What are the languages you plan on learning in your life?

  1. It depends on what level they want to reach too. Reaching A1 on all of those languages is definitely doable for pretty much anybody; reaching C2 would likely require much more time than they have available / than its worth using for them.

  2. I’m in my 50s. I’ve learned a few. I plan on learning a few more. I can’t really say how many but certainly more than 7.

  3. I ran into a situation where I would have loved to know sign language. So beyond the numerous languages I can list, sign language is now in there as well.

  4. Oh if there were only more time. I used to have a pretty good conversational level of Japanese when I lived there, but after many moons it has vanished. I would like to re/learn it after French, but I will only start French after I hit a solid B2+ in Norwegian. Then there are so many wants: Portuguese, Irish, Swedish, Etc.

  5. The only two I definitely want to learn that are also realistic are Welsh and Polish. I'd like to add one or two more but have no idea how to choose as I'm interested in so many different languages!

  6. I don't know that I have a whole lifetime goal, but my goal for the moment is to get my Spanish and Italian to B2 (Spanish, then Italian) and to push my French to C1.

  7. The space in your brain is big enough for all of them, don't worry. There are lot of people in the world who speak multiple languages.

  8. Im a native English speaker. I’m currently learning Spanish, Korean, and Russian. I would like to one day also learn Mandarin and Arabic. Maybe one day I’ll also learn German or Italian who knows.

  9. Haha, I did those exact same three for 2-2.5 years. About a year ago I put Korean on pause to get the other two up more quickly. Korean will be introduced again at some point, maybe end of this year/beg of next year.

  10. I hope you achieve everything you set out to do, I'm a little more humble with my list, why not Portuguese? Don't you think it's a language at least a little interesting and I'm not even saying important? I'm just curious lol

  11. El Jueves is so funny. Hope you get to read it someday. There's a satirical TV show called Polònia which is similar to el Jueves in the sense they make fun of the political situation in Spain. You can find videos on youtube. Their songs are one of the best things ever and their characterisations are spot on. Incredible actors! Depending on who they are representing, the character will speak Catalan or Spanish. If you're only interested in Castilian Spanish, check the videos focused on Madrid or Spain's politics as a whole. If you're encouraged to learn Catalan, any video is fine (it's very common to have a character speaking in Spanish and another one replying in Catalan). I'm telling you because the videos are short, and it can help with your listening skills while learning about our culture 😉

  12. I feel the same way, and am impatient with the prospect of having to wait for some lol. Currently, I have English, German (since birth), Spanish (B2 ish), learning French (A1/2), and flirting with Danish in some free time. I’d like to get German to C2, Spanish and French eventually to C1, and I’d like to still learn a decent number of languages to maybe the B1 or B2 level. Those include Arabic, Russian or another similar slavic language, maybe an east asian one like Japanese or Mandarin, and a couple more like Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, or Dutch. I doubt I’ll get to all those but I suppose we’ll see what languages I maintain an interest in as I get older lol

  13. I can speak English and Somali fluently. I plan on learning Arabic and Mandarin anything more than this will need a very good reason to learn because i don't want to invest too much time. But if i did choose another language it will most probably be malay/indonesian or hindi.

  14. It seems to me there is only room in my head for three high level languages at a time, and one of them is always English, my first language. I would be happy to learn both Russian and Hebrew to fluency and would consider that to be a monumental life achievement for me.

  15. I want to learn the "big" languages. I’m on Russian right now, i have a Russian friend and i can only say basic greetings and such to him and he answers with these long sentences the prick! 😄 After that i’m hoping i’ll be able to learn arabic and chinese. Very difficult languages but that’s what’s so attractive to me! Good luck to anyone learning a language!

  16. I’m native in Spanish, learned English to a comfortable level and I’m learning Japanese right now. I’d like to learn French or Chinese next, and Arabic. Those are the only plans I have really made, since it will take me over a decade or two (or more) to learn all of those, and well, I don’t wanna plan anything further than that. I’m sure I’ll be interested in different things then anyways.

  17. My advice is Arabic after Japanese because it’s actually got some similarities to Spanish from conquerors mixing in vocab. Of course, French and Chinese are both great languages as well so choose what you like most.

  18. Well, right now I feel the need to maintain my Spanish and English, have native-like fluency in both German and Swedish, and an intermediate level in French, Italian and Catalan, which I don’t think is impossible to achieve in some five years.

  19. From the useful languages, I want to bring my English as close to fluency as possible, then improve my Russian (currently around A2, maybe only A1) to B2 and then learn Spanish.

  20. Great! It’s almost as if you copy-pasted my list ;) I’d trade East Asian for Arabic though. Do you mind sharing why these exactly?

