The Brown Shirts are becoming lazy.

  1. They’re all tired and depressed from the invisible shackles placed on them by the media. Stay inside. Avoid people. Cut off people withdifferent political views, even your own mother. Hate whites. Hate people who believe in God. Hate yourself!

  2. On 2 shots and 2 boosters only? Scoff, if you don't have your third booster you're not allowed at the riot, I mean rally. Hiw dare you endanger others with your free breathing raw dogging oxygen ass. /s

  3. Guess their pet army of useful idiot attack dogs are starting to get real worn out by all the vaccine side effects the news media insisted to me were “unsubstantiated conspiratorial claims.”

  4. No joke. Not to derail but I fell for the jab campaign last year and I've had zero energy since then. I'm slim with no physical issues the doctor can find but I can't even walk at a brisk pace anymore without getting dizzy and winded. My muscles are weak, I get weekly migraines, and just generally feel like shit all the time which all started after I got the shot. And now they wanna give it to toddlers. I just hope it wears off soon and I didn't permanently fuck myself.

  5. Man, I'm really sorry to hear about that. At least you've made the connection. Have you tried any detoxing? I hope you feel better soon, man.

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