In Ontario we have an app called Gridwatch that shows exactly where our power comes from.

  1. If you click any one of the types it will take you down to exactly which plants are producing what power right now.

  2. It's really cool to be able to see where your energy's coming from, though it'd be near useless where I live(Quebec) since it's almost all generated via hydro.

  3. Naah, because if you look at that, you become a sustainable source of smugness for the rest of the planet

  4. Wow I’m jealous (tx - just happy to have power - well electricity- not much power out here if you’re not a rich white dude)

  5. I'm also in ontario and loved this little app. Found this one, which does a similar sort of thing for those parts of the globe that also report. AND it puts nuclear right, in the Green, for low emissions!

  6. From the screenshot, a lot less electricity was generated than demanded (14.7 vs 15.08). What happens to pricing when that happens? Asking for a friend from Texas ….

  7. Usually it means we import from a jurdisdiction with cheap power (like Quebec), often while selling power to high cost jurisdictions like Michigan - which Quebec can’t sell to directly - often at the same time. Right at this moment we are importing about 2000MW and exporting about 1700MW.

  8. Actually having a look our peak usage rate tops out at 17 cents per kWh and our lowest is a bit lower than you at 8.2 kWh.

  9. In Quebec electricity is almost exclusively done through Hydro Quebec, which is government run. The rates can't be changed arbitrarily, any rate increase must be approved by the provincial parliament

  10. Is biofuel oil? Are oil and coal represented or do y'all just not have them? I'm an American by the way, the idea y'all can get out from under those oil companies just sounds like fantasy

  11. We got rid of the last of our coal plants a couple years ago. Biofuel is a catch all for a number of things.

  12. I imagine the data comes from the government or government regulator. I don’t see why I wouldn’t trust that?

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