2 years. The members have hardly any activities and I believe 2 of them have been on hiatuses? Also if I remember correctly they barely acknowledged their 3rd anniversary this year. I think most of their stans know the group is basically done.

  25. didn’t they only just release a lightstick a couple of months ago? surely that wouldn’t be the last thing they do as a group… i’d like to think that maybe means another comeback or even a few shows/a small tour?

  26. Fantagio didnt know what to do with them and continued to ride the produce 101 fame with yoojung and doyeon. But those 2 core members couldnt get gp to notice their group

  27. It's been a year already since their last comeback and if they don't release anything in a month or two I'll just assume that was their last comeback.

  28. Has Ikon renewed their contracts yet? If not, then them. It really feels like their position in YG is shaky rn, and they've never really recovered from B.I.'s departure. I like them, but I wouldn't be surprised.

  29. Im guessing they would only renew since their group brand power is keeping them relevent and continue a music career in kpop. Like the other members except for bobby are not that popular, if they go solo its hard to find work. Maybe chanwoo has a chance as a solo actor

  30. I'm still amazed that Bobby's marriage and kid didn't push him out, and I still worry that it'll be held against him, if not the rest of the group.

  31. Their contracts should have ended in September its over 7 years at this point so they may have silently renewed

  32. Doesn't IKON have a good amount of popularity in SK ? I have heard that they have a good core fandom in SK. Internationally I don't think IKON is that popular but in SK they are still relevant. Am I wrong?

  33. I’m worried about everglow - even though Yiren is back now, they’re approaching their 5th year as a group with no full album, little promotion, no lightstick, and it scares me :(

  34. I thought I heard somewhere that they’re having a comeback early next year and releasing their lightstick, I might be wrong tho (also they debuted in 2019 so they’re 3 years old becoming 4 next year)

  35. Its confusing how LITTLE content they released this year even with Yiren being gone for most of it. Yiren's reasons aside, its strange that they couldnt send the girls out ot variety shows, or make fun little content videos like Twice does. It feels like Everglow is just getting no resources even though they obviously have a large fanbase

  36. Everglow is in a similar situation as Momoland, their agencies don't want to fund comebacks, their only way to make money is to perform wherever the event organizers pay their agencies enough.

  37. Honestly, as someone who's only been into k-pop for like 9 months, I feel kinda spoiled only stanning a big and seemingly stable group, the looming threat of sudden disbandment makes me afraid to get into smaller groups. Like, when I found PIXY I was SO excited, and then like two weeks later two members had left, and now I'm a bit scared to dive back in, haha. The new girl seems really good though, so they might be able to survive. 😮‍💨

  38. I feel and hope they will. I mean, they just had their Europe tour. That should be a sign they're not disbanding anytime soon, right?

  39. I worry about A.C.E.. I love them, their music is fantastic, but their fandom is tiny and they just never get much traction. I'm hoping once their enlistment is over we get them back but my gut is telling me they may call it a day.

  40. The reason why they all enlisted around the same time is because they want to be back on stage together asap, you don't need to worry about them.

  41. I think it's gonna be okay for A.C.E. I just recently got into them and I think they and the company wouldn't just give up the group just like that. And from what I am learning, it doesn't feel like they intend to disband and really wants to stay together. They have done a lot of things to promote their group so I don't think it's that easy for them to give it all up. I think once the members start to finish enlistment one by one, they will pursue solo activities while waiting for everyone else.

  42. blackswan. it’s either happening in december or early next year. a lot of fans firmly believe a rebrand will occur without fatou and leia which wouldn’t be shocking in the slightest seeing the mistreatment primarily fatous has been suffering since the beginning. it’s highly speculated that fatou will leave the group soon and many speculate leia will (hopefully) leave as well. truly, it’s the best for the new girls.

  43. Before they disband, I just want one comeback. Just one more. I do not care if it's as awful as Fatou's solo debut, I just wanna hear our first south Asian rep in action.

