Lawsuit: Tesla broke US law by not providing 60-day notice before mass layoff. Laid-off Tesla workers say WARN Act violation means Tesla owes them for back pay

  1. I'm confused how Musk thought he could so blatantly violate federal law. If he gave the notice he would have the 60 days of work for the pay and benefits. Now he'll get nothing and still have to pay everyone.

  2. I mean, Tesla's HR department should have known better and told him. I feel like Musk has yes-men all around him though and fires everyone else, emperor's new clothes and all that jazz.

  3. But other than lawyers fees there are no damages. Instead he benefits by drawing out the payment by years.

  4. Question for any legal experts here. A company I used to work for literally closed and fired 500 employees on a random Wednesday in march with the only notice being an email.

  5. This isn't a sub for legal advice. There are far too many things that could change based on your circumstances. You should get a consultation from an employment attorney in your locality. Many attorneys offer free consultations, and depending on the nature of the work they could do, they might work on contingency.

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