Arcane Act III: Sneak Peek

  1. Do the events in Arcane happen before the Noxian invasion in Ionia ? Because if that's the case, then we probably gonna have some Singed/Noxus interactions and it could be a teasing for a future series.

  2. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if we end up getting a season of Arcane specifically dedicated to the first Noxian Invasion of Ionia, considering it can show Caesar's... I mean Swain's backstory in greater detail.

  3. We see a few of them, so probably just mooks. Maybe Silco or another Zaun boss found a way to weaponize the wretches even when they're beyond physically handling a Shimmer transformation.

  4. I saw a comparison with Viktor's model (they both have moles in basically the same spot) but it might be asset re-use/fanwank.

  5. I'm so excited for the Ekko&Jinx confrontation. The clock flashing between adult Jinx and Powder makes me think he's having a hard time believing they are the same person

  6. She's putting out a TON of work right now. Also shows how talented she is with being able to transition from IRL acting vs voice acting is really rough for some actors.

  7. Man, Jinx voicing is incredible aswell, the way she said "Vi" at the start of episode 4* and all her lines at the end of episode 6 were golden.

  8. She's a very hard working actress. For the Hawkeye show she put a ton of work into learning archery. For the movie Begin Again, she taught herself how to play the guitar. I think I remember her somewhere saying she did some sort of studying for this role or something. She's so good.

  9. Probably not super significant, but if you’ve been keeping up with the arcane visual novel on the website, slash marks were added to a street post in Zaun after act 2 with a text line saying something like “what could’ve done this”, seemingly implying Warwick

  10. It'd have been a criminal waste of him to just appear as a kid and never show up again. The theory always seemed necessary.

  11. From the masked dudes reactions in episode 6 I kind of felt like it had to be him. The whole hoverboard thing also just fits his style.

  12. I mean duh, its was pretty obviously her family considering how much focus its been given about how shes an outcast and the least succesful, and the painting of the Immortal Bastion.

  13. It does make more sense for it to be mel's mother. Kinda sad but we will see the grand general in the future

  14. The mural on the building at 0:32 seems to have a picture of Vi, Powder and Benzo. My guess is it's likely where the Firelights are residing.

  15. It is Ekko's home. The picture of Ekko on the bridge with the board basically confirms him as the leader of the Firelights.

  16. With Noxus + Piltover I assume you are going to see Cait, Ekko, Jayce, Vi, Singed, Viktor, Warwick, Silco, and Jinx all join in a massive clusterfuck finale. Heimer/Camille/Urgot/Twitch joining in would be the surprise for me. Blitz and other champions in the region or Noxus are possible but even less likely.

  17. Mel is not happy to see Mama Medarda, excited to see this world expanding. Whoever tattoo face is, I'm digging their look. Silco really seems less menacing for some reason. I wonder who gets to kill him and what he did to have Jayce thirsty for revenge.

  18. One thing about their trailers is how they misdirect and hide conversations/actions and story points. Its extremely blantant at this point

  19. If anyone complains about spoilers, YOU CLICKED ON THE VIDEO TO WATCH IT! If you are going to watch act 3 and dont want any spoilers why watch a trailer? Seriously

  20. Also all the trailers have been MASSIVE bait and switches. It makes Mel's mother look like the leader but there is a decent chance that it is a bait to hide a different champion.

  21. If it's available i'll watch it because i am addicted yet i don't want to get spoil, lack of self control gang

  22. Seem to be chembarons, the flowery background seems to reference Corina Veraza (whose ability in LoR, I now notice, shows a plant pretty similar to what grew in Singed's lair!)

  23. I wonder if these might be the Chembarons mentioned in Mundos Story. I feel like we have to see some "monster" champ like Urgot or Mundo with Urgots Tattoo artist already being shown in the series.

  24. LOR threw oil onto the speculation bonfire for this show, but I dont see Corina being more than a mention with Noxus showing up and Silco already being there. My bet is on a Silco card being released after Arcane.

  25. I guess they really want to keep the viktor transformation a surprise for the new fans. Literally zero info in this trailer.

  26. I mean this so far has felt worse than then dying. Seeing how Powder was traumatized, gaslit, and then spiraled into mental illness to get to the Jinx we know and love(ed) is exhausting. I watched it with some friends who we all kind of share history of childhood abuse/mental illness and it was jarring. Quite a heated post-episode discussion we had.

  27. Same tbh. It doesn't allow for much tension when they're imperiled and it makes me assume all the other great characters are good as dead, which is a shame.

  28. I’m actually excited to see how this ends. After watching this series idk why in-game Jinx is so happy and psycho as her personality in Arcane is dark and kind of depressed. Guess we’ll see how she got that crimson eye as well lol

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