The least cucked Reddit rant

  1. Shhhh......nobody tell that clown that the US is STILL more open to abortion than most of the world including most of Europe.

  2. The idiots never lived in Europe like I have. They think it’s so so liberal. In reality, some of the political aspects may appear to be liberal but I found the culture to be generally much more conservative. Like, people are more judgmental about you having an abortion there. People more judgmental if you’re fat. People more judgmental if you mooch off the system.

  3. Their feelings don’t care about facts, though, so they may just claim you’re spouting dangerous misinformation and are racist

  4. I love the idiots who complain about how bad it is in the US when there is some decision they don't agree with. For all her faults, the US is still the prettiest girl at the dance.

  5. None of these morons have done a minute of research. The Scandanavian countries, which Lefties call utopias, all have stricter abortion laws than most U.S states, as does most of Europe.

  6. Where the hell are these countries that have everything they want? These are the soft men they were talking about and here's why its going to be hard times until it gets so bad it cooks the bullshit out of them. What is there like one country in Europe that also made a big wall and Don't allow anyone to move there?

  7. These kinds have never studied history or even current events. He has no idea of what actual tyranny is like

  8. Sounds good. Don't come here. Don't accept our financial and military support. Don't listen to our mediam. Any of our citizens who want to flee to other countries for more bodily autonomy (read: abortion rights) than anywhere here are welcome to do so, but they'll probably be required to be jabbed and boosted.

  9. Come on, you hate this country sooo much? Just move to Russia and Boom, new, wonderful life!! What do you have to lose?

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