Lib assumed I'm a Trump supporter from my username. I'm not even American.

  1. The same happens to me all the time, even though I’m Australian. They have a pathological obsession with Trump, they shoehorn him into every conversation.

  2. I'm losing trust on Liberals all over the world. Most of the time, it seems like just a shield to get away with saying messed up shit and to "sound smart".

  3. It's pretty common in reddit. It's the first time I'm sharing it because I didn't know subs like these existed. Racism counts only if it's against black people, that's how that cuckold Huffman chooses to run the site.

  4. Which state is she popular in? In Delhi nobody even knows she exists. I have never seen anyone acknowledge her in a positive or a negative way.

  5. TN. It was on the news almost every day for a while after she got elected. I created this account around that time. I thought people would think it's silly. Kamala Harris is not polarizing, is she? I haven't seen her do anything except cackling.

  6. She's probably more popular in Canada where she apparently lived briefly than in India (or America for that matter).

  7. Why is it okay to say cracker,but not okay to say the n word. And if people knew where that word came from, cracker,they probably wouldn't use it. The word came from the cracking of whip and the people in the field would say y'all watch out there comes that cracker.

  8. I also know you. But, I always read your username as "meonared couch", assumed meonared was some type of frenchy adjective, meaning surprised or intrigued and your username meant something like "intriguing furniture". Only now realising it's just "me on a red couch".

  9. Lol I’m Indian-American and a lot of the Indians I know absolutely hate Kamala Harris. To me she isn’t even Indian, she’s a race-baiter who only calls herself Indian to get the Indian votes.

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