y’all ever tried lean orange juice? is it good?

  1. Only time was when I scored like 2-3 lines of some old ass crusty lid hydro syrup that was some orange colored shit this was prob 5-6 years ago

  2. Grapefruit juice tastes way better and potentiates opioids. Just be careful and sip slow so you don’t take too much

  3. Tahitian Treat was my Favorite cup when I drank. It's like Hawaiian Punch but more sweet. OJ wasn''t to bad of a cut just never use Grapefruit Juice tho cause something in Grapefruit fucks with Opioid and Opiates. I did it once and got sick asf but Regular Orange Juice wasn't to bad of a cut. I was stuck on Cranberry Sprite and Strawberry Kiwi for Most the time I drank but I was a Dranker not a sipper. I've seen niggas sip on a 24oz for a couple hours and I would drank a 20 oz with a 4 in it and finish is by the time the Backwoods wit a 3.5 in it was down to a Roach. All depends if u a dranker or Sipper cause I drank to get high not for the Taste and all these Rappers bragging bout Sipping and saying Actavis was the Best they lying or just don't know bc before they had Act they had Barre Pharma and it was the best Drank ever made. It got Popular around the late 90's and early 2000's. Barre was before Actavis too and u could get a pint for about 400$ and 1 line was damn near strong as a deuce of Act...shit was real Mud..(GOOD OL DAYS). When I used to drank heavy a Pint of Actavis would go for 2 to 300$ and we would give Green or Orange to Babies if they had Sore Throat or Coughing and yes they made Orange Lean for a Lil Minute and shit was Nasty...I think it was Qualitest at that time. So when I drank heavy I was getting cases at a time (24 Sealed Bottles and get a discount...I would pay 8500$ for a Case of Act. 1 Pint of Act before it got taken off the shelf was starting to go for more than that. So I used get 24 pints in 2008 for same Price as 1 Pint was going for before they pulled it. The Rap Game kinda helped get that shit pulled and prolly this time next year you only gonna see Tussionex (yellow) Green and maybe Tris or Quagen. I fuck wit Tris but it's gotta strong ass Taste and Green only has Promethazine that's why they all say it puts you straight to sleep cause it's just a Sedated Antihistamine. If I still Drank I would be loading up on Quagen, Green and Qualitest cause you gonna make a killing when it dries up. I went pick my Prescriptions up from Walmart Yesterday and they had Big signs saying Codeine with Promethazine will no longer be sold here so y'all better rack up while u can lol

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