3.9 GPA, 162 LSAT, stem major… is T14 a long shot? Which schools do I have a good shot at?

  1. I have a PhD in stem a slightly lower UG GPA but higher LSAT, based on my experience the stem background means essentially nothing to top schools, so yes, your LSAT is likely too low.

  2. I was once advised that you can major in anything its just the 4.0 law schools want. Which I guess means a 4.0 potato sack sewing major is viewed the same as a 4.0 STEM.

  3. I had the same stats, but non-stem major. I applied to a lot in T14 and received a few waitlists, but ultimately got in to USC! It’s possible but T20 is a better bet :)

  4. How many times did you take the LSAT? T14 might be a long shot. But aim high. Just go for it. You have a likelihood of getting a substantial scholarship at other schools. Which is a positive, maybe even better than a T14

  5. I’m KJD with a 3.98 (humanities/social science double major) and the exact same LSAT (nURM) and going to Michigan in the fall, so it’s not impossible!

  6. I’d be curious what else was in your application. Those stats alone are unlikely to get you in, no?

  7. You can get into a t20 with those now? I started back in 2010 with similar stats and got into some t50s but t20s, no way. I wonder if it has something to do with a lower amount of applications?

  8. As someone who attended a T14 and has been practicing in biglaw for the past 3 years, for the love of god retake. The LSAT is a learnable test, buckle down and figure it out.

  9. T14 is a long shot, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Your GPA is great and your LSAT certainly is respectable, even if out of average range for the T14. Target a few schools in the T14 if you have the time and money to apply. Put together strong essays and a strong resume. Use the “Why X” essay to highlight your interest. It will be tough, but it can be done.

  10. Also keep in mind that if you are accepted to a T-14 with those stats you’ll probably end up paying sticker price

  11. I jumped at the chance never to take the lsat again w a 163 and 3.9. GW puts me in the city I wanted and I’ll do the job I want in dc after that in mid size law. 162 is a good score

  12. Almost identical stats to yours, 3.75 163, Bio major. No t-30 acceptances but got some t-50 acceptances. You can still make a great career out of a t-50 law school education, and a STEM degree sets us both on an easier path toward the patent bar if the field interests you. It can be hard to filter out some of the t-14 or bust voices from your decision making process, but a smart STEM oriented person like yourself will surely be more than capable of attaining a good career from a t-50 education, just as I will.

  13. I had similar stats (3.9x GPA, 163 LSAT) and I’m attending a T-14! Also got waitlisted at all of the other T-14 schools I applied to. I should add that I also got waitlisted at every other school that fell in between T-14 and T-35 which was interesting, so def go for it but don’t bank on an A by any means

  14. Pretty much a snowball's chance in hell. Sorry to be so blunt, but a 162 is a longshot for probably any school in the t30 or so. Is there any specific reason you want to go to a t14?

  15. Applied to law school in 2018. Is this really the case now that you are unlikely to do T30 with those stats? I feel like that's some serious score creep. But maybe I just wasn't aware.

  16. ppl saying a t-14 is a long shot clearly don’t understand other aspects are just as important. If your personal statement, diversity statement, etc are good you have a for sure chance.

  17. The other aspects aren't as important, that's the thing. Very little can make a 162 LSAT not a long shot for T14. OP should certainly try if they can afford the applications but it's highly unlikely.

  18. Ironically, you’ll probably have an easier time getting a 3.9 in polisci/psych/film studies at some expensive private school than you will in STEM at a state school- but they’re viewed the same.

  19. I had very similar stats, but I am urm. I was waitlisted at Northwestern, BC, and WashU. Anything is possible if you have an excellent personal statement.

  20. I have the same exact stats as you and got into a T25 with a 70% scholarship this cycle! I know it's not a t-14, but don't underestimate yourself. anything is possible, especially in these cycles recently

  21. Lsat is similar to gmat. Schools don't care about gpa hence why they ask u to sit for those exams. How about you do some research and see what's the avg score to be accepted into T14 schools.

  22. Not impossible, I’d definitely at least apply to 10-14 schools and other lower T20’s. Just polish your personal statement and really make clear your intentions with law school and a law career, you’d have a pretty good chance I think :)

  23. I say take the shot! I had a 3.87 GPA and an LSAT score below 165 and I got into a top 5 law school with a full ride scholarship. You’re a reverse splitter and some schools like seeing a stem student applying bc you bring a different perspective. So focus on making your personal statement, getting good recs, making sure your softs shine, and you can have a shot. Good luck!

  24. Im 3.7 167 and going to GULC. It depends on a lot of stuff that isn’t in the info but I know ur asking for a chance with stats. For the record I reapplied to GULC and I’m a GU grad student

  25. Also, how were your ECs and PS? If you come from a decent school, and you have done some very noteworthy extracurricular work, and you nailed the PS -- like it stood out -- you have a chance at outer portion of T-14.

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