How I manifested my SP after a huge fight + 2-3 years of NC.

  1. How is this a good thing? You had a bad breakup and now you are in for more emotional drama, when you should have moved on. This is like being stuck in a bad dream of your own making.

  2. Disagree completely - everyone, every situation has the potential to be a good thing, because it’s you pushed out. I’d never tell someone that letting go and manifesting something they’ve wanted is “bad” - it’s neutral. It’s gonna be what you make it.

  3. You don't know the circumstances of why the first issue happened. I know someone that had a bad breakup due to external circumstances (depression and a bad work environment) and she told me she was absolutely crushed when it happened etc but time passed, the other person solved his situation, got help for his issues, got back in touch after 2 years and now are happily married with a kid, working together to achieve their goals and so far he has not put her through any other emotional drama.

  4. Supe rhappy I felt your joy through this :'), I love loa and humanity too , I have a wish that everyone on this forum and in the world gets their sp :))

  5. Affirming did work…you really gathered more energy. Usually in the situation of an ex. All you really have to do is let go. Because the energy is already existing inside is what a lot of people don’t understand. And what they often do is add more energy on top of that and then it starts to weigh heavily. So good job on letting go.

  6. Congrats! Are you not skeptical this is a rebounding maneuver by him though? Like a failed relationship has him running to his old safe bet where he knows he’s wanted as a way to rebuild self esteem.

  7. Lmao I thought the same 😂 but I don’t mind cause he will have strong feelings for me like he did before ☺️ I can already tell.

  8. You said no contact! Isn’t reaching out to him with messages and him replying telling you to leave him alone some sort of contact. So technically it’s not no contact as you did initiate some sort of conversation for him to reach out to you??

  9. You do what works for you. I had to let go of the obsession. I felt like I affirmed enough to the point where I didnt have to so I focused on other stuff in my life. I hope it makes sense. Thank you! <3

  10. Emotional energy is neither good nor bad. Crying is powerful energy. Just as hat is and just as love is. Because they are all the same thing. You used an energetic moment and focused it on your desire. Well done! <3

  11. God I really needed to read this post damnit!!! I just had a incident where I saw sp and 3p together (they got into a relationship within a month) and I was on the verge of fucking giving up because it was too painful to persist but omg this gives me a glimmer of hope 🥲❤️

  12. this is why this sub is such HorseSh!t at times. You cant tell if someone actually made something happen, or they are scripting to convince themselves. I dont believe this persons story at all

  13. You are completely right! I didn’t expect so much hate but to me people are reflecting their own insecurities on someone who achieved success but I will def put less attention on the troll. Thank you!

  14. The most popular post her eos frustrating, that's why Law of attraction community van be toxic since they judge people who get SPs. You should try to post it on Neville sub. Anyway, congrats, circumstance dont matter

  15. I reached out to my sp months ago and got no response, even when i did nothing wrong and what separated us had nothing to do with him or me. I am not mad at him and he is not mad at me. He just decided to not respond. We reach out, but I know this happens to a lot of girls, when we reach out generally we are ignored or blocked. When they reach out depending on why the relationship ended we tend to give a chance to talk, even if is just to say to not contact us anymore. That's where I feel the difference is.

  16. Thank you so much for this post! Today I was thinking maybe I should stop trying to manifest my SP after he told me maybe we shouldn’t be together… and I was looking for motivation to keep persisting. And congratulations! I hope both of you are very happy!! ❤️🥰

  17. This made my day. I'm forcing myself to let go cause I have to focus on my life at this time. It hurts but I have to, after spending so much time on him. Maybe someday I'll write my own success story

  18. You do what works for you. To me, you just have to let go of the obsession, why obsess over something you have? I saw zero movements for two years as well till recently. There were many times I wanted to give up but I kept affirming till I feel like I did enough hard work and focused on other stuff to make me feel happy.

  19. For me when I started saying my affirmations I naturally just let go… I went from being desperate to crying and then I was calm. I started not to care as much like it didn’t desire me anymore and every time I have doubts I just say them in my head. The more you do it then more your brain will believe it and you’ll just naturally “let go” if this makes sense. At first times hard bc your going through the break up and ur hurting stressing mind running wild. Don’t worry this was me a few months ago but I stopped stalking stop contacting and focused on myself and repeated them. Just trust it will happen. But mainly focus on yourself make yourself happy too. Go out with friends, do fun stuff I wouldn’t stress or worry. You’ll just be in the state of “letting go” naturally (: hope this helps

  20. I would say you should affirm strictly for a few months or until you no longer feel the need to do it and then let go. Focus on your life, spoil yourself and try to manifest your other goals. Affirm such as “SP is always contacting me” etc ✨🥺💕

  21. Affirmations are just your thoughts. Just think “My SP loves me so much.” And not “My SP is a loser and hates me.”

  22. I don't feel mine thinking of me or missing me anymore 🥺 When I affirm I just feel more stressed and nothing changes. I feel exhausted trying to say all day he loves me, wants me etc... I feel despair and like giving up.

  23. Don’t worry. I did the same and when my SP came back he said there were many times he wanted to reach out to me which confirms there were movement behind the scenes. Keep affirming, ignore the 3D, focus on the goal and then at some point you will naturally let go of the obsession and focus on other stuff in ur life. You will get ur sp.

  24. What exactly did you do to let go. This is where I am stuck!! What does your daily process or schedule look like if you could tell me what you did to get over thinking about the person? 🙏

  25. I said it in the OP. There are no exact schedule or daily process that will get someone back. You just focus on other stuff and do the things that puts you in happy mood. It happened naturally. Try to affirm for a few months stritcly then put your focus somewhere else. Be confident in what you do.

  26. Happy for you! Share the affirmations please and also share with me how you kept yourself busy/distracted.. I need ideas on how to get busy and let go. 💖🙏

  27. You just have to keep repeating affirmations that feel natural to you. You can’t really use other peoples affirmations bc then your brain won’t believe in it. Just say affirmations that feel natural. I started doing this and I no longer feel desperate or clinging on bc I know it’s going to happen. But normally people say affirmations untill there brain rewires it and believes it. Lots of haters on this post but manifestation is very real lol. Don’t give up and keep saying it and focus on yourself as well. Also don’t stalk them or react to 3D reality. Just know it’s already there and when you least expect it that’s when it happens when u let go!!!

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