White strain effects go away pretty quick.

  1. Longest to shortest in effects are Green, Red, White. Green Malay and Borneo have the longest lasting effects usually. I believe it's because Green is minimally processed keeping the alkaloids closer to how they are on the tree.

  2. Anything in yellow strains last the longest. There hard to find but are basically premature leafs that have a high alkaloid level.

  3. I've found that effect more from Green and Red, better from Maeng da Green. But haven't noticed much difference in the duration. To me, white has more of an upper effect. Gold as well, but but with more anxiety sometimes.

  4. I think that a good white Indo with stem and vein would work but but if you took it to often you could develop tolerance! Works great for days when my white isn’t working!

  5. Empty stomach, neutral pH (no acids) will make it last longer. I like it with coconut water or a little hazelnut coffee creamer.

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