Playoff Game Thread: Game 7 - Tampa Bay Lightning (3 - 3) at Toronto Maple Leafs(3 - 3) - 14 May 2022 - 07:00PM EDT

  1. Anyone “Ok” with the effort and “Proud of the boys”, they can fuck off. 0 and too many, this team needs an overhaul.

  2. I can say I’m proud the team showed up to play. All we can do is move on with positive thoughts. If the organization continues to develop, draft and make more correct decisions then wrong ones, we will be fine. Championships are never guaranteed but we can become a model organization who continues to keep putting our best effort to win the damn thing.

  3. The thing is, they didn't show up at all for 2 games of the series. That means they have to win 4 out of the remaining 5 games. You'll never win a cup, let alone a series with these odds.

  4. Seattle Kraken fan here. That called off goal was stolen away from you guys, in my eyes that game was 2-2 and should have gone to overtime. I’m sorry guys, you all have my love.

  5. It seemed as if we just couldn’t get anything going out of the gate. We keep conceding first, and in a game 7, that makes it so much harder to win.

  6. Why bother being a fan if you are a doomer? Even when I hated the choices this team made, I still cheered for them. I never once felt vindicated in their defeats.

  7. I'm still waiting for Matthews to take control of a series. I see him take over game after game during the regular season and seemingly score whenever he wants. You don't score 60 goals without dominating every game. Yet when the playoffs start, he becomes another average player. Mitch Marner is the only one of the superstars who picks that extra gear up. I'm not saying he was bad, but for this team to start realizing playoff success, I think he needs to show everyone this is his game.

  8. McDavid involved in 19 of 26 goals for the oilers. Win or lose you can at least say he’s played the role. You’ve never been able to say the same of any of the big 4 for Toronto. Hell, even all of them combined in the last 3-4 years.

  9. This is exactly my thought too. Matthews looks mortal in the playoffs and that’s a problem. You’re not the best player in the world of you stop playing your best after game 82. He showed up for 2 or 3 of these games… but clearly that’s not cutting it.

  10. My hope is that this is part of his maturation. He may well be the best player in the world but you wouldn't know that from tonight or most of this series. Great moments? Sure. But tonight was the night to show the world. Not quite there yet, but he'll get there.

  11. Refs call the games differently in the season compared to the playoffs. Matthews had no looks and didn't get any momentum going because he was clutched, grabbed, and interfered with all game. Any regular season game, that shit gets called, easy, but it's the playoffs and they put their whistles away, or just pick and choose what's a penalty and what isn't.

  12. They need to make a big trade. The raptors did it. It hurt losing derozan and I was not happy about the trade… but ultimately saw why it was it was needed. Except for Matthews, trade a big piece.

  13. We’re 2-4 now with Wes Macaulay on the ice. Refs cost last game in a phantom high stick. And Wes calls interference on Holl removing a goal but then doesn’t call it the other way. I cheered for spezza 10x more than I did for Willy this game. And watching him off the puck is utterly disgusting at times.

  14. I'm sorry guys, I feel for you. I'm mainly a Bills fan and a causal hockey fan at best but I was rooting for y'all. Hell of a series and hell of a team you guys got. I hope the team can break through one day. Fuck the refs

  15. The thing about Holl is that he is Dubas's baby, his passion project, nobody believed in Holl but Dubas and that is why Holl is here.

  16. We'll never be able to win. Leafs have to play a different game then their opponent on the same ice. Leafs can't get tough because we'll get called for shit no other team gets called for. Leafs play every damn series committing half the infractions of their opponent and getting twice the penalties.

  17. Honestly? Team played pretty great. Campbell, great. Matthew’s, great. Mariner was moving great this game and I’ve become a big fan of blackwells hustle. Keefe coached great, and dubas did good too.

  18. How can you see Keefe coached great and also rip Holl? Holl played EXACTLY the way everyone knows he plays and yet Keefe had him in the lineup night after night…

  19. Matthews was straight up terrible in G7. Looked scared. Dumped it in the corner with the game on the line? Crazy.

  20. Jays made big trades late 80’s to finally push them over the edge. Raptors made a massive trade to push them over the edge.

  21. They under played the Tavares/Nylander line for the Mathew’s line which is a shame because Tavares’ line was hot and making things happen.

  22. Great season. Bad playoff result again. I won't miss Dubas, but we'll be back in a few months. As always, GLG!

  23. What hurts the most is that they lost point, kuch wasn’t himself, and the two goals were shit goals by nick paul. This was out chance to overcome the lightning and we couldn’t pull through. These refs, I’m seriously starting to believe Bettman calls the shots

  24. It takes waaaaaay too many people for a full conspiracy to work, and I don't believe it myself necessarily, but inviting gambling into pro-sports feels off.

  25. I don’t think plays in the first round get legendary status. Especially when it’s an actual penalty. If you referring to the interference on Holl.

  26. We need to fire the brains behind playing Holl instead of Liljegren. Looking at you Keefe. Dubas has to hired the best coach available not the guys from Soo Greyhounds.

