Ex-Tesla worker who suffered racist abuse rejects $15M award, seeks new trial: Owen Diaz rejects lowered damages, says it's not enough to punish and deter Tesla.

  1. Good on him for wanting the symbolism, but this seems clearly futile. If the judge already found that the evidence only supports 1.5 million in damages, he’s never getting a punitive award greater then 9x on it…

  2. Yeah, this interlocutory appeal seems like a long shot, and I personally would've just taken the $15 million. But, it's the plaintiff's case, and he can do with it what he wants.

  3. I agree it's gonna be hard to top $15 million, but if we're using the multiple bites of an apple analogy, he actually got $137 million on the first bite and was told to spit it out. The court gave him two choices: second bite at the apple versus keeping $15 million out of his first bite.

  4. I had a friend whose medical malpractice lawsuit paid out about $400,000. Gross negligence during a routine surgery left him unable to eat solid foods for the rest of his life. Until he dies, he will be forced to wear a colostomy bag. He was in his 20s at the time. Yet, being subject to racial slurs, cartoons, and threats gets a person between $15M-137M? Something is backwards about our laws.

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