CCW Insurance

  1. This comes up very frequently. Some will say ccw safe, Texas has their own that is only valid there, others may say uscca, or us lawshield. Google search each, read what is and is t included and decide for yourself. You can also get a lot Of the research by just searching here.

  2. I chose US Law Shield because it was referenced at my CC class (they do seminars there), and then a rep from that company showed up at an event at one of my other ranges. There was a promotional deal, and the guy was really easy to work with and ask questions of. So I took the low-hanging fruit on this one.

  3. I shy away from USCCA because of their aggressive sales and the fact that they have a history of dropping their clients pre- or mid-trial. They have been sued by a number of their clients for exactly this.

  4. I really like USCCA. I don’t know about all the perks of coverage, but I know when I looked it looked like they covered more for a higher price and had fantastic customer service.

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