  27. I'm proud of this team. They were the better team in 5 out of 7 games against the defending champs. It took, er, interesting refereeing to keep them down lol.

  28. The off season is going to be horrible for the Leafs. The cap will insure that the team isn't coming back in October as it stands now. Not Dubas's fault though.

  29. 100%. This absolutely sucks (like really really Fing sucks) but blowing it up is not the answer. We're. Right. There.

  30. Dubas has managed the cap so well, with how the bubble seasons screwed the cal increases. Anyone who thinks hes the problem is nuts.

  31. The tightness in my chest is gone at least. There always next year boys. Lots to be proud of from this season we ran in to a very tough team and we played in a very tough division.

  32. Only thing keeping me going with this team is the loser fucking morons who are piping in here from other teams fanbases. I’ll rock blue and white till I die to spite these spineless jokers who think they can kick us when we’re down.

  33. It’s their fucking Christmas because in their mind it’s more realistic for the leafs to fail then it is to see their own team win. Bunch of pathetic losers

  34. I’m not a fan of you guys. I’m not even a hockey fan. (Yet.) I’m from Milwaukee. We don’t have a team of course, and no way in hell you’d catch me cheering for the Wild or Blackhawks. For whatever reason I took interest in this series. Fully invested. I started to gravitate towards you guys. I don’t know why, but I really like your fan base, (and the die-hards,) attitudes. I think I’m becoming a Leafs fan.

  35. I boycotted them this season, it's approaching 20 years since they made it past the first round, shit sens did way better in that time frame. Habs, even nyi last season. What's this year's excuse?

  36. People keep talking about how we “don’t need to rebuild”. When we’ve had the same core players for years now and they’ve never managed to make it out of the first round. So idk if we need to rebuild from the ground up but something needs to change

  37. my take is that was not the Leafs choking. it was a tough series against the champs and a championship goalie. work to be done, but this team is almost there.

  38. I agree. Very proud of the regular season. I'm 56 and doubt I'll live to see a Cup, but we celebrate what we can. Matthews is gone in two years, so we should enjoy it while we can. No, there's no first round victories. No, there's no Cups. But there's fun hockey to watch.

  39. 👊 this too shall pass, and then we can dream of the possibilities next year. Maybe it'll never happen, but I sure as shit will be there when it does. GLG

  40. If you think this team needs changes after that bullshit I’m sorry but you’re out to lunch and not paying attention. We got jibbed.

  41. "Only losers whine about their best. Winners get to go home and fuck the prom queen." - Sean Connery, The Rock.

  42. I cannot believe how fucking brittle this community is. For fuck sakes, that was a great battle and Tampa has the bruises and injuries and fatigue to show for a hard fought series. That is without a doubt, the hardest series Tampa has played in the last two years. For those who say this team is soft or doesn't give good game in the important times, give your head a shake.

  43. Leafs still have a damn talented young core. It's frustrating that they can't seem to get past this 1st round hump but they did just nearly eliminate the two time defending champions if it hadn't been for some awful calls that didn't go their way. The core is just entering their prime years and I'm hoping they are learning from these playoff exits to get mentally tougher for the next season

  44. Tampa has won two cups, been through countless banged up series and still beat the leafs. Let that sink in. Leafs would have lost to Florida in 5

  45. Coming from a preds fan, you are absolutely right you guys have one of the top tier teams in the league, I understand the game 7 loses are annoying asf but at least you didn't just get swept by the avs, plus you KNOW the leafs are gonna be a threat regardless next year, can't say the same bout my preds lmao

  46. Yup. If you take a scroll down, you'll see a bunch of removed comments from brigaders who came in to stir the shit and are now banned

  47. Are you still using mom and dad's guy to invest? Why aren't you on the number one sportsbook in the world? The all new GMC Sierra. You're richer than you think.

  48. I hated marner last year There should be no marner slander this year he played his fucking heart out

  49. Idk what you're talking about with this game being over, I saw 2 legal goals go in for each team, OT should be starting any minute now

  50. Great. More participation trophies. Im sure next year will be another even better game 7 that we lose

  51. It sucks because our team depth will be decimated in the summer due to lack of cap space. Mikheyev, Giordano, and probably Kerfoot all gone. Maybe Kase and Engvall too. This might have been the best team we'll ice during the Matthews era.

  52. Something has to fucking change and I don’t say that just as a jaded leafs fan. Clearly the formula doesn’t work. If the goal is to absolutely crush regular season ticket sales, they’ve done more than enough. For a team that actually has the ability to push in the playoffs: blow it up, rebuild from the ground up, it hasn’t worked for 18 years it’s not about to happen now

  53. The leafs could crush ticket sales just by showing up with some randos on the ice. Certainly not an achievement

  54. I am done too. The next game I watch will be in the second round of the playoffs, assuming I live long enough to see that.

  55. I took that approach this season, haven't looked back. Only leafs game i watched on tv, on purpose was the one tonight, expected nothing, still disappointed.

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