[Shams Charania] Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is opting into his $37 million player option for the 2022-23 season, @TheAthletic @Stadium has learned. Irving is bypassing on multiple opt-in and trade scenarios to fulfill his four-year commitment to the Nets and Kevin Durant.

  1. I’m just upset we got Westbrook at the point still taking up all that cap space and wasting a year of Bron.

  2. No he bluffed the Nets and they called his bluff and Kyrie blinked. He wasn’t going to go play somewhere for the MLE. He was just hoping to scare the Nets into giving him a max extension.

  3. I believe Westbrook will regain his athleticism and explosiveness, learn how to dribble, make layups, make passes to teammates and not fans in the stand, and hit the rim instead of the top of the backboard on his shots.

  4. Damn so does that mean KD staying with nets now since they don’t have to trade him now with kyrie opting in?

  5. You know he hasn't extended right? It just means the nets can trade kyrie without the other team getting hard capped. The nets still don't want to give him the max

  6. Lmao not really…he played the gullible ones bad…there was absolutely no way he would take the mid level lmao and no one wants trash ass Westbrook so no trade was coming…

  7. Huh? This was always about leverage. Ultimately, the Nets won. He didn't find a trade partner, he didn't leave for no return, and they can trade him for assets if they think he'll leave next off season. It was a staredown and Brooklyn won.

  8. Back to reality of us having a shit team next year and eating the Westbrook contract. Wish I could fast forward a year and see what we have in store next summer

  9. Wait til the deadline when the Nets know he's leaving, KD still wants out, and they're headed for a fat rebuild and can save $50 million in cap space. Kyrie still gets to dictate where he goes because he's a free agent and teams won't take a Kawhi gamble on him for 2 months.

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  11. I’ve been saying this since…for too long. Fancy quick fixes are what got us here in the first place. This whole franchise needs to learn some steadiness. Fan base too.

  12. The Lakers were NEVER in play. Any person who ran the numbers or understands the cap and contracts said this.

  13. This sub and rabbis is like 2k players and Ronnie 2k. Yall don't even know what yall blaming him for yall just blaming

  14. Man I already knew he was using this as leverage. Lets see if the lakers move Westbrook or just keep him put.

  15. But when we said he was playing chicken otherwise he would’ve just opted out vs just talking about it, y’all knew better.

  16. Now twitter having a field day about laughing at the lakers.. Like it wasnt even the lakers started that rumors.. And media was having too much of a overhype about it.. At least lets move on to other things..

  17. I had a feeling this was gonna happen, know way Kyrie was cared that much about winning that he was gonna turn down 37 mil. Smh🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. You guys know that he hasn't extended right? All this means is he can now be traded without the other team getting hard capped ..

  19. I know some of you are mad about this, but I think the horror of this past year has made a lot of you willing to accept anything for a change. Kyrie being off the table is good news, this is the honest truth. Him added to our current team is NOT going to get us past Golden State. Consider this:

  20. Thank you Laker Gods. We fans needed protection from ourselves. Lakers dont need another part time superstar. The Lakers need a team

  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/lakers/comments/vjr66e/the_athletic_nba_kyrie_irving_to_the_lakers/idkk0cz/?context=3

  22. We are so much better off not giving up 2 1st round picks for the privilege of signing a Kyrie to an un-tradeable 4 year $200M contract. If Kyrie didn't work out here (which it wouldn't have), there would actually be no way out. No picks left to trade to even move him when he goes AWOL again.

  23. Ok, admittedly I’m not a numbers guy, but I just ran through some scenarios. According to my calculations, if Kyrie opts in then we can’t sign him to the MLE. Unless I didn’t carry the 2 or something, so it looks like he’s not coming for 6 million

  24. Honestly we dodged a bullet here imo. Kyrie is that hot girl that everyone wants to date but once you do realize she’s a psychopath and not worth the headache/drama.

  25. It was fun dreaming while it lasted. At least it wasn’t dragged on for weeks like 2019 for Kawhi.

  26. That was a fun sideshow I guess, would have been cool but let’s be fucking honest Kyrie would have left this franchise even more in flames when he left than it was before lol

  27. It would have been ideal for for Kyrie to sign the 6 million with the Lakers. It was a hope but not a given. Oh well gotta figure out we do with Russ now. Rob gotta fix this shit

  28. Honestly thank god, I can’t believe how much this sub wants this insane loser who can’t even play half the season.

  29. That’s interesting, wonder what made him wanna do this if he wanted a longer term deal. My guess is he’s gonna try a prove it year with the nets to sign long term

  30. I love all the fools that believed kyrie was going to the lakers getting upset and now are saying that season is over lol.

  31. Probably the best option we’re gonna be getting this off-season so guess it’s back to straight pain for next season.

  32. I don't. It shows they don't know enough about basketball (or just life in general) to think a grown man would bypass $30+M.

  33. I don't get why a lot here are surprised. This isn't free agency. We were not allowed to talk to him and pitch some bs to come here. Kyrie was using us to negotiate a max contract. The nets did not fold and rightly so... expect news all year to come out like this because kyrie still wants that max contract from the nets

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