My ex said that his first priority will always be his job, not me. I hate this - Do all POs bleed blue?

  1. This is a very similar response to what my husband has said. We just had our first child a month ago. Being here for her and me are his first priority. That being said, he’d also tell you the younger version of him would have jumped at the chance to do more dangerous work. He worked a street crimes unit shortly out of the academy in a fairly high crime area and loved it. However, that was when he was a younger, single guy.

  2. No. My husband loves his job, but I will always be first priority and nothing else will ever come before me. If that were to ever change, we would no longer be together. Our marriage is more important than a job.

  3. No, my husband has said and lives by our relationship comes first. It’s just that, a job. It’s been proven time and time again, they’re replaceable and the city and their bosses wouldn’t think twice about filling their position. Easiest example is anytime someone retires, transfers or quits and they hire someone new. Everyone in the department can be replaced.

  4. My LEO’s motto is “family comes first”. Yes he picks up OT and a lot revolves around his job: making sure he’s well rested and decompresses on days off but it’s not the priority over our relationship and time as a family. Period.

  5. Mine has never came out and said it, but his actions have made it very clear. He is married to his job and I am just the "other woman".

  6. I am so surprised at all of the positive comments. I must not be the one for him then. I also noticed that most of you if not all of you are married. As a nurse, I am fully committed to my job and work a lot but I can't imagine sacrificing my relationship for a job. I never pressure him when he works on his days off - we try to take same days off. He also mentioned that his job is how he was able to purchase a home, a nice car and have all the nice things he gifts me.

  7. My husband puts his family first. He feels horrible when we some things that might need rescheduled, but that's part of the job and I fully support that. There is a fine line between understanding his job commitments/ requirements, and being insecure about his job. Alot of people can't deal with it, and that's understandable.

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