How I manifested my husband and my dream job without even realising that I was manifesting it.

  1. Exactly! I think that’s why it worked. I never tried to chase it. I knew it was mine and I believed that the universe will give it to me!

  2. Actually living in the assumption and feeling that you already have it, is the perfect way to manifest something. We don’t focus too much or keep thinking about the things that we have now do we? We enjoy and then let it go, move on with our lives.

  3. I don’t know if you actually manifested it, or it was just a sixth sense (the ones that predict the future). I’m inclined to believe you didn’t manifest these things, but it was only a sixth sense that causes you to get a “weird feeling” and “believe” you’d marry your husband, and “feel different” and believe the job was yours.

  4. This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I’ve had a few things like this - my job/career, getting pregnant with my son, and buying my first house all felt this way. I just knew it was going to happen for me. Even leaving my relationship with my sons father was empowering and the right decision. I am dating someone now who I have a similar feeling about that you had about husband. I’m seeing a lot of synchronicities and everything is positive, the only thing that’s thrown a wrench in things is that he recently found out he now has to get into a messy custody battle with his ex. I’m trying to keep a similar attitude to you, to give him space to deal with that, and to stay somewhat detached from the outcome. Which is a hard line to straddle when you still want to show someone love. But your story is inspiring 💜

  5. If I may ask, how did you genuinely feel emotionally during the time periods you were manifesting or as you say, you just knew they were gonna happen? Like not regarding the guy or the job, but just like, day to day what was your overall mood like? Obviously moods fluctuate of course, but how did you feel as a natural default? I hope that makes sense. What was your world view generally like? Did you feel optimistic about your future (in general, not necessarily regarding manifestations)? Or did you never think much about your future and just go with the flow?

  6. Since you mentioned depression, I’ll start with that. I have suffered from depression for over a decade and it was only in my late teens that I was diagnosed with it. But irrespective of how I mentally feel, I always make it a point to tell myself that this too shall pass. I am an optimistic person in general, but I suffer from phases of depression.

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