The Chair is Against the Wall: AR-15 Alternatives for Ban States:

  1. If you are interested in where the impetus for ban came from look up the 1967 Plainfield riots and Middlesex arms theft

  2. My Mini-14 is a lovely rifle, for multiple reasons. I personally own the 5802 model with the nice shiny stainless and the beautiful hard wood stock. It's the kind of rifle that, at least, if nothing else, gets you a good solid "Nice." from other gun owners. And it's reliable and enjoyable to shoot, just in general.

  3. While the M1 Carbine technically fits the bill I'd advise against it unless you have a special interest in that rifle specifically. The ammo will cost you a fortune unless you're reloading.

  4. Wow 30 carbine has gone up a bunch since I last bought some a bit ago I bought a bunch of the Korean surplus for 65ish cents a shot, now its almost a $1 shot

  5. Another thing to consider is cost of the actual rifle; actual UGSI carbines are north of 1000 USD (they average 1400-1900 in my neck of the woods) and even the modern reproductions retail for 800-1000 USD; considering the Mini-14 is roughly similar in price to a reproduction carbine and the ammo is significantly cheaper by comparison makes the carbine the less cost effective choice.

  6. The gun itself is also pretty pricey now. Same with any SKS but at least the ammo for it is still reasonable as far as ammo goes today.

  7. Agreed. And, unless you're personally capable of fabricating magazines. M1 Carbine magazines were never intended to be used 80 years later, they were made to be inexpensive and disposable. I know no one with an M1 Carbine who doesn't have reliability issues with GI magazines.

  8. Don’t. I work at a gun store and we get about a 50% failure rate with then. Keltec has some great ideas that are created with cheap plastic and self tapping screws.

  9. Like others said, he coulda brought in whatever he wanted for the most part. Your intentions we’re good at least

  10. Fun game to play speaking as a NYC(er) with a layman's reading of NYC Admin Law on Firearms to see what is NYC legal on your list.

  11. I’ll never forget my first gun purchase in Montana after leaving California in 2020. Including paperwork and background check, I walked out of the store with my full of CA-illegal features gun in 20 minutes. I am truly sorry for those of you in states that still have to endure that bullshit, and apparently CA had added more since I left. My vote is the Mini-14.

  12. I'd probably want a compliment AR over an oddball not-an-ar-but-556 rifles. The SCR thing is an example of that. I might like an alternative rifle if they took AR mags as some of those alternatives have pricey mags.

  13. The mag lock workarounds are pretty trick these days and in some cases faster than a bullet button. Check out the hogue freedom fighter kit with a kingpin or juggernaut rear takedown pin. You hit your rear takedown button, upper pops up an eighth of an inch meaning the rifle is “disassembled” and the magazine is no longer locked. Switch mags and lift up on the hand guard to reattach the upper and lower. With this set up you don’t lose much but a fraction of a second when changing mags and you can still operate the bolt catch to clear Jams. Pretty trick shit. Still stupid but not a massive loss in the long run

  14. You could add the KUSA KALI-9 to the list. California compliant 9mm PCC. I've got the KP-9 and it's a really solid gun

  15. Moved to MA from NH. Before I moved, my grandpa passed down an M1 Carbine to me, and my mom transferred a MAK-90 to me that was our family range plinker since the late 90s. I lucked out in that dept!

  16. Thanks for this list! -New MA resident trying to stay legal PS - Any LGS recommendations between Worcester and Plymouth? I haven’t visited any yet, and only know of Shooters Outpost and “the Mill”. Thanks!

  17. For me, I'd get the henry as a sporting gun with a old 870 or new 590 12 gauge with a light for the house, maybe a 10/22 for plinking. I like ARs, but there really isn't a use case for me that wouldn't be fulfilled by the above.

  18. It’s insane that they allow police and their own private security to have updated tech but we plebs must be reduced to Stone Age wares for our own safety especially in liberal states! What happen to power to the people!?

  19. I’ve been planning to purchase a gun because everything and this sub has been real helpful in a lot of ways that are both sensible and responsible but that Big Boy… that’s just pure me wanty and it means just as much.

  20. Besides the Big Boy, there are lots of Winchester 92 clones around. I found a used one in .357 a long time ago, (after watching the classified ads for years).

  21. This post exists to offer options to those in the most restrictive of locals, but there are plenty of jurisdictions with only magazines restrictions — where my list is too restrictive.

  22. God I love a mini 14. They've been going up a lot in price recently. Should have bought one when I had the chance.

  23. Every time I want to buy one I look at the price and then all the much cooler guns I could buy with that money.

  24. CA resident here. Was wanting an M1A - tried to find one. Couldn’t find any for the last 2 years. Found one last weekend. Used for $2500. Thats a hard pass from me….

