1. I still cannot believe Marner shot that puck, dude has been pass first since the day he met Auston and its cost us in the past.

  2. He wasn't shooting to put it in the net, it was basically a rebound pass. Marner deserves all the credit for that goal, anyone could have put it in.

  3. this thread was a cesspool of negativity all game and I contributed my own negative comment. . . showing very little faith.

  4. Don’t feel bad. I got pissed off and walked out on the game three times tonight. Every time I did they scored though.

  5. It's okay, we've all been hurt so many times by this team, I think we all default to assuming the worst when things aren't going the Leafs' way. It felt pretty bleak when TB was up 16 shots to 4 to be honest.

  6. Yup we need to play with the same urgency that Tampa is going to come out with in game 6. We need to try to bury the series on their ice. When the Leafs play with passion they're a formidable team.

  7. When this team wants to play they are probably unbeatable. But when they don't, man do they stink. Great 2nd and 3rd.

  8. Going to be completely honest - I was super negative after the first period, but the buds shut me up and I’m very ok with that. Let’s gooooo!!

  9. This is what's different about this team. That comeback win simply does not happen in previous years. It's been happening all season and it happens against the back to back champs! Let's fuckin do this yeaaaa!!!!!

  10. I dont think ive ever seen a player get as excited as mikheyev when somebody scores. He looks like a toddler with the biggest smile. Gotta love it

  11. I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t having doubts after the first half of the game, but you know who didn’t? Jack fucking Campbell. He is a damned playoff goalie and shows up when you need him. The team rallied off his energy and here you go.

  12. All you nay sayers that were out in force after the 1st, STFU next game, ok, or at least try to find a way to be constructive, please.

  13. Guess I'm an asshole because I won't feel joy unless we see a decisive game 6 win. I've been around too long, young bloods.

  14. Right? I'm 43. I remember watching 40 years ago. Fuck you, let me have my doubts. When you've gone 40 years seeing your team implode in the playoffs THEN you can tell me to keep my doomsaying to myself.

  15. The Leafs haven't made it past the first round since my early 20s. I turn 40 this December. I'm right there with you, my friend.

  16. This year is fucking different. Check out the crowd noise in the Arena. The fans energized the shit out of the team when the guys were dead.


  18. I was nastily swearing at him after his low-IQ turnback in our zone on the half wall (instead of trying to clear it)... leading directly to their 3-3 tying goal. he has generally been much smarter this year. a couple mins later he makes that high-IQ pad-rebound pass for Matthews. I’m glad he didn’t crumble after that huge error & redeemed himself. gutsy comeback win.

  19. i fucking love the leafs lmao what a game boys. 1 more and we elongate the stanley cup champion. lets go. focus up. what a win!!!!

  20. I won't deny being a doubter for a while but this is the first time I've seen the Leafs come back in a game this crucial since the Pat Quinn era. I may be wrong about that but right now I'm too F'ing excited to care! This team proved me wrong tonight and I could not be more excited to say "I was wrong, this team has big heart! Let's F'ing go Leafs!"

  21. you’re correct! SN commentators said the last time the Leafs came back to win from a multi-goal deficit in the playoffs was early-2000s against OTT.

  22. Devils fan rooting for you guys - I get the doom and gloom after the first two Tampa goals given game 4, but man some of you guys are pussies.

  23. That's a playoff win right there, hard fought comeback from being behind early and Jack stood on his head when we they needed it.

  24. I just have to say every one of you who whined like little bitches when wasn't even close to over need to fuck right off.

  25. true, it is crazy how many people on here will praise the leafs when they actively shat on them like half an hour ago

  26. I eat shit on my previous words in the 1st. I didn't think they had it in em. Wow. Well done boys. Well done.

  27. Ooh, and it's alright and it's coming along ! We gotta get right back to where we started from!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU BOYS!!!


  29. I mean, if Vasilevsky is going to let in at least 3 goals every game we play him we'll take that every time. ( ͡ ͡° ͜つ ͡͡° )

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