What happens if I ignore the Wal-Mart receipt checker

  1. If we're talking strictly legal advice (as in criminal law), the answer to both stores is probably the same: Nothing.

  2. Actually, at stores like WalMart they can ban you from shopping there if you do so. WalMart is not required to do business with people who refuse to comply with a reasonable search (it usually takes about 5-15 seconds).

  3. At Walmart, you don't have a legal obligation to show anyone your receipt. What actually happens depends on the employee's mood, really. The shouldn't do anything, though there have been plenty of stories about them being physically aggressive or rude. However, those situations really have nothing to do with law and everything to do with ego.

  4. You might be barred from visiting that Wal-Mart in the future, but that should be the extent to which they can act. They have no right to search through your personal belongings, especially without your consent. They may call the police on you on a suspicion if you refuse a search, provided you haven't actually stolen anything, the police should be unable to do anything.

  5. Former Walmart employee. Employees (excluding loss prevention employees, which are few and far between) are not allowed to intervene in cases of suspected shoplifting. Most likely, no one will care or notice. Worst case scenario, you may be harassed, immediately or in the future. Retail workers tend to (officially and unofficially) keep tabs on known problems. If you’re recognized in the future, you may be harassed more. But legally, they can’t do much beyond hassle you or ban you from the store. It’s unlikely that they would call the police after a single incident, but not impossible.

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