  44. MAMAMOO tbh. I don’t think they’ll be “dismantled” but they’ve made it clear that music is more of a passion than a career to them. I can definitely see them taking indefinite hiatuses instead of disbanding, and making singles for the fun of it every blue moon

  45. I disagree, Mic On and MMM+ are the start of a new album project! I don't think they'd abandon Mamamoo after saying that

  46. Disagree. Who knows what is for the camera and what not but damn, it really looked and sounded like things weren't good during the Where Are We era. They dive into this in their WAW: Documentary, explaining that they didn't really communicate much and wanted to work on solo projects and their relationships were all very shallow, not ever getting deep or personal. They felt awkward. But they said they started working on it and they're in a bit better place, with promises to work on it more. Then came this current ILLELA/Mic On era and damn all of that looks to be gone. They are so happy with each other, playful, talking a ton, saying they were apart and now that they are back they are loving it...

  47. Not like disbandment, but I have a terrible feeling that Loona will face their worst time soon. There are rumors among Korean fans that the news about Chuu's leave will break out.

  48. yeah im worried she wont be in the next cb or it will her last one. she definitely seems to be soft launching her solo career right now, even appearing on the new jtbc music show

  49. The only thing I could see happening is Chuu leaving or going on hiatus. They've been very active as a collective group and had a very successful world tour. Sure, they're unfortunately overworked at times but that isn't a solid reason why a company would disband a group. Plus their sales/overall success just keeps climbing.

  50. Loona is selling 150k + albums per album and having tours with over 65k + sold tickets. All the girls also have their own apartments and also a private studio in the company.

  51. Cignature. They're in a similar boat to Bvndit (who disbanded this week). Good songs, but not popular at all and after multiple comebacks they're not gaining any traction

  52. I think Lightsum is way to young group to give up on them, they debuted 1 year and half ago, people are just used to groups blowing up at debut, they are probably getting a reboot next comeback, i would worry if 3 years after debut passed and they didn't went anywhere

  53. The problem with Cignature is that they've been put on the back burner for the bgs. We waited over a year for a comeback last time but debut Cignature had attention, they were gaining traction with those 2 singles alone. Then C9 fucked it by under-producing physical copies of their first mini album because apparently they weren't anticipating Cignature to have interest which meant sales for Listen&Speak were doomed from the get go. And over a year on hiatus with lineup changes, this all falls on C9 and their weaponised incompetence towards Cignature. We're almost a year again without a comeback because the focus is on the bgs...

  54. Lightsum will probably get one last shot with their upcoming comeback…it seems like they’re going for a hard reboot, which may or may not work.

  55. For real, they seem to not have any basic reading and understanding skills... they are like this all the time, you can say "you think" or "you feel like" and they will still take it as "you literally said this is the reality". Some of them really should not be touching socials and platforms like reddit lol

  56. I don't care if get downvoted but I saw all comments except about blackpink were respectful but when it came to blackpink everyone become mind reader.

  57. Most realistic scenario for me would be that they are doing just an occasional comeback here and there like they are doing it right now but no, no absolute disbandment. The group is too successful for that.

  58. They are touring till June next year if yg doesn’t add more dates and are attending a festival in July 2023. All points to them staying together

  59. honestly i don't think they will. they barely have comebacks yet they're still super relevant, and all their solo activities seem to be things they really enjoy doing so i think they might not really mind staying with YG

  60. Favorite. Their last comeback was in 2020 and in general they aren't very well known even though they debuted in 2017. Their company is dumb as hell for choosing that name, knowing how much money international fans can give them lol

  61. 3YE. their last comeback was more than a year and a half ago and im just worried about them. they make such great music :(. if anyone has news about them please comment

  62. 3Y3 actually. I love them and I know they are supposed to be touring, but I am not sure their agency intends to promote them again. It's been 2 years and it's sad because they actually hit the spot for me.

  63. I don't think Fromis_8 will last too long. I absolutely love them, and they have one of the most consistent discographies in K-POP. But with the exit of Gyuri, and the fact that hybe launched 2 new girl groups this year, both to massive success, I'm worried about the support that the remaining Fromis_8 will get.

  64. fromis_9 will be fine, after the next comeback they will probably debut in Japan, lots of signs leading to this. Out of all of the HYBE groups, they mainly serve the domestic Korean market but also gaining a lot of international fans more recently, they are quite solid in Japan too, topping the oricon daily album charts a couple of times. They might not be as big as their piers, but they have a solid fan base and great sales.