  21. I’m currently learning Spanish and it’s my goal to hopefully get to B2 by the end of the year. I’m going to the Rugby World Cup in France next year with my best mate so I want to learn French to a decent level for that, starting next January. After that I haven’t really given it much thought, although I figure once I’ve learnt 2 Romance languages to a decent level I might fall into collecting them like Infinity Stones. I reckon it might be a fun challenge over the summer of 2024 to try and learn Catalan as I would hope that by then I’ll be B2/C1 in Spanish and maybe B1/B2 in French, so picking it up might come easily.

  22. I'm turning 30 and have only dabbled in a few languages so far. I'd like to get to A1 in those I've started at least (German, Spanish, and Thai) But I'm going to focus right now on Thai (I'll be visiting soon) and then Japanese (planning to move there next year or the year after.

  23. Arabic, German, and Spanish are the ones I want to learn to as high a level of possible. If I have time/energy later in life I'd like to learn Farsi, Japanese, French, and maybe Russian or Italian.

  24. Turkish, because my girlfriends family doesn't speak any language and it would make me be able to directly communicate with me. It's also a way to charm them a bit, which will be very much needed when we eventually meet. Right now, they don't even know I exist, just to give an impression of the situation I'm in

  25. That’s such an awesome source of motivation. Work hard everyday. Speak, listen, and breathe Turkish and I know you will make your girlfriend proud and her family appreciative.

  26. i definitely plan on learning a slavic language that uses cyrillic, most likely russian or ukrainian, but im focusing on making sure my spanish stays top notch and my mandarin becomes a bit more fluent before even thinking about it

  27. I started learning Japanese a few years ago. That's the language I started with.. This is the list i have currently to learn. Have only started the first two yet. Japanese, spanish, canadian french, french, korean, chinese, Cantonese, tagalog, Turkish, italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, arabic, punjabi, Persian(or something), Zulu, Latin,(for greenhouse purposes) Hebrew, german, greek and literally anything I feel like learning, until I'm proficient in it. I have a lot of work cut out for me.

  28. I want to reach the highest possible level I can in Japanese, as Japan is where I live. I also want to learn Mandarin to at least a B2 level, and then maybe pursue some casual study in Spanish. But that is it. Japanese is my main priority and I currently skip my Chinese study most days because it gets in the way of my Japanese study and my other goals in life. I still have Chinese on the back burner, so that I will have something to start with when I am satisfied enough with my Japanese when I feel I am ready to throw the ballast off, but I know it would take a lot more time with Chinese than I currently give it to go anywhere meaningful, so Spanish is sort of just a daydream right now. I don't have any interest in doing the self-introduction-in-40-languages hat trick.

  29. I'm currently working on learning Spanish and Mandarin. I'm a native English speaker. After getting far enough on my Spanish, I think I would like to learn Japanese. And I would like to relearn Egyptian Hyroglyphs and Ancient Greek for reading and writing.

  30. I'm native on Spanish, C1 on English and currently learning Japanese. I only want to learn: Hand signs (US one).

  31. I am native in English and Norwegian and currently learning Turkish but after that I plan to learn Spanish, Russian, Arabic and German and maybe a Asian language like Chinese or Japanese

  32. I’d like to learn Mandarin, Italian, and Korean There might be others as well i wanna study in the future but idk which yet. Maybe Portuguese or German. I also wanna learn my two heritage languages which are Tagalog and Bisaya, which are Filipino languages and I heard the grammar is also complex in those languages

  33. If you go ahead with Portuguese I recommend learned the Carioca accent which is spoken in Rio. It has heritage from German and Italian, which may help you with German pronunciation.

  34. I am currently learning Italian and want to learn Portuguese in the future. I am also thinking of learning Arabic and maybe also an east asian language :) but im afraid ill have too little time to do all that..

  35. Besides Spanish and Mandarin, I want to learn Portuguese to an advanced level as well. I also want to learn French, Korean, Thai, and Swahili, but I'd be okay with an intermediate level for those languages.

  36. I recommend learning Portuguese before Spanish because Spanish is actually derived from Portuguese, not the other way around as many Americans think. Every Brazilian I know can understand and speak Spanish at least a little, but I know zero Spanish speakers who can understand Portuguese unless they talk slow. Of course only learn Portuguese if you want to, Spanish is probably going to be more useful for you if you live in USA

  37. Besides improving languages I’m already learning, I want to learn Portuguese, Italian, a Scandinavian language and maybe a language more out of my comfort zone like Arabic or Russian

  38. Right now I am learning Spanish, then want to pick up where I left off with German. After that there's just so many that would be cool to know.

  39. I speak Dutch, English and a little German. Have been learning Japanese casually for the last 2 years but thats going very slow. I'd also like to learn Chinese, Italian and maybe Spanish.

  40. One of my aspirations is learning at least 1 language that's completely detached from the ones I know, since learning Spanish and now Italian has almost felt like cheating given I already know French.

