Hey everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for haircuts because queer people always look really cool 👉👈. More details in comments :)

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  2. Not trying to be a contrarian, but just want to put it out there that queer looks like a billion different things. Many queer people also do not look traditionally cool, many queer folks are awkward and dorky looking as all get out, though I suppose cool is in the eye of the beholder., and dorky awkward people are beautiful people all the same. Anyway, I do hope you find a look that feels right for you and gives you the expression you're looking for. Good luck!

  3. I know haha, there's so many different looks, but I find that the people I always think cool are queer and I want to look like that. My main issue is that I honestly don't know how to deal with my hair being straight.

  4. So! I recently discovered I'm non binary. Where on that spectrum I fit I don't really know, I think potentially gender fluid? Anyway, I had a side shave and I couldn't keep up with it so I cut it short with the intention of growing it out. Then I realized that I can look more masc with my hair short 🙃. My problem is that I kind of hate everything my hair does at this short length. When my hair was long I could braid it while wet and it would get wavy and stay that way until I washed it again. I don't like using heat on my hair (partially because I don't want to damage my hair, mostly because I hate putting effort into my appearance) so what it looks like is what it'll look like all the time.

  5. In my non-binary journey as an amab, the mullet made me feel most androgynous. If you want something more evenly cut, a bob is very popular that is still low maintenance. My bob is currently at shoulder length waiting for my hair to catch up

  6. Hey I'm having a hard time figuring out if the numbers correspond to the pictures or the names? Titles? Honestly it's so confusing I have no idea which one is which I'm sorry 😅

  7. The comment disappeared but somebody complimented my frog shirt and I want you to know thank you, first of all, and second that it's almost my favorite shirt lol. It's a tie between this one and my dinosaur one.

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