  25. Good luck finding an SCR. The company makes like 3 lowers per year and then they're quite $$$. I'd like to have one with a side charging upper, but that'd be more than any of my other guns and I can't justify that.

  26. I don't live in a banned state. I kinda want a Su-16 or Mini-14 style just cause I think they look cooler than the standard AR.

  27. As a Cali, the irony of AR-15s alternative choices is battle-tested and timeless rifles such as the Henry rifles and the M14s/Mini 14s.

  28. I’ve been looking at the Fightlite SCR. It looks cool as hell with that mix of Tactical front and Traditional wood stock. Would be really cool to put a Carry Handle Upper like a C7 or M16 A1 upper.

  29. As far as the mini goes, Ruger's factory sights are held in place with a set screw that tends to back out with use (I know from experience). I would recommend using some good quality lock-tite or buying an aftermarket rear sight. I recommend tech sights for the latter option, it's what I use.

  30. In Chicago / Cook county, the "barrel shroud" language is the most restrictive qualification which makes an "assault weapon":

  31. Nobody likes it because it's nine kinds of ugly, but let's not forget that the Hi-point carbine is dirt cheap, reliable, and 49-state legal (sorry CT).

  32. Thank you, this is a good post for people like me who don’t know the many types of rifles out there.

  33. I shot an SKS a few times, I liked it well enough. It was hard for me to figure out where I can get one. I saw some info online about buying them from old stock but I didn't quite know what I was getting myself into...

  34. Unfortunately my state (Washington) has classified all semi-auto rifles as being assault weapons. They haven't banned them yet but our bastard of an Attorney General and Governor keep pushing bills and eventually they will probably succeed. They just passed a magazine ban over ten rounds and a Ghost Gun ban as well. We used to be one of the safe blue states and now that's all gone in less than ten years.

  35. Good rifle I own 2. Don't put an extended mag on it leave it stock it functions fine. The 30 round mags I got for a modified sks sucks it dont cycle properly, double feeds that kind of stuff.

  36. As liberals and leftists we need to be more active in the railing these discussions and pointing out the very true facts about gun ownership. Well I do believe in responsible gun ownership. But I also think that unarmed workers and unarmed people of color are hugely vulnerable to both the state and corporations. For exploitation and other gruesome activities. My city council was discussing a ban on quote assault weapons like bolt action rifles and AR-15 LOL and I asked why they would want to take guns away from Black and Hispanic people. I am in a very Progressive liberal and this caused such a Ruckus that it was voted against 6 to 1. Don't be afraid to get messy and use their own arguments against them. More activism and education for people. It also helps if you point out o just like Ronald Reagan wanted to take guns away from the Black Panthers you want to do the same 4 you know activist groups? Get people thinking about their actions and consequences of their actions. A civilian sometimes it is our only backup in a crisis or possibly life-threatening situation. Philando Castile did everything that the police told him to do and they still shot him for having a gun. Police are very against people of a certain color owning weapons we need to remind our Progressive quote liberal quote cities and governors of these facts.

  37. Sure. And have a lower standard of living, lower wages, shit schools, religious fundies trying to implement biblical laws. I'll stay in CT and fight for one right here.

  38. Not true. Just the Norinco model that can take ak mags and any that have the yugo grenade launcher. I have yugo where the gl was replaced with a muzzle brake.

  39. I love how the lone standout of firearms displayed here that doesn't make me want to vomit, is the lever action I think its a Henry Model X maybe?

  40. California can have almost any rifle if it's featureless or locked magazine. There are plenty of middleman services that will do the modifications for you out of state then ship to your local CA FFL

  41. The SCR looks awesome and is probably the most versatile. It’s just a lower so you can still enjoy some AR features and get multiple uppers to switch out

  42. Do not consider the RDB-C unless it’s for plinking only. It’s impossible to do quick mag changes. Better off with a mag lock AR in CA

  43. Troy PAR might also be a consideration. Non semi-auto takes AR 15 parts. I believe it makes it 50 state legal.

  44. Browning BAR Mk3 DBM in .308/7.62x51. Reliable, accurate, lightweight and soft-shooting AR-10 alternative that's legal in all 50 states.

  45. I’ve been thinking a lot about a Henry Big Boy X in .357, since I’m sitting on a bunch of .357 and I believe it shoots .38 as well. Same versatility argument as a .357 revolver, which is probably my favorite pistol caliber and platform.

  46. If i’m not mistaken some of the states that have ar restrictions don’t have restrictions on mini-14s. May need pre ban in some states but i think that’d be pretty high on the list of alternatives.

  47. I like the SCR but the SU-16 is probably cheaper. It depends on what you’re looking for, but I’d recommend a modern design in 5.56/.223

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