  41. Waiting for someone to say ASL! It’s so so helpful and I know people really appreciate it when you sign to them. It’s on my list as well. Not to discourage you, but I think learning Latin is a waste of time. Of course do it if you are passionate but it’s VERY hard to find someone who speaks it

  42. I’m conversational in Portuguese and Spanish and want to become near fluent in them over next 2-3 years. I’ll probably reach that level in Portuguese first and start dipping into Arabic. I also love how Haitian Creole sounds but I’d rather speak 3 languages comfortably than 5 mediocre. But everyone is different, keep immersing yourself and practice speaking everyday.

  43. There’s so many languages I’d love to learn! But my OCD won’t let me move to the next language until I’ve properly learned the current one. But there’s one language I might be able to convince myself to learn in parallel - American Sign Language

  44. I want to master the Spanish language, (reading, writing, and speaking.) After that, I want to work on Brazilian Portuguese within a B2-C1 level and French on a B1-B2 level. I love language and culture and will play with other languages of interest like Dutch, German and Italian...However, my main focus will be the major Western Hemisphere languages as I want to teach English in Latin America.

  45. I'm fluent in English(NL) and Brazilian Portuguese and am currently Learning Egyptian Arabic i would consider intermediate level right now.

  46. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I’m learning Haitian Creole and Italian. I wanna go for either Catalan or Romanian next, then the other and then French and then Latin. If I’m still alive after all those, German, Ukrainian, and maybe Swedish

  47. If I can ever make my dreams come true, I'd learn Icelandic and Irish. I'm absolutely in love with both but learning them terrifies me 😂 every time I start over I get so overwhelmed. They're worth it tho, once I'm not learning the multiple other languages I'm currently juggling

  48. I plan to be fluent (enough to a B1 level) in German, English, Russian, and probably Spanish also. I might learn a little bit of other languages for fun but I doubt that I‘d commit.

  49. I'm not sure whether I should stick with German and Dutch in order to achieve real fluency (German is almost there) or if I should add Swedish too (I'm about to start learning it, yet I fear I'd end up devoting significantly less time to the two other languages, even if I do 30 minutes Swedish per day).

  50. Native English speaker here, wanting to learn Spanish (my other native language which I suck at speaking now) and Korean (because I plan on moving to Korea to teach English for a year or two). Those are the only two I want to learn really well at the moment.

  51. I would really really love to go back to Latin and Russian, which I've learned at school to different levels and never picked up again, and to delve into Hindi, Romanian and/or Swahili at some point.

  52. That's kind of trick question because there many languages that I would love to learn and know, but I personally don't feel that there is that much time in life for learning like 10 languages or more and actually being able to maintain them.

  53. So far, I've learnt English (C2), French (C1), Latin (don't know if it counts, also I'm rusty now). I plan on learning German, which I'm going to speedlearn from scratch to get to at least B2 in a year, Spanish, which I already understand to a great degree due to mutual intelligibility with my language and dialect, and possibly Japanese.

  54. man, if i could do everything i would. german and irish are going pretty well for me, and since they’re my “first loves” (you know what i mean) i think i’m always going to try to maintain them, especially irish. at the moment, i’m also doing french and spanish.

  55. Oh boy. I would definitely try to take my Korean to at least 5급, same goes for Estonian and Norwegian, around C1 would be enough (but I am quite a perfectionist so who knows). I am not sure about Spanish, as I've only occasionally been motivated to put in hours to study lately. As for any new ones, I would love to learn Japanese and Finnish (and maybe Dutch) someday. Frankly, if I could, I would learn most major languages and a few smaller ones. If only we had 10 extra hours in a day...

  56. I'm 16yo and have learned French and Spanish to B1 and B2 levels respectively (enough to find my first job speaking exclusively French).

  57. The languages I want to speak in my lifetime is just Spanish, Portuguese, maybe Italian, and maybe Swahili. That is all .

  58. My native language is German, and I'm mostly happy with my English. So that's two Im not actively learning. My mother tongue is Spanish, I definitely wanna brush up on that. I learnt French in school, that ones currently in a hiatus, i watch a movie in French with subtitles every now and then so I don't forget everything, im probably back to A2 level at most though. Im currently actively learning Croatian, after I reach B1 or so I want to start either Italian or Russian or Ukrainian, probably Italian first so i dont get confused with the slavic languages. And then Russian or Ukrainian. If I have time and brain space after this, I would like to learn Romanian and Arabic sometime

  59. Only native in english, i grew up around spanish but never really learned to keep a conversation. I’m actively learning haitian kreyòl, i tried Japanese starting in middle school but it’s mad hard, all i can do is recognize some kata. I want to become fluent in at least these languages for sure, and maybe i’ll get to french, mandarin, korean, perhaps i’ll check out latin.

  60. Already, i'm at around A1 in spanish (no interest in continuing), C1 in french, native in english, A1 in japanese (my current TL), and I have interest in learning mandarin, and korean (possibly russian) to the point of fluency, and thai, vietnamese to advanced/fluent

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