  65. Pledis manage them, not Hybe. Most labels under hybe operates independently. Meaning if they fvck up Fromis (hopefully not), it's not the fault of new ggs under hybe, but it's bc of Pledis. Pledis will manage and support Fromis ..but Pledis have a bad track record with their grps, so I'm worried abt Pledis artists in general

  66. BLACKPINK was mentioned a lot here and it is possible NO NEED to get angry about potential life changes Blinks I’m one of you and I’m ok

  67. Most Blinks aren't angry though. We're just asking what is giving others the indication that Blackpink doesn't want to be idols anymore or they don't like performing. Fans of most groups mentioned here are also giving their own disagreements regarding the takes here, so I'm not sure why it's a problem because Blinks do it. Not going to lie, it seems as though Blacpink has been fit into this box (one dancer, one actress, one influencer and one musician) and most opinions surrounding them are also fit into that box which no one is allowed to disagree with.

  68. Momoland look tired of the idol life cant blame them after all that theyve gone through so i think theyre disbanding and some may leave the industry, weki meki/pentagon, onlyoneof members will run once their contract is up.

  69. I mean, stray kids are pretty much entirely self produced, at least music wise. They have some of the most musical freedom out of any 4th gen group, so whatever direction they're on, I'm sure it's purposeful. And they're not really gonna get anything better, in terms of directional freedom, if they still want to be in a group.

  70. I kind of wish Bang Chan would get to where he could have his own label and move SKZ there. I feel all of them like each other and have a commitment to their group, but JYP really overloads them.

  71. Blackpink lol, nobody wanna say it, but the girls are slowly going on their own separate ways, rose modeling, jenny on hollywood or something, jisoo on kdrama and idk what is lisa doing, 2 years hiatus and then a comeback then they are back doing solo things again

  72. Oh trust me ppl said it. I’m not impressed with the new music… I want Jisso and rose to write their own stuff. Jennie still my fav.

  73. You’re not alone in this. You can tell they’re heart isn’t in it anymore and that they’re ready to move on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go on some kind of indefinite hiatus after their tour and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be surprised if certain members (Rosé) end up leaving.

  74. I'm a casual listener so I'm sure my feelings wouldn't amount to anything hard stans feel but I think they'd all do very well with solo activities and if that's the direction they end up taking it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen in kpop. It would be even better if they could guarantee regular comebacks for themselves.

  75. there are clearly toxic blinks in this thread, i won't deny that, but a lot of you are getting mad at the most mild (even civil) pushbacks against the idea that blackpink will be disbanding or losing members anytime soon.

  76. WayV. I want them to be successful but I think it‘s been a year without a comeback. I don‘t see why they‘re supposed to stick together if they‘re not gonna make a cb soon.

  77. It’s been a year without comeback probably to wait out the Lucas mess, but neither them or SM have given up. Winwin and Ten in particular had loads of solo schedules to get their name out there and I think that’s going to reflect really well on their sales. Plus.. SM doesn’t really disband groups.

  78. I think wayv is rebranding to 6 now based on what fans have been seeing in their contents. And I don't think wayv would disband so quick tbh. They just debuted in 2019. They have a few years left to their contract and they actually enjoy being part of the group and NCT as a whole. So I am not too worried

  79. Xiaojun just posted on bubble this morning (5am kst) that he was just done taking photos for their comeback (I'm assuming concept shots) and they're starting to release content that other nct units have released before a comeback (Love Choices that's very much like ncit, the 4 pt reality series that's like 127's Fill It Up and Dream's 7illin in the Dream)

  80. Treasure. Having two members go on hiatus to “work on their music” then two members leave within nine or so months doesn’t look good. Especially under yg who’s known to leave their artists in the dust. I think they’re gonna have a soft disbandment where they go inactive.

  81. Blackpink. I don't think the passion is as strong as it was in the past and I can see YG being whatever instead of holding on to a good thing.

  82. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Blackpink were on their last tour and comeback right now. I don't have evidence and I'm not a blink anymore, but I just feel the vibe that they're coming to an end.

  83. I don't think treasure will recover from losing their members 🥺 I'm not sure what their contract is though but I think they will disban

  84. Xiaojun sent a bubble this morning at 5am kst saying he was just done taking photos for the comeback (I'm assuming concept shoots), they've also been releasing variety content similar to the ones 127 and Dream release right before a comeback

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